e is confident that the information he provided before the past six months is more valuable than the information provided by the other hundreds of people in the Chongcheng Command Station combined.

But…why now that Hei She is dead and he has no liaison officer, how did DaQi still receive information from ‘Zhaojun’?

What they received was also information that he had no access to at all with his current status!

Before, he was worried that his identity would be exposed, but now…In this short period of time, no one will definitely suspect him.

The leader of the Yan’s Intelligence Bureau scolded Secret Service’s Bureau Chief Li for not catching Zhaojun.
In the end, it was Xie Chengze who helped to speak that Bureau Chief Li had a chance to atone for his sin.

Because of this, Bureau Chief Li specially invited Xie Chengze to dinner to make friends with Xie Chengze.

Of course, Xie Chengze doesn’t mind having more friends.
Someone like Bureau Chief Li, sometimes a casual sentence can be a piece of information.

While Xie Chengze was building a relationship with Bureau Chief Li, Lu Yanzhou sneaked into that clinic again at night.

It’s just that the one who opened the door for him this time was not the doctor he saw last time, but Zhou Duzhong who he wanted to see in the beginning.

Zhou Duzhong looked about 27 or 28 years old, ten years older than Lu Yanzhou.
He looked a little thin too.

As soon as he saw Lu Yanzhou, he bent down and saluted: “Sir Shancha, we can’t repay you for your great kindness!” The information provided by this Shancha in front of him saved tens of thousands of their people from deaths!

The most important thing is… the medicine preparation method provided by Sir Shancha.
After they found someone to try it, they found that it was really useful!

Although it was not yet ready for mass production, they have overcome so many difficulties before, so they will definitely be able to overcome this difficulty too!

“You don’t have to do this.” Lu Yanzhou said.


“I have some information here, do you want to hear it?” Lu Yanzhou asked.

Zhou Duzhong stands upright, waiting for Lu Yanzhou to speak.

Lu Yanzhou has the original owner’s memory, therefore he knows what will happen recently, so he will describe it one by one.

This information is not necessarily useful to the Self-Defense Regiment, but it is helpful for the Self-Defense Regiment to understand Yan Country’s situation.

Lu Yanzhou also talked about the international situation: “Xi Country is at war with other countries, so their troops have been transferred back, therefore they won’t control this side.
This is why Xie Chengze went to Xi’s territory to kill people.
There is no one in Xi’s occupied area, that’s why there is not much reaction in Xi’s occupied area.
Sooner or later, the safe Xi’s occupied area will no longer be safe.”

Zhou Duzhong held his brush as if it’s flying, writing it down one by one.

After Lu Yanzhou finished all he could say, he asked, “Do you…do you want weapon design drawings?”

Zhou Duzhong: “!!!” How could he not!

Seeing Zhou Duzhong’s shocked expression, Lu Yanzhou lowered the brim of his hat and smiled lightly.

In the first small world, he concentrated on studying medicine, but in the second small world, he also studied other things besides medicine.

There was a period where Xie Chengze was transferred to study new weapons because he was good at computers, so he also began to learn the related content.

He is inferior to Xie Chengze in terms of innovation, but he also has advantages — he has a photographic memory.

So now his mind is full of weapon blueprint, the only problem is…the current level of the domestic technology.
Even if there are blueprints, it’s impossible to produce such weapons.

Lu Yanzhou handed a thick document bag to Zhou Duzhong.

There are steel making methods, blueprint of many weapons, and some ammunition deployment methods, all of which are very practical, and some are very advanced.

It takes time to draw this thing, so he basically spends his days and nights drawing this.

This is what he drew specially for the Self-Defense Regiment, and it’s also very suitable for the Self-Defense Regiment.
As for DaQi’s side, he intends to give out Yan Country’s various weapon designs during this period.

It’s not that he treats them differently, it’s mainly because there are some things that he can’t explain to DaQi’s Imperial Court.

Moreover, Yan Country planted many spies in DqQi.
He was also afraid that what he gave would eventually fall into those Yan people’ hands, which would instead increase their combat effectiveness.

