There are four members in the Xie family, namely Xie Chengze, Xie Chengze’s father Xie Yuan, Xie Chengze’s stepmother Lu Qiqi, and Xie Chengze’s younger brother Xie Chengyun.

Xie Yuan is the chairman and CEO of Xie Corporation.
He goes out to work on time at 8 o’clock every day.
If the company does not have a large event that requires him to attend, he will be home at 5:30 pm.

Xie Chengyun is 14 years old this year.
He was enrolled in a private junior high school.
Except for holidays, he goes to school at 7 o’clock every day.
He will be back from after school about 8 o’clock in the evening.

Lu Qiqi didn’t work.
She met Xie Yuan when she was an intern in her senior year.
As soon as she graduated, she married into the Xie family.
After that, she began to live as a madam with food and clothing.

The next day is Monday, Lu Yanzhou came to Xie’s house at 9 o’clock in the morning.
Lu Qiqi is there today.

Lu Qiqi is nearly 40 years old but she was very well maintained.
She looked at most 30 years old, not only that, she was also beautiful.
She is a big beauty that doesn’t lose to celebrities.

As soon as Lu Yanzhou entered the door, he saw the big beauty watching a drama while eating breakfast.

“Little aunt.” Lu Yanzhou called out.

“It’s Zhouzhou…” Lu Qiqi glanced at Lu Yanzhou, then continued watching her double-speed TV series, bursting out ‘pfft’ laughing.

“Little aunt, I will go to the 4th floor.” Lu Yanzhou said.

“Go, go.” Lu Qiqi waved her hands indifferently.

Seeing this, Lu Yanzhou carried his bulging laptop bag upstairs.

He bought some books, exam papers, stationery, and also a few canned foods yesterday.

He specially asked Xie Chengze’s doctor about it.
According to the doctor, Xie Chengze can eat canned food that has been sterilized.
The doctor also recommended several products to him.

Lu Yanzhou bought it all.

Of course, before giving these things to Xie Chengze, it must be disinfected.

Lu Yanzhou had just entered the 4th floor when he met Xie Chengze’s bright eyes.

Lu Yanzhou smiled: “Are you waiting for me?”

Xie Chengze’s face stuck on the plastic film, his features were squashed.
He answered with a nod, making his small nose go up and down, looking like a pig’s nose.

Lu Yanzhou’s heart is about to melt.

How cute is this kid!

“You came.” Xie Chengze said in a low voice.

“Wait a minute.
I bought you something,” Lu Yanzhou came to the disinfection pipeline and put the canned foods and two test papers in his hand into it, then started the sterilizing program, “I also brought a book, but the book is very thick.
I don’t know if it can be completely sterilized so I won’t give it to you…Now you can also find learning resources on the tablet.
I remember you had a tablet, right?”

Xie Chengze continued to lie on the plastic film and nodded: “I have.”

“You have a tablet, then we can use the tablet to study.” Lu Yanzhou finished putting those things in, then sat down near Xie Chengze.
He took out a 5th grade literature and language textbook from his laptop bag.
He then said to Xie Chengze: “Bring your tablet here, I’ll teach you how to download apps.
I checked yesterday, there are a full set of textbooks on several apps.
Literature, language, and English are all there to study.”

After he nourishes Xie Chengze’s soul, he will wait until Xie Chengze dies to take Xie Chengze’s soul fragment away.

Xie Chengze is going to live in this world all his life, there’s no harm in learning more, lest he understand nothing and was deceived by people like the original owner in the future.

Xie Chengze obediently brought his tablet over.

There are only a few built-in apps on the tablet.
Seeing this, Lu Yanzhou first teaches him to download a few learning apps, then teaches him to download a few one player games.

Xie Chengze is too pure.
If he plays those multiplayers games, he might be deceived by others.

“If you are bored later, you can play these games.
Of course we have to study first.” Lu Yanzhou explained it clearly, then said, “The test paper I gave you has been disinfected, do you want to do it first?”

Lu Yanzhou gave Xie Chengze two test papers.
It was a 4th grader mathematics, literature and language final exam paper.

He planned to see Xie Chengze’s study level first.

Though even if Xie Chengze’s knowledge wasn’t as solid, he can also continue studying from 5th grade.
After all, elementary school knowledge is not that complicated.

Xie Chengze brought back the test paper, looking at Lu Yanzhou reluctantly: “I don’t want to do it……”

Lu Yanzhou said: “Be good, do it.”

Xie Chengze still looked at Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou suddenly thought of something: “Do you want to lean on me?”

“Okay!” Xie Chengze immediately agreed.
He moved the small plastic coffee table in his living room to the wall.
Leaning against Lu Yanzhou, he started the test paper.

Xie Chengze did it very seriously, it’s just, his writing looks like dog crawling characters.
Xie Chengze writes for a while, then looks at Lu Yanzhou, looking like he wants to be praised.

His Aze is so obedient, he’ll praise him for sure! Lu Yanzhou said: “Aze, you write so well!”

“Aze, you’re so smart.”

“Aze, you can answer the questions quickly!”

Xie Chengze is obviously enjoying it.
This made Lu Yanzhou unable to hold back, his hand went into the rubber gloves and he touched his head.

In the original owner’s memories, although Xie Chengze liked the original owner a lot, he wasn’t as intimate with the original owner.
Now Xie Chengze is so dependent on him, is it because he was kind to Xie Chengze yesterday?

Just a little bit of kindness can make this kid so happy?

Lu Yanzhou felt very distressed.
After waiting for Xie Chengze to finish the test paper, he started to grade Xie Chengze’s paper according to the answer.

