There is curfew in Chongcheng, so there are people patrolling the streets at night, no one is allowed to move around at will.

However, this curfew is useless to those with money and power.

It’s not easy for Lu Yanzhou to go out at night, but after the original owner became a member of Jinyiwei Chongcheng Command Station, and with Hei She assistance, a lot of preparatory work was done.

At this time, the intelligence personnel will prepare a lot of camouflage supplies for themselves, forge their identities, and rent some houses specially to store these things and hide them after their identities are exposed.
Such a house is called a safe house.

The original master’s professional ability is not very good, but the preparation work is sufficient.

In the previous 6 months, with the excitement of becoming a spy, he prepared three safe houses.

With Hei She assistance, he bought these three houses with different identities.

Hei She was not caught when he died, so the three safe houses could still be used.

Hu Zi is already asleep.
Lu Yanzhou took out the binoculars and looked around.
After making sure that there’s no one around watching, he creeps quietly into the river behind the original owner’s house.

His house was also picked by Hei She.
It is in a good location with not a lot of monitors around the places, and there’s also a river behind the house.

When Hei She was heavily injured before, he came up from this river.

The original owner can swim, but his skill is not very good.
Fortunately, Lu Yanzhou is very good at swimming.

However, he can’t swim out tonight…Lu Yanzhou carried a breathing hose and went under the river for a while, then quietly came up and went into the safe house he bought on shore.

This safe house was arranged by Hei She.

Hei She is a very good spy.
The house is well furnished.
The information he revealed to people around vaguely is that a pair of mandarin duck husband and wife bought this place for vacation.

When he did this, Hei She also brought a woman here to wander around before.

When Lu Yanzhou entered the house, he noticed that there were a lot of things in the house.
There’s men and women’s clothes, there’s even cosmetics for women.

Even if someone came in to search, they won’t find any problem.

The original owner didn’t come here anymore after finishing the arrangement.
However, Hei She must have been here many times.

How is this the original owner’s safe house, this is clearly Hei She safe house.

Hei She is very cautious, also very good at controlling people’s hearts.
The original owner had been used by him before to give them money and materials.
Such a person, he naturally knows that the original owner is unreliable, but he still told the original owner about Xie Chengze’s identity…

He didn’t consider Xie Chengze’s safety at all.

It’s autumn now and it’s going to be winter soon.
The river is cold, so Lu Yanzhou just briefly wiped his body, then put on the thick concealing clothes and started the disguise.

He thickens his waist and arms, wears special thick-soled shoes, then darkens his whole face with black cosmetic powder.

After he did all this, Lu Yanzhou put on a big hat, then left this safe house and went down the alley.

Although there is curfew, ordinary residential areas aren’t very strictly controlled.
First, there is not enough manpower for patrolling.
Second, some places have a lot of people and there’s no toilet in the house, and everyone also needs to go out to release themselves.

Almost a year old, DaQi’s Chongcheng Command Station was once taken over by Yan’s Secret Service.
Many of the last batch of Chongcheng Command Station were not receiving salary from Yan’s Secret Service, serving Yan people.

Most people can’t stand torture, so once they can’t stand it, they confess.
they can only surrender to the enemy and stand on the opposite side DaQi after.

Because of this, more than half a year ago when DaQi’s Chongcheng Command Station was rebuilt, it works differently than before.
The stationmaster won’t control everything.
Instead, the stationmaster and the two deputy stationmasters will lead some people to carry out work without interfering with each other.

Besides, there’s also Hei She, who was acting independently.

Because of this, after the Secret Service instigated a deputy stationmaster, they did not wipe out all the people in Chongcheng Command Station.

Hei She was found was also due to bad luck — the deputy stationmaster also knows that Hei She is in Chongcheng.
After coming to Chongcheng, he happens to see Hei She.

Hei She doesn’t know the identity of Chongcheng Command Station’s stationmaster and their hiding place, but Lu Yanzhou, who has the original owner’s memory, knows.

The original owner was imprisoned together with the stationmaster before his death, so he knows that this stationmaster opened a pig slaughterhouse in Chongcheng in order to hide his identity.

In the sluaghthouse, pig blood and dung are flying all over the sky with a very bad smell.
Everyone will take a detour without saying anything.
In addition, being a spy will sometimes engage in assissination, so they are all about 40 to 50 strong people.
Only by working in a slaughterhouse will they not arouse any suspicion to themselves.

This pig slaughterhouse has not been discovered yet, but it won’t be long before it’s revealed.
After that, the stationmaster will lead people to escape, then find an opportunity to assassinate several Yan’s officials.
However, with no hiding place, they were eventually caught.


Lu Yanzhou came near the pig slaughterhouse, then quickly approached it.

He was a member of the special forces in his first life.
Although most of his abilities are sealed now, his eyesight and hearing are still better than ordinary people.
With his extraordinary vigilance, there’s no sound in his movement.

