Lu Yanzhou knew that being a spy was dangerous, and he also knew that Xie Chengze was assassinated from time to time.

However, he was helpless about the people at Chongcheng Command Station planning to assassinate Xie Chengze.

After thinking about it, Lu Yanzhou changed his attire and came to the pig slaughterhouse again.

Zhu Haifeng was very happy to see Lu Yanzhou: “Shancha, long time no see.”

“Long time no see.” Lu Yanzhou not only put on makeup, but also changed his posture to reduce his sense of presence.
He also wore the kind of clothes that poor people would wear, plus the dirty scarf and hat… No one would absolutely associate him with young master Lu.

“Did you come here this time because there is news about the whereabouts of the target?” Zhu Haifeng asked.

“No,” Lu Yanzhou said, “Recently, the investigations are strict, Zhaojun has no way to send in information.”

After he came here, he had already sent back a lot of information, including weapon design drawings and medicine production methods, which were already worthy of the above, so Chongcheng Command Station’s request could be completely rejected.

It is a waste and irresponsible for a spy to ask another spy, who can find important information, to check the whereabouts of the assassination target.

The death of a Chongcheng official like Section Chief Xie Chengze and Bureau Chief Li has no effect on the situation of the battle at all, but precious information can turn the tide of the battle! If the senior spy exposed his identity by providing such small information, the loss would definitely outweigh the gain.

“Isn’t he very capable? Why can’t he provide such a little information?” A young man beside Zhu Haifeng was dissatisfied.

Lu Yanzhou sneered: “As far as I know, Zhaojun is already the highest-ranking spy we have placed on the Yan people’s side, right? It’s normal for such a spy to move once every few years.
Now you ask him to cooperate with you in such an action that you don’t know if it will be successful, have you reported to headquarters?!”

He believed that in DaQi’s top official’s eyes, Zhaojun alone was more important than the hundreds of people in the Chongcheng Command Station.

If these people are dead, they just have to recruit people from the army to replenish them.
If something happens to Zhaojun, where will they get another Zhaojun?

“Sorry, we were reckless.” Zhu Haifeng immediately apologized.

“Zhaojun can’t help you, but I can join your operation.” Lu Yanzhou’s attitude became a little better at this moment.

Xie Chengze was as hated as Bureau Chief Li of the Secret Service, so it was not surprising that the Chongcheng Command Station wanted to assassinate Xie Chengze.
In fact, Bureau Chief Li was also on the assassination list.

He couldn’t stop this.
If he stopped, these people might guess Xie Chengze’s identity.
When these people failed to assassinate and were arrested and confessed, what would Xie Chengze do?

But he couldn’t let these people assassinate Xie Chengze either.

So the best way is to join them and try to stop them when the time comes.

In fact, these people may not succeed.
Xie Chengze has always been very careful, so he is not so easy to assassinate.

“Just you? Join our operation? Are you sure you’re not here to hold us back?” The young man who thought Zhaojun had the ability to provide information before spoke again.

Without further ado, Lu Yanzhou kicked the man in the chest, kicking him out.

These people all have licked blood with their knives.
As soon as he made a move, someone took out a gun and pointed at him, but Lu Yanzhou immediately took action.
Not to mention knocking down this person, he also took the person’s gun and disassembled it in just two or three moves.

When he studied weapons in his previous life, he specially practiced this.

“At least I’m better than you guys.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Zhu Haifeng was so angry by his subordinates’ action that he immediately apologized to Lu Yanzhou again.

The eyes of other people in the Chongcheng command station looking at Lu Yanzhou also changed.

Hei She died suddenly, and then Zhaojun’s liaison officer became Shancha, whom they knew nothing about, so they were naturally dissatisfied.

But now…Shancha’s skills are so good, they’re afraid he’s not simple!

After Zhu Haifeng apologized, he agreed to let Lu Yanzhou join their operation.

However, they have yet to decide on the specific action plan.

