The pig slaughterhouse was quite far away, so when Lu Yanzhou returned home, it was almost dawn.

He didn’t sleep but took a shower, then went out to school with Hu Zi.

The original owner is very popular in school.
He is loyal and rich, so his classmates are all willing to make friends with him.

Therefore, as soon as Lu Yanzhou arrived at the school, many people surrounded him and talked about the current situation together.
They also mentioned that Xie Chengze went to the Xi Country occupied area to kill people.

“Yan’s people are getting more and more arrogant, and they don’t take the Xi Country occupied area seriously anymore.”

“The most scary thing is that Xi Country didn’t respond at all.”

“Are they afraid of Yan’s people?”

“Is Xi Country occupied area going to be safe in the future?”

Xi Country was indifferent to the fact that Yan’s people came to their territory to kill people.
They obviously didn’t want to have any conflict with Yan’s people.
Seeing that Yan’s people are getting more and more arrogant, what are they going to do?

When Lu Yanzhou heard the words, he said some things that the original owner would normally say, and even cursed at the traitor.
His behavior was no different from the past.

At this moment, a young man in his twenties came to Lu Yanzhou’s side: “Brother Lu, you don’t look very well recently, what happened to you?”

This young man is called Jiang Baichuan, he is the spy Yan Country hide among them.

He was in charge of monitoring many students including the original owner in this high school, so he noticed the original owner’s abnormality these few days.

However, at this moment, he just thought that the original owner should only know Hei She.
He didn’t know that the original owner had a close relationship with Hei She, and had seen Hei She before his death.

Lu Yanzhou said: “I’ve been a little uncomfortable recently.”

“Young Master Lu, why are you feeling unwell all of a sudden?” Someone came over and asked with concern.

“I’m sick.
I haven’t had any energy for the past few days.” Lu Yanzhou held his chin, looking weak.
The original owner saw Hei She’s death with his own eyes, so he was a little dispirited a few days ago.
He was busy all night last night, so today he is even more lethargic.

“Then young master Lu, you should have a good rest!”

“I also want to take a good rest, but my dad won’t let me ask for leave.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Lu Tao was very conniving towards the original owner, but he also set some rules for the original owner, such as not going to places like dance halls and casinos, or playing truant from school.

Lu Tao felt that the school was a clean place, so the original owner won’t get to learn bad things if he stayed in the school all the time.

“Your father is also doing it for your own good.”

“I know, I just feel a little uncomfortable when I’m sick.” Lu Yanzhou sighed.

Lu Yanzhou was a little uncomfortable at first, so he made a show of it deliberately, and then he lay down on the table and really fell asleep, which can be regarded as a good nap.

After school was over in the afternoon, Lu Yanzhou’s condition was considered to be a little better.
Then he asked his classmates: “I want to go to the bookstore to buy books, do you want to go with me?”

“Okay!” Students who have a good relationship with Lu Yanzhou responded one after another, and Jiang Baichuan was also one of them.

Lu Yanzhou took them to a nearby bookstore.

There are very few books that can be read nowadays, and the rare ones are certain novels imported from abroad.

Lu Yanzhou bought a copy of ‘La Traviata’, then walked out yawning.
Taking a few steps, he looked at a clinic not far away: “I’m exhausted.
I’ll go to the clinic to take a look.
You guys go home first!”

It was getting late now, seeing that Lu Yanzhou was going to the clinic, everyone left one after another, only Jiang Baichuan said: “Brother Lu, let me go with you.”

“Okay.” Lu Yanzhou agreed without hesitation.

There are many small clinics in Chongcheng, but the clinic in front of him was opened by a member of the Self-Defense Regiment that Lu Yanzhou wanted to contact.

The man relied on this clinic as a cover to buy various medicines.
No one noticed anything wrong until the Self-Defense Regiment was attacked, and the number of wounded people increased and the medicines needed increased, so he was targeted by Yan’s people.

Lu Yanzhou came to the clinic to see a doctor, but he didn’t see him.
There was only a western medicine doctor in his thirties.
This man took a look at Lu Yanzhou and charged one yuan for the consultation, then he only told Lu Yanzhou to rest more.

After that Lu Yanzhou just left.
When he left, he complained to Jiang Baichuan: “The doctors in this clinic are not capable at all.
I feel that he is not as good as the doctor my father found for me.
It’s just that I don’t want to go back to the old house.
In the old house, they all fuss over me.”