Chongcheng Command Station’s stationmaster is named Zhu Haifeng.
He used to be a scholar.
Later, because his parents died at the hands of foreigners, he abandoned his brush and joined the army, then became a spy.

In those 5 years before he came to Chongcheng, he had caught many Yan’s spies lurking in DaQi.
After coming to Chongcheng, he even assassinated many Yan people and DaQi’s officials who surrendered to Yan people.

No matter how one looks at it, this is a strong man.

However, Yan Secret Service’s torture methods are really appalling.
After he was caught, he could not even wish for death.
In the end, all willpower was destroyed.
The original owner, who was captured that time, saw how he had turned into a wooden and bloody man that would answer whatever was asked.

But now Zhu Haifeng hasn’t been tortured yet.
There are many spies around, Lu Yanzhou felt that if he went up rashly, this wooden warehouse may collapse.

Coming to the door, Lu Yanzhou began to knock on the door with a certain pattern.

“Who is it?” Someone asked.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t hide anything, with a change of voice, he said: “I am Shancha, something happened to Hei She.”

When the door opened, Lu Yanzhou was facing the wooden warehouse, while the other looked behind him warily.

The area around the slaughterhouse is relatively empty.
Soon, someone said: “There’s no one out there.”

Everyone’s attitude towards Lu Yanzhou became better.

Lu Yanzhou pulled down the brim of his hat: “I want to see Zhu Haifeng.”

Zhu Haifeng’s hidden identity in Chongchange isn’t this name! Hearing Lu Yanzhou call out his name, these men confirm his identity and soon he was brought in front of Zhu Haifeng.

Zhu Haifeng is a middle-aged man in his thirties.
He has a big beard with rough looks, very much like a pig butcher.

It’s nearly dawn now, it won’t be long before they start killing pigs so they were all well dressed.

Zhu Haifeng asked: “You are Shancha? What happened to Hei She?”

Hei She mission is independent from Chongcheng Command Station.
Zhaojun and Shancha’s identities were in Hei She’s hand, so Chongcheng Command Station knew nothing about them.
They only know that there are these two people too.
As for Hei She’s accident, they didn’t know anything yet.

Lu Yanzhou said: “A few days ago, Hei She was discovered by the Secret Service.
He was killed during the hunt.
I have been lurking for a few days and just received the news from Zhaojun, it was only then did I know that it was a deputy stationmaster of Chongcheng Command Station who had joined the enemy.
However, who the traitor is is still not clear.”

“Do you have contact with Zhaojun?” Zhu Haifeng frowned.
Jinyiwei doesn’t allow their spies to establish ties with each other, especially with Zhaojun’s special status, he doesn’t even know who Zhaojun is.
How can Shancha, who doesn’t know anything, get in contact with Zhaojun?

“Before Hei She died, he arranged for me to be the person to contact Zhaojun.”

If this is the case, that’s in line with the rules.
Zhu Haifeng asked: “Is the information true?”

“I’m only responsible for providing information.
Is it true or not is for you to check!”

Zhu Haifeng took a deep look at Lu Yanzhou, then asked again: “How did you know this place?”

Zhu Haifeng used to be a scholar, his family background is also good.
Before coming to Chongcheng, he was very particular about basic necessities in life, but after coming to Chongcheng, he even started to kill pigs…he felt that his peers would have never thought of this.

“Hei She found it.” Lu Yanzhou replied.

“And who are you?” Zhu Haifeng asked.

“I can’t tell you.
Only I know Zhaojun’s identity now, my confidentiality level is no lower than yours.” Lu Yanzhou was covered from head to toe.
In the dim candle night, they really couldn’t see his appearance clearly.

After hearing what he said, Zhu Haifeng didn’t ask any more questions.

It’s just that he thought that the Shancha in Hei She hand was just someone who had money, but now it seems, this Shancha is not so simple.

“Take care of the traitor problem as soon as possible.
Don’t let them follow the clues and find more clues.
Give me another way to send information too.” Lu Yanzhou said.

“Okay!” Zhu Haifeng said, then tell him one of his subordinates’ information points: “If you have any more information, you can go to Laohai Western Food on Fengqi Road and ask for a deep-fried pork cutlet.
Tell him to cut it into small pieces and pack it, then ask him if he is from Wanxi…”

If the Secret Service knows about their site, they don’t need to make such trouble, they could just come to capture them directly, so Zhu Haifeng didn’t doubt Lu Yanzhou’s identity.

See you next time.” Lu Yanzhou nodded towards Zhu Haifeng, then left.

Watching Lu Yanzhou leave, Zhu Haifeng looked at the people around him: “Immediately send a message to the two deputy stationmasters informing them of a group meeting…Make it two different places, we’ll make an ambush!”

As a station master, Zhu Haifeng only has one-way contact with the other two to give them tasks.
Of course, he can also ask them to meet.

He chose two different places.
If he said that it will be a tripartite group meeting that they have to come over, the person who had joined Yan’s Secret Service will definitely report this to the Secret Service.
The Secret Service will definitely arrange people to ambush them then.
They will be a turtle caught in an urn1To make themselves easy targets, teaching the Secret Service a lesson!