Upon hearing this, Lu Yanzhou said, “I’ll come back in two days.”

“Okay!” Zhu Haifeng said.

Lu Yanzhou met Zhu Haifeng one day, then slept at home the next day.

The Lu family has many enemies.
For his own safety, he decided not to go out these days.

His father left him four bodyguards, plus Huzi…As long as he hides at home, he will be safe.

His residence is in Western Country’s occupied area!

However, if he continued to run around like before, his head might get blown.

After sleeping for the whole day, Lu Yanzhou went out again that night to send money to Zhou Duzhong.

He had no money before, he couldn’t give it to them even if he wanted to, but now…Before Lu Tao left, he left a large sum of money for him.

He didn’t spend much, so he simply gave the money to Zhou Duzhong.

As far as he knew, Zhou Duzhong was carrying a lot of debts.
Zhou Duzhong hadn’t settled the money he paid for the cotton-padded clothes at the shelter yet.

As the end of the year approaches, there should be many people who have important debts with Zhou Duzhong.
If he doesn’t support him, he’s afraid that Zhou Duzhong may not even be able to eat the New Year’s Eve dinner.

The small box containing 30,000 western currency was opened, Zhou Duzhong let out a deep breath.

Lu Yanzhou understood him.
Western currency was very valuable in DaQi.
The banknotes here don’t seem to be much, but the value is no less than one hundred thousand flat silver.

It’s real flat silver, not DaQi banknotes.

Although the money wouldn’t even make a splash if it was thrown into the army, it could already solve Zhou Duzhong’s current predicament.

In fact, Lu Yanzhou still has some property left by Lu Tao that can be exchanged for money, but he is being watched by Lu Tao’s enemies, so he can’t cash it out for the time being.

“Recently, Zhaojun has been closely watched and can’t provide any information.
You should be careful.” Lu Yanzhou said.

“We will be careful!” Zhou Duzhong promised quickly.

Only then did Lu Yanzhou leave the clinic.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t go out the next day, but several of his classmates came to see him.

His family members ran away and only left him in Chongcheng, and Xie Chengze once spent the night with him.
Now more and more people know about it, so these few classmates also know about it.

They wanted to comfort him, but they were afraid of accidentally poking his wound, so in the end they hesitated for a long time.
Lu Yanzhou pretended to be angry and threw them out.

What he did was too dangerous, he didn’t want to harm others.

And…After the scandal between Xie Chengze and him spread, Lu Yanzhou had a plan.

He didn’t dare to contact Xie Chengze before, because he was afraid of implicating Xie Chengze, and it would be known that Xie Chengze was actually Zhaojun.

But because he provided some information to DaQi that Xie Chengze could not provide, now no one doubts Xie Chengze, and no one also doubts him…In this case, should he make Xie Chengze take him by force? Then he can stay by Xie Chengze’s side?

This matter needs a long-term plan.
He still needs to find a reason to get close to Xie Chengze…Lu Yanzhou planned to wait for the intelligence station’s assassination mission to be done first, then he would provoke Lu Tao’s enemies, and then pretend that he couldn’t deal with these enemies, ‘bearing the humiliation’, he’ll go to Xie Chengze for help.

When he stays by Xie Chengze’s side, he can also protect Xie Chengze!

He will have to stay with a ‘traitor’ like Xie Chengze…He will definitely be on the opposite side of his former friend.

Lu Yanzhou waited for his classmates to leave, then continued to exercise, and that night, he went to Chongcheng Command Station again.

Then he learned that the Chongcheng command station planned to carry out the assassination operation on the 29th of the twelfth lunar month.

It was also a coincidence that there was a person working in a big restaurant from Chongcheng Command Station, so there was news from this person that a colonel from Yan Country had booked their hotel and was going to have a banquet for some people on the 29th.

It is said that Xie Chengze was on the banquet list.

Chongcheng Command Station was recently chased around by the Secret Service, hiding from place to place.
The pig farm was about to lose its hold, so they planned to put all their eggs in one basket.