This can be regarded as explaining why the original owner suddenly moved from the old house a few days ago…

Lu Yanzhou treated Jiang Baichuan to a meal before returning home.
He slept at home, then went down the river again, changed his clothes, and came near the clinic.

He had observed the terrain of the clinic during the day, and came to try his luck at night.

Lu Yanzhou originally planned to contact the owner of the clinic with his real identity, but Jiang Baichuan kept a close eye on him during the day.
Since he didn’t see the person, he simply came over at night.

This is also a good thing, if something happens, the original owner’s family will not be affected.

In the original historical trajectory, after the original owner was arrested, Yan’s people also settled accounts with his family members.
When they are caught, their end is naturally not good.

The place where the clinic is located is relatively lively.
There are people from the patrol building patrolling, but Lu Yanzhou hid in advance so no one found him.

Even if he is found out, he has a backup plan — he can pretend that someone in his family is seriously ill, so he has to come out to find a doctor.

There was a fence outside the clinic, and the iron gate was locked.
Lu Yanzhou climbed over the wall and knocked on the back door of the clinic.

“Who is it?” Someone from inside asked, the voice was the doctor who took a look at him in the afternoon.

The person from the Self-Defense Regiment that the original owner knew was arrested after the original owner confessed.
When the original owner died, the Yan’s Secret Service did not have time to punish that person, so the original owner knew nothing about the secret code of the Self-Defense Regiment.

Now this person doesn’t seem to be in the clinic, there is only a doctor in the clinic, Lu Yanzhou can only say: “I’m here to buy medicine.”

Lu Yanzhou’s hearing is very good.
As soon as he said this, he heard that something was wrong inside.
Immediately afterwards, someone came out through the window, ready to escape.

Lu Yanzhou: “…” The doctor is quite vigilant, does this mean he is treating him as an enemy and is running away?

Lu Yanzhou directly chased after him.

Lu Yanzhou was very afraid that the other party would take out a gun.
Fortunately, this person probably didn’t use a gun because he was afraid of attracting more people.
His strength is also not very good, so he was quickly subdued by Lu Yanzhou.

“Who are you?” Lu Yanzhou was the only one who realized that the situation was different from what he thought.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Let’s talk in the house, you don’t want to attract others, right?”

Lu Yanzhou has already confirmed that this person is the doctor who takes a look at him during the day.
He should also be a member of the Self-Defense Regiment.

The doctor had already been controlled by Lu Yanzhou, so he did not resist and brought Lu Yanzhou into the house.

Lu Yanzhou waited for the door to close before letting him go: “I have no malicious intentions.”

“You didn’t have any malicious intentions, but you climbed over the wall to knock on the door? Who are you? What do you want to do?” the doctor asked.

“Are you from the Self-Defense Regiment?” Lu Yanzhou cut to the chase.

The man immediately pulled out a gun and pointed it at Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Don’t take out this thing, I said I have no malicious intentions, our enemy is Yan Country.”

The man did not put down the gun in his hand.

Lu Yanzhou simply reported his code name: “I am from Jinyiwei Chongcheng Command Station, codenamed Shancha, and I have important information to tell you.”

DaQi doesn’t like the Self-Defense Regiment, but since Yan Country became their foreign enemy, no matter what they think in their heart, the two sides have put aside their suspicions on the surface and united to fight against Yan Country.

“What do you want to say?” the man asked.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Our intelligence station has a spy lurking at the top of the Yan Country.
He got a piece of information that Yan’s people plan to launch an attack on the Self-Defense Regiment in fourteen days…”

The battle was very tragic, so it was naturally published in the newspapers afterwards.
Lu Yanzhou detailed the information the original owner had learned from the newspapers, and also mentioned the military equipment of Yan’s army.

The doctor opposite Lu Yanzhou didn’t move at all, but Lu Yanzhou got up to smear and lit the oil lamp in the room.

Xi Country’s occupied area is well developed.
There is electricity here, so the clinics generally should have electric lights.
However, this clinic doesn’t even have an electric light.
It’s really poor.

The newly lit oil lamp flickered on and off.
Under the light, the doctor’s face was extremely ugly.

Lu Yanzhou said: “I risk coming here not to lie to you.”

“Thank you.” Said the doctor.

He didn’t ask how Lu Yanzhou found out about his identity.
The people in the Chongcheng Command Station were already able to place spies in Yan Country higher power, so isn’t it normal to find out their identities?