“Zhaojun and I bought these things from Xi Country at a great price.
You must keep them well.
You should destroy the blueprints rather than let them fall into those Yan’s people.”

“We will!” Zhou Duzhong nodded seriously.

Lu Yanzhou continued: “I’ll give you a way to contact me.
As for your side…If there is urgent information, how can I give it to you?”

Lu Yanzhou has made some arrangements these days, like arranging a way for Zhou Duzhong to contact him.

This kind of contact method should also be available on Zhou Duzhong’s side.

After exchanging contact information, Lu Yanzhou quietly left the clinic.

Zhou Duzhong was very excited.
Like the previous doctor, he didn’t sleep all night.

It was also a coincidence that early the next morning, the travel-worn doctor knocked on the door of the clinic.

After sending the preparation methods of the medicine to the rear, the doctor stayed there for a few days.
He first verified the preparation methods, then returned to Chongcheng without resting.

There’s many things to do in Chongcheng.

The doctor is so busy these days that he doesn’t have time to take a bath.
When he entered the clinic, he immediately wanted to take a bath, but Zhou Duzhong stopped him: “Instructor, Shancha came last night!”

The doctor immediately forgot about bathing and asked eagerly, “What did he say this time?”

Zhou Duzhong answered: “He told me a lot of information, the most important thing is…he gave me some weapon blueprint!”

“Weapon blueprint?” The doctor turned pale with shock.

“That’s right, he said that he and Zhaojun bought it from Xi’s people.
It’s guaranteed to be practical.”

“Show me.” Said the doctor.

The two of them looked at those weapon blueprint together.
After looking through them, the doctor grabbed a handful of his hair that was infested with lice and fleas on the train, and said directly: “I want to go back immediately, I will leave today!”

Forget whatever washing or something, he is in a hurry to go back!

For such an important thing, he must send it back to the rear as soon as possible!

The doctor came and went.

Seeing him leave again, Zhou Duzhong sighed.
He didn’t study medicine, so now the clinic can’t be open!

Still, it’s a good thing!

Shancha and Zhaojun are really good people!

Lu Yanzhou had a good rest some time ago, so staying up late occasionally did not affect his physical condition the next day.

He asked Hu Zi to change his clothes, then sent another weapon blueprint from Yan Country to Chongcheng Command Station, pretending that Zhaojun had stolen it.

He did not contact Xie Chengze, but he has been providing constant information to Chongcheng Command Station.

Like this, it’s guaranteed that no one would be able to guess Zhaojun’s real identity.

One of Chongcheng Command Station strongholds, the pig slaughtering farm.

Looking at the newly sent information, Zhu Haifeng gasped.

In the previous six months, although Zhaojun was very powerful, he never provided so much valuable information in less than a month!

Right now, the value of the information provided by Zhaojun alone almost exceeds the value of the information obtained by DaQi’s entire Intelligence Station!

Yan Country’s weapon blueprint, including tanks…This is something that they can’t even get by spending countless manpower and material resources!

Who is Zhaojun? Could it be that he has become someone with a very high rank in Yan country?

Also, since he provides such precious information, will something occur?

Zhaojun is so important, Zhu Haifeng feels that even if the command station in Chongcheng is destroyed again, even if they all have to die, Zhaojun must be alive!

The people at the Chongcheng Command Station acted immediately.
They also arranged for people to send the information back.

In fact, it’s very difficult to send important information such as stolen weapon blueprint because the party that has their blueprint stolen will notice that something is wrong, and then arrange people to track it down.

But this time the design was drawn by Lu Yanzhou out of thin air, so Yan Country didn’t notice anything, so naturally it was impossible for them to send someone to intercept it.

Both pieces of information were sent out smoothly.

But at this time, Lu Yanzhou’s classmates approached him and encouraged him to join the association and do something for those Han people living in difficulties in Chongcheng.

After Lu Yanzhou transmigrated, he has been doing good deeds to accumulate merit for Xie Chengze.

Now there is this sassociation that was established to help poor people, he gladly joined.

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