They are quite experienced in assassination, but there are still some problems.

This hotel is located in an area populated by Yan people.
The Secret Service and the Inspection Department are not far away.
It is the territory of the Yan people, so it is not so easy to hide!

It is very difficult for them to arrange and bring in some weapons in advance.

“If it really doesn’t work, we can only force it.”

“We must give those Yan people some shock!”

“The worst is death!”

“Make those people know that being a traitor won’t end well!”


These people were very emotional, Lu Yanzhou listened for a long time, then finally said: “I have a safe house over there, I can give it to you.” That safe house was prepared by Hei She for the convenience of contacting Xie Chengze, so it was ready to use.

Those who were planning to sacrifice their lives for righteousness were stunned for a moment.

Lu Yanzhou continued: “Is there anything else you need my help with, or need me to prepare?”

After thinking about it, Zhu Haifeng said, “Can you get □□? We’ve run out of it.”

□□ is highly toxic, if caught, they will use this thing to commit suicide.

Lu Yanzhou said: “I can get it.” His father has enemies and old friends, some of these old friends are gangsters, he can get this thing.

“Then I will trouble you!” Zhu Haifeng said.

They discussed it again, then planned to go to the spot the next day.

Lu Yanzhou kept their plans in mind one by one.
He didn’t leave until the middle of the night when they were going to slaughter pigs.

Returning to his small house through the river as usual, Lu Yanzhou took a shower, then it was time for breakfast.

While eating, Lu Yanzhou asked the bodyguards beside him to buy some drugs.

“Young master, what do you want this thing for?” The bodyguard was not very happy to buy it.

Lu Yanzhou said: “If I find an opportunity, I might be able to use it to poison my enemy to death.”

Lu Yanzhou didn’t mention who the enemy was, but the bodyguard subconsciously thought of Xie Chengze.

Lu Yanzhou told Lu Tao about his identity as a secret spy, but he didn’t tell anyone else.
Naturally, these bodyguards didn’t know anything about it.

Right now, they felt that their young master was a bit stupid — he actually wanted to poison Xie Chengze, he truly indulged in fantasy!

However, this is better than the young master eating it himself…The bodyguard who thought that Lu Yanzhou would have no chance to poison Xie Chengze really brought back a pack of □□ for Lu Yanzhou.

After knowing that Lu Tao had left Chongcheng, Xie Chengze, who sent someone to watch over Lu Yanzhou: “…” Lu Yanzhou didn’t want to commit suicide, did he?

Well, it shouldn’t be so, there is a greater possibility that Lu Yanzhou wanted to kill him.

Xie Chengze rubbed the center of his brows, feeling a little irritable, then asked his subordinate: “He hasn’t gone out these few days?”

“No.” The subordinate said.

“I see.” Xie Chengze waved his hand and told his subordinates to leave.

As a result, his subordinate came back not long after he left: “Section Chief, the person we sent to watch over Lu Yanzhou called and said he went out.”

These subordinates have been with Xie Chengze for a long time, so they also know a little about Xie Chengze.

In the past, Xie Chengze only had money in his eyes, this is the first time he cares about a person.

Xie Chengze should really like Lu Yanzhou, so if there is news about Lu Yanzhou, they will naturally report to Xie Chengze as soon as possible.

Xie Chengze hesitated.

It was rumored that the reason why Lu Yanzhou was thrown away by Lu Tao was because he ruined him.

In addition, Lu Tao has many enemies, that’s why he sent someone to watch Lu Yanzhou.

But it’s impossible for him to do too much, after all, Lu Yanzhou must hate him very much now.

Xie Chengze’s subordinates said: “Section Cheif, the place where Lu Yanzhou went is exactly the place where Colonel Tian invited you to dinner the day after tomorrow.
We and the Secret Service have people there to arrange, and Bureau Chief Li is still presiding over the work on site, would you like to see it too?”