“You’re welcome, after all our enemies are the same.”

The doctor didn’t refute, so Lu Yanzhou continued: “It’s not easy for me to come here, so I’ll tell you some important information that Zhaojun found.”

The doctor was surprised: “Is there more information?”

The information Lu Yanzhou just said has already taken him by surprise.
If there is more information…

Lu Yanzhou said: “This should not be considered information…it’s the method of making penicillin and other medicines.”

Lu Yanzhou has been researching medicines in his previous life and has many prescriptions in his hand.

It’s a pity that there is a lack of experimental equipment and production equipment in the country.

Nowadays, things from abroad cannot be shipped in at all.
Even if they could be shipped in, high-end equipment could not be imported.

At that time, in order to bring some experimental equipment back to the country, some people, who went to study abroad, had to disassemble them and bring them in batches, risking their lives!

Therefore, even if Lu Yanzhou had a whole bunch of prescriptions, most of them were useless even if he gave them out.

However, there are also medicine making methods that are barely usable, such as penicillin, that is penicillin1So the first word is 盘尼西林(pan in xi lin), which is a loanword, and the second one is 青霉素 (Qing mei su), the Chinese word for penicillin.
It can be extracted by local methods.

In this era, antibiotics are life-saving things, and penicillin is even more precious.
If someone from the Self-Defense Regiment can produce penicillin, it will undoubtedly save countless lives.

In addition, Lu Yanzhou also provided another sterilizing medicine that is more popular at this time.
The production method of sulfonamide, and of course, the production methods of antipyretic and analgesic medicine are indispensable.

“After the penicillin is made, try to use it externally instead of injecting it.
Also, it must go through a skin test first.” Lu Yanzhou explained in detail, and even wrote the formula on the spot.

After the development of internet in the previous life, on some video platforms, some people posted videos of making penicillin using local methods.

After trying more, most of these people will succeed.
Lu Yanzhou believes that there should be someone from the Self-Defense Regiment who can make it.

The penicillin produced like this might be unstable, so it’s not suitable for injection, it’s best to use it externally.

The doctor also studied western medicine, however, what he studied had little to do with what Lu Yanzhou said, so he could barely understand it but he still kept it like it was a treasure.

Those companies that developed these medicines have always kept the production methods of these medicines strictly confidential.
It was really shocking that Zhaojun was able to find out!

Lu Yanzhou talked a lot, so after seeing that the time was almost up, he left.

After Lu Yanzhou left, the doctor didn’t fall asleep.
He waited until dawn, and then immediately went to find the person who opened the clinic, that is, the person who was arrested by the secret service after the original owner.

That person is the nephew of the owner of a business firm, named Zhou Duzhong.
He secretly joined the Self-Defense Regiment many years ago and has been raising supplies for the Self-Defense Regiment ever since.

It’s just that they were able to transport the medicine back before, but recently it has been very difficult.

Lu Yanzhou thought that the doctor he saw was one of Zhou Duzhong’s subordinates, but he didn’t know that the situation was the other way around.
This doctor was the one with the highest status among the many spies from the Self-Defense Regiment in Chongcheng.

It is precisely because of this that he ran away immediately when he found out that something was wrong.

At that time, if Lu Yanzhou was really an enemy, he would have committed suicide without hesitation.

The doctor found Zhou Duzhong, and asked Zhou Duzhong to use the commercial telegram at home, and according to their code book, briefly inform the Self-Defense Regiment of the information he got last night.

Immediately afterwards, the doctor said again: “I want to leave Chongcheng, the sooner the better! I have some very important things in my hand that I must take back immediately!”

The doctor told Zhou Duzhong what happened last night in detail, and said: “Comrade Duzhong, I will trouble you to stay in the clinic for the rest of the time! That Comrade Shancha may come to the door again! The information he provided is too important, we must keep this point of contact!”

The doctor is temporarily unable to determine whether the information is true or not, but he is leaning toward believing that the information is true.

If this ‘Shancha’ is from Yan Country’s side, then he and Zhou Duzhong would be captured directly without going through such trouble.

“I will!” Zhou DuZhong replied.

After the two discussed it, Zhou Duzhong began to arrange for the doctor to leave.

Nowadays, medicines and weapons are all contraband.
It cannot leave Chongcheng, but people can leave.

Before leaving, Zhou Duzhong exchanged his savings for gold and let the doctor take it away.