His math is fine.
Although Xie Chengze made a few mistakes, it’s mainly because he’s not used to the way the question was written.
However, his literature and language test papers were all wrong.

Of course, these questions are really difficult.
For example, what is the radical1 of ‘能’ and so on…Lu Yanzhou didn’t know either.

As for the reading comprehension, Xie Chengze’s words were a mess.
Many words either lack an arms or legs.

Lu Yanzhou checked the answer while leaning on the plastic film against Xie Chengze: “Aze, you are great.
You finished a lot!”

Xie Chengze showed a shy look with a somewhat embarrassed smile.

After completing the exam paper, Lu Yanzhou took out the 5th grade literature and language textbook.
He started to read the book to Xie Chengze, then let Xie Chengze read.

When Xie Chengze was doing the test paper, he found out that Xie Chengze’s writing strokes are all wrong.
He recognizes many words but he can’t write them.

It is clear that the teacher who taught him wasn’t very attentive.

Fortunately, today’s apps are very easy to use.
After paying, it can not only read the text but they can also see the stroke order of the character and what those characters can form.

Lu Yanzhou took Xie Chengze to read the first page several times, teaching him how to read and then making him copy some new words and phrases.
Finally, he said: “Come here.
Turn off your tablet and take out a piece of paper.
I’ll give you a dictation.”

Xie Chengze obeyed obediently.

Lu Yanzhou picked some words for Xie Chengze to write.
Xie Chengze did everything right this time, it’s just that the words don’t look too good.

“My Aze is so smart!” Lu Yanzhou praised again.

Xie Chengze is already an adult.
Adults going back to learn elementary school content is normal to learn faster than a child, but he still thinks that Xie Chengze is great.

Xie Chengze said: “Then……brother Yanzhou, hug me.”

Lu Yanzhou immediately agreed.
Holding him in his arms, he asks again: “Aze, do you have anything you like? Like drawing, piano, or something?”

The original owner was very interested in learning martial arts when he was in junior high school, he specialized in taekwondo.
In addition, he also studied watercolor painting for a year, then two years of guitar, and three years of hard brush calligraphy…all these, he gave up halfway.

The original owner’s ultimate hobby…should be playing games.

He doesn’t know if there’s anything Xie Chengze likes.

Xie Chengze did not hesitate: “Brother Yanzhou, what do you like? I like that too.”

“Hobbies are what you like.”

“There’s nothing for me to like.” Xie Chengze blinked.

“That’s okay.
After your health is better, you can try a few.
You will always find something you like.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Xie Chengze lowered his head and stopped talking.

Lu Yanzhou knew why he was like this.

There are several methods to cure this disease Xie Chengze got.
Common ones are gene therapy and bone marrow transplantation.

Xie Chengze had received gene therapy when he was little but it didn’t work.
As for bone marrow transplants…they have never been able to find a matching bone marrow.

This is because his injury is actually on his soul…Lu Yanzhou held Xie Chengze’s head in his arms.

Xie Chengze rubbed against Lu Yanzhou’s chest, obediently staying there.

However, the familiar footsteps sounded again…Lu Yanzhou let go of Xie Chengze and looked towards the door.

The door to the stairway opened.
It was still housekeeper Wang who came, however, maybe it was because Lu Qiqi is at home, his attitude is particularly good today: “Young master, it’s lunch time, madam asked me to call you down for dinner.”

“Okay,” Lu Yanzhou nodded, then said to Xie Chengze, “Aze, I’m going to eat.
See you later.”

“Um.” Xie Chengze nodded with a smile.

Only then did Lu Yanzhou go downstairs.

As Lu Yanzhou’s figure slowly disappeared, Xie Chengze’s smile and obedient expression also disappeared completely.

He sat there quietly like a good statue.

Housekeeper Wang bowed.
With his head down, he slowly exits.
He didn’t dare to look at Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze suddenly stopped him: “Wait.”

Housekeeper Wang trembled.

Xie Chengze continues: “I told you to be nice to him but don’t make it too obvious so as not to make him suspicious.”

“Yes, young master.” Housekeeper Wang replied respectfully.

Xie Chengze didn’t care about housekeeper Wang anymore.
He got up and left the living room, going to his bedroom surrounded by curtains.

His bedroom is small but there’s more than a computer inside.
He tapped twice on one of the laptops.
The living room downstairs appears on his laptop screen.

Lu Yanzhou has already gone downstairs.
He was having dinner with Lu Qiqi.

Xie Chengze put on headphones and turned up the volume, watching silently.

He used to like Lu Yanzhou a lot.
He was happy to see this man but he doesn’t really care about him.

At that time, he would miss Lu Yanzhou if he didn’t see him but when he saw him, he would find him a little annoying.

However, that feeling disappeared yesterday.

After he saw Lu Yanzhou yesterday, he doesn’t know why, he likes this person from the bottom of his heart.

This is not the kind of simple likes where he sees something and he just likes it, but rather it’s the kind of likes that he wants this person to never leave him.

He wanted to touch Lu Yanzhou.

Xie Chengze stretched out a finger and poked Lu Yanzhou’s face on the screen.

These two days Lu Yanzhou had performed very well, he is very satisfied.

He suddenly felt…it’s interesting to live.

It’s just……4th grade literature and language test paper, why did he get it wrong? This is unscientific!

Xie Chengze frowned.
Suddenly, the computer next to him flicked.
A long string of characters is displayed.

He glances at it casually, then doesn’t care about it.
He continues to watch the surveillance in the living room downstairs.


the key(and phonetic) by which the character is arranged in the chinese dictionary

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