On the original historical trajectory, when the original owner saw Xie Chengze killing, he was taken back, but because he believed that Xie Chengze was a good person, when others scolded Xie Chengze, he helped defend Xie Chengze.
He also asked his classmates about Xie Chengze after, then secretly went to find Xie Chengze…It’s just that he didn’t know that everything he did was seen by Yan’s spy around him.

Of course, Lu Yanzhou won’t do these things.

For Xie Chengze’s safety, he must stay away from Xie Chengze.

In this world, he will have no connection with Xie Chengze, and with the two having no chance to get along, there shouldn’t be anymore accidents like the first two worlds?

Thinking of this, Lu Yanzhou smiled wryly, then he started thinking about other things.

He can’t get close to Xie Chengze, but he also can’t let Xie Chengze die.
Xie Chengze must be protected!

Besides, he also has to accumulate merits.

When he accumulates enough merit for Xie Chengze to heal his face, he can also get away from the Yan’s…

There are quite a lot of things to do, so Lu Yanzhou took Hu Zi away with a sullen look.

Lu Yanzhou took Hu Zi with him to the original owner’s small house next to the high school he attended.

The original owner originally lived in the Lu mansion with his parents and family, but after being persuaded to join Jinyiwei half a year ago, he moved out to live alone.
This also makes it more convenient for Hei She to contact him.

However, a few days ago when the original owner lived in the Lu mansion, Hei She died in his small house.

Hei She came to Chongcheng to preside over half a year ago.
At that time, many DaQi officials took refuge in Yan Country.
Among them are also the senior officials of Jinyiwei.
As a result, Jinyiwei command station in Chongcheng was wiped out.

The emperor was furious.
Afterwards, Jinyiwei Commander arranged for Hei She and another group of people to come to Chongcheng together to collect information and rebuild Chongcheng Command Station.

However, not long ago, Yan’s spy somehow knew Hei She’s identity.
They were trying to capture Hei She, so he was tracked down.

During that incident, Hei She jumped into the river and barely survived.
Then he found the original owner and told the original owner about Xie Chengze, then he died.

The original owner is timid.
He was shocked when he saw an acquaintance die in front of him.
In a panic, he asked Hu Zi to dispose of Hei She’s body…

Hu Zi is very reliable.
He threw Hei She’s body back into the river, so now except for Hu Zi, no one knew that Hei She met the original owner before he died.

The original owner was targeted mainly because during the past six months, the editor-in-chief of a certain newspaper met Hei She’s hidden identity several times.

The original owner’s father has some status in Chongcheng, so there were also spies lurking beside him.
After this happened, people pay attention to him even more closely.

This Yan’s spy who was friends with the original owner, Lu Yanzhou couldn’t do anything to him for the time being.
At this stage, he needs to hide his identity.

As for Xie Chengze…

The original owner didn’t know much, but after reviewing the original owner’s memory, Lu Yanzhou can guess that Xie Chengze was probably facing a lot of danger now.

If Xie Chengze’s identity is exposed, there’s only one dead end.

Hei She and Xie Chengze didn’t pass information face to face before.
Xie Chengze will put the information he has collected in a specific place, then make a mark near the newspaper office where Hei She works at.
After Hei She saw the mark, he will go get the information.

Now that something happened to Hei She, this handover method has also been exposed so it can no longer be used.
The original owner didn’t have a way to contact Xie Chengze, that’s why he rashly approached Xie Chengze.

For Xie Chengze’s safety, he can’t tell others about Xie Chengze’s ‘Zhaojun’ identity.
Now he can’t contact Xie Chengze for the time being, it’s better to let Xie Chengze lie low temporarily.

There’s also the Chongcheng Command Station established by DaQi in Chongcheng…

There are about a hundred Jinyiwei spies in the entire Chongcheng Command Station, and a hundreds more they developed along located in various industries.

Among these people, those who know about Hei She and his hidden identity amount to three people.
They are the stationmaster and the two deputy stationmasters.

The one who exposed Hei She identity should be among these 3 people.

The only thing Lu Yanzhou can be sure of now is that the stationmaster of Chongcheng Command Station didn’t betray them yet because when the original owner was arrested in the previous trajectory, the stationmaster was also arrested.
He said all he can say after being beaten badly.

At that time, the original owner confessed after being beaten a few times but this stationmaster is different.
He was beaten for ten days before confessing.
At that time, he was all out of shape.
He didn’t have it easy at all.

Lu Yanzhou planned to find a way to contact the stationmaster first, then he will use Shancha identity to provide information for the other party.

Lu Yanzhou thought of everything he could think of, then he started to exercise and get used to his body.

The original owner’s father was born in a gang.
When the original owner was young, he found someone to teach the original owner boxing kung fu.
It’s a pity that the original owner doesn’t like to learn these things, so his ability is average.

Fortunately, there are very few means of transportation in this era.
Although the original owner had a car, the original owner usually ran around on his feet or bicycles.
Their school also organizes many activities…Although the original owner was only 18 years old, he was tall and big with muscles.

However, that’s not enough muscle.

Lu Yanzhou practiced seriously.

At the same time, the place in Chongcheng where the Yan’s occupied, Chongcheng Secret Service Bureau under Yan’s Intelligence Bureau jurisdiction, someone is talking about Hei She.

Yan Country has two Intelligence Bureau.