This colonel surnamed Tian is from the General Intelligence Bureau.
He has an unusual status and is a noble.
In addition, his uncle is a general, and his wife is also very well-connected.
She is the daughter of one of the heads of the Yan’s Intelligence Bureau.

He wanted to treat people to dinner on the 29th for several reasons.

One is because it was his birthday that day, and the other is because not long ago, his wife gave birth to a son for him.

Taking advantage of the end of the year, Colonel Tian planned to treat people to dinner and have fun.

Since Colonel Tian is the son-in-law of their leader, the Secret Service and the Inspection Department also attached great importance to this banquet.
They asked many people to investigate the situation to avoid any accidents at that time.

Xie Chengze said: “Then go and have a look!”

At this time, Lu Yanzhou was indeed near that restaurant.

This restaurant is very famous, but it is no longer open, and there are people from the Secret Service patrolling around…The intelligence station said that a colonel wants to entertain guests here, it should be true.

Lu Yanzhou’s face was tender and he was well dressed.
The people from the Secret Service stopped after a few glances at him.
He also took advantage of this to eat in a small restaurant next to it.

However, Lu Yanzhou didn’t know that the moment he entered the small restaurant, the guards started chatting about him: “That young man before was quite handsome, which family’s young master is he?”

“He’s from the Lu family.
He’s the one Xie Chengze takes a fancy to.
I’ve seen him before when he was caught by the Secret Service.”

“So he is the young master Lu in the legend!”

“No wonder Xie Chengze takes a fancy to him, he looks really good.”

“Speaking of which…didn’t you say that Lu Tao dotes on this little son? Why did the Lu family leave but he stayed?”

“It is said that Xie Chengze liked him very much and threatened Lu Tao, so Lu Tao had no choice but to leave him.”

“I see……”

While these people were talking, Bureau Chief Li came and reprimanded, dissatisfied: “What are you talking about? Didn’t I tell you to keep an eye on this place?”

When these people saw Bureau Chief Li, they dared not speak any more.

Bureau Chief Li asked again: “Have you seen any acquaintances?”

Those few people who were arranged to watch the passers-by were the people from Chongcheng Command Station who joined the Secret Service three months ago.

The intelligence personnel from Chongcheng Command Station came to Chongcheng in batches, though they might not know all, there were some who knew each other and could recognize them when they saw them.

Bureau Chief Li has recently taken these people around to identify people.
He wants to catch a few more spies from Chongcheng Command Station.

“No.” These people said.

“Be alert and keep looking!”

“Yes, Bureau Chief.” These people immediately answer.

As they were talking, they saw a car driving up.

Bureau Chief Li was a little surprised when he saw the car.
The car belonged to Xie Chengze.
Why did Xie Chengze come here?

In order to make friends with Colonel Tian from Yan’s Intelligence Bureau, he gave Colonel Tian a lot of money and took the initiative to take over the security work of the banquet.

This time Colonel Tian hosted a banquet for guests.
The Secret Service was responsible for the security work, and the Inspection Office was only an assistant.

Logically, Xie Chengze shouldn’t have come.

“Why is Section Chief Xie here?” Bureau Chief Li came to the side of the car and asked Xie Chengze.

“Looking for someone.” Xie Chengze said.
He had already come, so he didn’t intend to hide it.
He directly tells him his reason for coming.

Letting people know that he is very interested in Lu Yanzhou can somewhat deter some people, making them afraid to do anything to Lu Yanzhou.

Just treat it as his pity for Lu Yanzhou.

“Who are you looking for?” Bureau Chief Li was puzzled.

It was the people who met Lu Yanzhou just now who came to their senses and said: “Section Chief Xie is here to find Young Master Lu? He went to the restaurant over there.”

Hearing this, Xie Chengze got out of the car and walked towards the restaurant.

At this time, Lu Yanzhou, who was eating in the restaurant, found himself sitting next to a spy from Chongcheng Command Station that he had seen before.

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