Silver is too heavy to take away, as for banknotes…these things are worthless!

After the DaQi issued banknotes, the people of Yan Country made counterfeit money to destroy DaQi’s economy, and then…the counterfeit money made by Yan’s people was even more refined than the real money made by the DaQi itself!

Under such circumstances, paper money is not very good in the present.

After returning home, Lu Yanzhou slept for a while, and then went to school as usual.

After he traveled here, he has been very busy, and the only way to rest is at school — he slept another day.

When he got home at night and finally didn’t have to go out, Lu Yanzhou took out a pen and paper and began to write in English how to make penicillin and sulfonamides and other medicines.

Of course, he couldn’t just give such a thing to the Self-Defense Regiment, he also needed to give DaQi a share.

He didn’t give it before because he didn’t have time to write it down and make it seem like it was stolen information.
He didn’t want the people at the Chongcheng Command Station to know that he knew medical skills.


Lu Yanzhou wrote dozens of pages in English and wrapped them in brown paper bags, intending to hand them over to the Chongcheng Command Station tomorrow.

Compared with the Self-Defense Regiment, DaQi has a higher probability of producing medicines.
Maybe they can build a pharmaceutical factory to mass-produce them.
In this way, many of his compatriots will die less!

On the third night in this world, Lu Yanzhou finally got a good night’s sleep.
He was refreshed when he went to school the next day.

At this time, the doctor who met him the night before had left Chongcheng.
On the other side, Zhu Haifeng also found the deputy stationmaster who had joined the enemy.

He made an appointment with two deputy station chiefs.
One of the deputy station chiefs came alone, and on the other side, there were people from the Secret Service ambushing ahead of time.

Yan’s Secret Service arranged for many people to come and try to catch Zhu Haifeng all at once.
After Zhu Haifeng compared the strength of the two sides, he found that they could not fight here, so he had to give up his plan to encircle and suppress the Secret Service in the end.

However, he took this opportunity to kill one of Yan’s lieutenant commanders who was alone, so his preparation was not in vain.

At the same time, he also cut off all contact with the deputy station master, who had joined the enemy, and saved himself, as well as the people under another deputy station master.

Zhu Haifeng was scolded by the headquarters for several days because of such a big mistake as the deputy station master joining the enemy, until Shancha sent him a piece of information through the special contact point.

The information was in English, so Zhu Haifeng’s people who were proficient in English found out that it was the production method of some medicines after researching it!

“The methods of making these medicines are in Xi Country, how did Zhaojun get them?”

“Could it be that Yan’s people stole these from Xi Country, and Zhaojun brought them to us?”

“Who the hell is Zhaojun? How did he get such a thing? Will something happen?”

The people at the Chongcheng Command Station were very worried.

Zhaojun has always been the most valuable spy of the Chongcheng Command Station, but now it seems that Zhaojun is more valuable than they thought!

If Zhaojun hadn’t provided the information that the deputy station master had joined the enemy, their Chongcheng Command Station might have been destroyed again!

And if the production methods of these medicines are real, they will not need to spend a lot of money to buy medicines from Xi Country in the future!

Of course, such information cannot be clearly explained by sending a telegram.
Zhu Haifeng arranged for someone to take it to the rear just like the response from the Self-Defense Regiment.

Both the Chongcheng Command Station and the Self-Defense Regiment were very busy, but Lu Yanzhou finally had a good rest for a few days, so his complexion improved.

To the outside world, he only said that his illness was cured.

Lu Yanzhou sent information to Chongcheng Command Station by sending Hu Zi to send it, so in Jiang Baichuan’s eyes, he never changed.

Lu Yanzhou found that Jiang Baichuan wasn’t strictly keeping an eye on him anymore.

And now ten days have passed since he crossed over.
Father Lu arranged for someone to pick him up, saying that he wanted to take him to a business party.

Lu Yanzhou was not interested in business gatherings, but thinking that there would be no harm in getting to know more people, he finally agreed.

At the same time, Xie Chengze also received news that Chongcheng Chamber of Commerce was going to hold a party.

Their Inspection Department’s duty is to help Yan’s people keep an eye on everything and suppress all those organizations and activities that try to resist Yan Country.

Such a party…Xie Chengze looked at the people around him: “Go and inform them, I will be attending this party.”

1So the first word is 盘尼西林(pan in xi lin), which is a loanword, and the second one is 青霉素 (Qing mei su), the Chinese word for penicillin

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