One of them became known as the ‘Secret Service Bureau’.
The entire Secret Service is composed of Han.
Most of them were those who were instigated to rebel by the Yan to capture the Han spies.
These people were especially good at catching DaQi spies.
Their main job is also to fight against DaQi’s Jinyiwei.

Another one is the ‘Inspection Department’ managed by Xie Chengze.
The Inspection Department is different from the Secret Service.
There are many Yan people in it.
The Inspection Department was mainly to monitor those Han officials who work for Yan Country.

The Secret Service and Inspection Department have the same status, but because there are many Yan people in the Inspection Department, the Secret Service seem lower than the Inspection Department.

Xie Chengze had previously investigated a traitor, and found out that they belonged to the Secret Service.
Even if his attitude were bad, people from the Secret Service could only accept it.

At this time, Bureau Chief Li from the Secret Service was talking to someone: “Did you check everyone that has some connection with Hei She for the past six months? Is there any problem?”

“Most people have been checked, and the others are being followed.
So far no issues have been found.”

“How about Lu Tao’s youngest son?”

“Our informant has been watching him.
So far no abnormalities have been found.”

“Keep monitoring.
Even if he has nothing to do with Hei She, it’s also good to find something against the Lu family.”


“What about Zhaojun identity? Do you have any idea?” Bureau Chief Li asked.

“Not yet.
This person hides very deeply.
However, according to the information Chongcheng Command Station deputy station master confessed, Zhaojun may be a member of our Secret Service.”

They planned to do something to Chongcheng Command Station before but it wasn’t successful.
The reason was because Zhaojun informed Chongcheng Command Station in advance of what they were going to do.

Since Zhaojun can know about this, it’s very likely that they were hiding in the Secret Service.

However, they have investigated themselves several times but didn’t find anyone problematic…

A month ago, Secret Service captured one of DaQi’s Chongcheng Command Station deputy station master.
Through various means, they instigated him to betray.

The deputy stationmaster also told them Hei She’s identity.

After receiving this information, they arranged their spy to follow Hei She for a period of time just to find ‘Zhaojun’.
It’s a pity that Hei She and Zhaojun had unilateral contact.
Therefore, even though Zhaojun provided information to Hei She once during that time, they did not find out about Zhaojun’s identity.

Now that Hei She is dead, it’s even more difficult for them to find out.

Bureau Chief Li suddenly said: “Find someone to keep an eye on Deputy Bureau Chief Sun, especially the women around him! Also keep an eye on those people who also have access to the information that Zhaojun provided before, the women around them also can’t be ignored!” Bureau Chief Lu has a bad relationship with Deputy Bureau Chief Sun in the Secret Service.
He now suspects that Zhaojun is someone close to Deputy Bureau Chief Sun.


“Zhaojun can go out with no problem…This Zhaojun is most likely a woman!” Bureau Chief Li said, “Don’t underestimate women.
Yan Country also has many powerful female spies!”


On the other hand, Xie Chengze had just returned to the Inspection Department not long ago.

Xie Chengze is the Section Chief of the Inspection Department.
On the surface, the Inspection Department is completely managed by him, but he actually has to listen to Yan people.

Fortunately, for various reasons, Yan Country trusts him very much.

At this moment, someone from the General Intelligence Bureau from Yan Country was using Yan’s dialect to scold Xie Chengze for going to Xi occupied area to kill people.
It was too much that people in Xi’s occupied area came to ask them to be held accountable.

Xie Chengze listened respectfully.
After listening, in fluent Yan’s dialect, he said: “Mr.
Tian, it’s my fault.
However, if I won’t even dare to catch that man back when he ran to Xi’s occupied area, then what will be of my great Yan’s face?”

Xie Chengze has a bad reputation and is very cold outside, but at this moment, he was extremely respectful.

Colonel Tian really liked his attitude, in the end, he didn’t blame him much.

After all, the well-known ‘traitor’ in front of him is in fact someone from Yan Country.
He’s their people.

Toward their own people, they were more tolerant.

Xie Chengze appeases Colonel Tian, then everyone went back to their residences to rest.

After sending everyone around him out, lying in bed, Xie Chengze couldn’t help feeling anxious.

Yan’s has made a lot of moves recently.
He has optioned some valuable information that will not reveal his identity, but he couldn’t send it out.

Something happened to Hei She.

Now he can only lie dormant, waiting for someone to wake him up.

It’s autumn now, after Lu Yanzhou exercised a bit, he was covered in sweat.

He scrubbed himself simply, changed his clothes, then called Hu Zi to go out together.
Taking the meals he packed before, he gives them to homeless children and old people in Chongcheng.

During wartime, the weak were always bullied.
As a result, children and old people often died of cold and starvation.
Women were also sold as goods.
Even low-level men are not regarded as human.
Every year, it wasn’t known how many people were dragged to the front line as cannon fodder.

Lu Yanzhou gave away the packed food, then went to the nearby restaurant, spending a silver coin for a great meal.

He must play the original owner’s role well, he can’t show his feet.
The original owner’s consumption has always been high.

As for giving people food, that’s all right.
The original owner has also done this kind of thing before.

After eating, Lu Yanzhou returned to his residence and take out the original owner’s textbook to study.

He went out for a lap, seeing that no one was following him, this is good news to him.

He can go out tonight to meet Jinyiwei Chongcheng Command stationmaster.
He can tell them about Hei She’s accident and make it clear that there are traitors in the Intelligence Bureau!

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