Their intelligence station has not been able to collect much information.
He has been reprimanded several times already.
Now that the deputy station master even joins the enemy, he will be implicated too.
He can only do this as atonement.

Regarding Chongcheng Command Station situation, Lu Yanzhou didn’t know.

After notifying Chongcheng Command Station, he went back the way he came.
Going back home, he started thinking about his next move.

The original owner was arrested three months later, he also knew about certain actions of the Yan’s in the next 3 months.
For example, half a month later, Yan’s army will launch a surprise attack on a certain place that will kill ten thousand of their soldiers.

This is all important information.
Xie Chengze’s identity isn’t revealed yet, so Lu Yanzhou planned to wait a few more days, then go to Chongcheng Command Station to send the information and said that it was Zhaojun who got it.

He can’t contact Xie Chengze for the time being, but he can give Xie Chengze more credit, making DaQi feel that Zhaojun is very important and Yan’s people unable to find Zhaojun’s true identity.

Besides, Lu Yanzhou intends to contact the other side.

Now in DaQi, in addition to DaQi’s army that was fighting against Yan’s army, there are also some people with knowledge and experience that prevent internal fight and resistance against DaQi.

That force was called the Self-Defense Regiment.

DaQi’s army was large in number and well equipped, but many generals were just soft eggs that didn’t dare to face Yan’s army.
From time to time, some people will also take their soldiers to seek refuge in Yan’s Country.

For example, the current mayor of Chongcheng.
He was a senior official of DaQi before.

On the contrary, the Self-Defense Regiment is more brave.

They don’t have equipment nor supplies, but they have been fighting to the death with the Yan.
There’s ten thousand people from the Self-Defense Regiment blocking the Yan expansion to the west near Chongcheng.

Half a month later, the soldiers that Yan’s army ambushed are in fact this Self-Defense Regiment.

When this Self-Defense Regiment had just been replenished was ambushed by Yan’s Army, most of them were dead and countless civilians who covered them were killed.
Blood stained the mountain red, the situation was dire.

Because of this, DaQi’s border is now blocked by Yan Country, supplies couldn’t enter.
The only part available is the southeast — that opening where supplies can be purchased were controlled by DaQi.
However, the medicines obtained were given priority to DaQi’s army.
Therefore, the Self-Defense Regiment’s wounded soldiers can only stop their bleeding with plant ash.

Countless young fighters died as a result! Many of them were from other provinces with sickle and hoe, coming all the way from thousands of miles to fight against the Yan!

After this war, the remaining Self-Defense Regiment had to hide in the mountain, relying on local people to cover to fight guerrilla warfare with the Yan.

As a result, when winter comes, they don’t have clothes to keep warm, not even a grain and salt.
How many people died of freezing and starvation was unknown.

No matter what, Lu Yanzhou will avoid this outcome.

As for the reason he didn’t rush to tell Zhu Haifeng, it’s because the Self-Defense Regiment once resisted DaQi rule.
DaQi also hated the Self-Defense Regiment very much, so knowing that something will happen to the Self-Defense Regiment doesn’t necessarily mean that they will help.

Not to mention, there are also spies lurking in the upper echelons of the DaQi.

This information should be handed over to the Self-Defense Regiment as soon as possible, then when the time comes, he will just tell the Chongcheng Command Station.

Now all he has to do is find the person who can contact the Self-Defense Regiment.

The Self-Defense Regiment is too poor.

DaQi can established a special intelligence station in Chongcheng and organized assassnation of the Yan people.
Zhu Haifeng and the others are not short of weapons and money, even low-level Yan people can be bribed, but the people in the Self-Denfense Regiment even have to support themselves.

Therefore, the number of people from the Self-Defense Regiment lurking in Chongcheng is very small.
They stay in Chongcheng only to understand the international situation.
Of course, it would be better if they could get some medicine from Chongcheng and send them back.

Fortunately, after the original owner was arrested by the Secret Service, he met a member of the Self-Defense Regiment in the Yan Country Secret Service.

That person was discovered by Yan people through Xie Chengze.

At first, Yan people arrested him because he bought a large amount of contraband in Chongcheng, that is, medicines, but it didn’t take long before Xie Chengze found an opportunity to let him go.

Later, it was discovered that Xie Chengze was a spy, so he was naturally arrested again.

At that time, the Secret Service thought that this person belonged to the Chongcheng Command Station, but no one at the Chongcheng Command Station knew him.
It was only then did they know that he was originally from the Self-Defense Regiment.

But before the Secret Service could interrogate this person, Xie Chengze blew up the Secret Service.

This person hasn’t been targeted for buying medicine yet, so Lu Yanzhou plans to find him.

T/N: Yan Guoren this Daqi Guo that, I take off the Guo(country/nation/state) from these two _(:3」∠)_

1To make themselves easy targets

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