Xie Chengze wished he could dig a hole and bury himself.

But he also had to admit that he was in a good mood and even laughed unconsciously.

Lu Yanzhou was sincere to him.

And his face, without those scars, he is so beautiful?

Xie Chengze took the small mirror by the bed and admired his face again.

Speaking of which, this mirror was produced in Lu Yanzhou’s factory.
Among Lu Yanzhou’s many factories, there is a glass factory.

Thinking of Lu Yanzhou, Xie Chengze couldn’t help recalling the past.

Lu Yanzhou was really good to him, he could kiss his ugly face before.

At first he thought it was Lu Yanzhou who was too good at acting, but now that he thought about it, it was obviously Lu Yanzhou who loved him too much!

It’s a pity that he didn’t know it at the time, and he was thinking about squeezing Lu Yanzhou dry all day long, thinking about being comfortable every day.

Xie Chengze’s face became hot unconsciously.

Thinking about the past, Xie Chengze fell asleep unknowingly.

So, when Lu Yanzhou opened the door and came in and wanted to call Xie Chengze to eat, he saw Xie Chengze sleeping soundly with the mirror in his arms, it was quite amusing.

He didn’t even know that Xie Chengze loved beauty so much.

After gently closing the bedroom door, Lu Yanzhou went downstairs to have dinner, then went out to gossip with his neighbors: “What’s the matter today? Why are so many people searching from house to house?”

Those neighbors said one after another: “Did you hear the explosion last night? I heard that Xie Chengze from the Inspection Department did it.
Today, those people from Yan Country and all people in Chongcheng are looking for Xie Chengze!”

“I heard that Xie Chengze blew up the Secret Service, great job! There’s no good thing there!”

“My son works in a newspaper office.
After the explosion yesterday, he was called to work overtime by the newspaper office.
Today the newspaper published a photo of Xie Chengze.
I heard that if he is caught, they will get a lot of money.”

“He is a good man.
Let me tell you, even if we see him, we can’t capture him.”

After chatting about things outside, someone asked Lu Yanzhou again: “We haven’t seen that young master of yours before, we thought he was ugly so he didn’t go out all the time.
I didn’t expect him to be quite handsome.”

Lu Yanzhou said: “My young master is quite handsome and he is a painter.
He paints there every day without going out.
He’s a bit weird.”

“A lot of them with the new education are eccentric.”

“Your young master is not bad.
He doesn’t go out and doesn’t cause trouble.”

“Yeah, now I’m not afraid of not going out.
I’m afraid of going out and causing trouble and accidentally messing with people who shouldn’t be messed with, let alone money, maybe my life will be gone.”

In the end, the big guys talked about what they were most concerned about, which was food, rice, oil and salt: “Now that the city is closed, our life will be sad again.”

“It will definitely be inconvenient to buy groceries next time.”

“Prices are bound to go up, too.”

“Fortunately, my family stocked some pickles.”

Lu Yanzhou was also very fortunate that when he came over a few days ago, he bought a lot of food for his family.

Xie Chengze woke up from hunger, so he went downstairs but did not see Lu Yanzhou.

He panicked, but soon saw a note on the table: “The food is in the pot, I’m going to catch up on sleep.”

Xie Chengze went into the kitchen and opened the pot.
He saw a pot of hot water inside with a steaming rack on it.
There was a large bowl of rice, sliced bacon and a bowl of steamed pickles on the steaming rack.

A few years ago, as the section chief of the Inspection Department, he ate a lot of delicacies from mountains and seas, but now with bacon and rice, he actually thinks it is better than the shark’s fin and abalone he has eaten!

After eating, Xie Chengze scooped water from the pot and washed his face carefully.
After washing, he found a box of face cream and rubbed it on himself carefully.

Lu Yanzhou has several factories, one of which produces all kinds of face wipes and make-up products, which are said to be very useful.

He has never used these before, but plans to start today.

Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze lived a good life in seclusion, but Yan’s senior officials were experiencing a major earthquake.

Lu Yanzhou has established a wide network in Chongcheng in the past few years, but he has always been very careful, he won’t contact his people on the surface.

As for Zhou Duzhong and Doctor Hu, every time Lu Yanzhou went to visit them, he went secretly.
On the surface, they had nothing to do with each other.

Lu Yanzhou let them hide because he was afraid that the survivors from the Secret Service would remember what happened many years ago and arrest them.

On the contrary, he has a good relationship with some Yan people.

Disregarding Xie Chengze, the people he usually interacts with are all the Yan’s high-level officials in Chongcheng!

After interacting with these people a lot, Xie Chengze got some letters written by them, and then Lu Yanzhou forged a lot of evidence that they sold information to Xie Chengze according to the handwriting of these people.

The money that Xie Chengze gave them became Xie Chengze’s purchase of information on the special ledger.

Much of the information that Zhaojun sent back was something that Xie Chengze shouldn’t have known, which is why the Yan’s General Intelligence Bureau has never suspected Xie Chengze these years.

Because of this, seeing these letters now, people from Yan’s General Intelligence Bureau can’t help but feel that those officials are very likely to have really betrayed their Great Yan.

However…Among the people who have been close friends with Xie Chengze, there are even members of their General Intelligence Bureau!

No matter what, Xie Chengze can’t be caught now, so those who have a good relationship with Xie Chengze must be arrested for interrogation.
And so, many Yan’s high-ranking officials were arrested because of this ‘Zhaojun Incident’.

Yan Country was in chaos for a while.

They had already shown signs of decline, but now that something like this happened, the battle on the front line inevitably retreated, and even internationally, they became a joke.

Because DaQi sold Yan’s weapon design drawings provided by Lu Yanzhou, there are already many people paying attention to Zhaojun, the spy.
Now Zhaojun’s identity is exposed, not to mention the bombing of the Secret Service, many Yan’s senior officials are also involved…

The Yan people can be said to have lost all face.

In DaQi, Zhaojun became a hero.

After this incident came out, the troops all knew that Xie Chengze and Lu Yanzhou were the ones who had been delivering medicines to them.

How many soldiers from DaQi and the Self-Defense Regiment survived because of the medicine they sent?

And four years ago…At that time, it was Zhaojun’s information that saved many soldiers from the self-defense regiment.
It was also because of Lu Yanzhou’s help that Zhou Duzhong was able to send back so many cotton clothes.

That winter was extremely cold.
At that time, many soldiers from the self-defense regiment came all the way to defend their motherland, but they were almost frozen to death…They were able to survive by relying on the padded jackets sent by Zhou Duzhong.

Four years have passed, and many of them have become generals now, but they still keep the padded jackets they got at that time.

Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze were their saviors.

There was a lot of commotion outside, and Chongcheng went through several searches.

Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze were interrogated several times, but they found nothing.

The fourth day of identity exposure.

Lu Yanzhou got up early in the morning.

The house had a backyard, and there was a well in the backyard.
He drew water from the well to cook, and after cooking, he invited Xie Chengze, who was learning to paint, to come over for dinner.

Xie Chengze’s adoptive parents were still very rich and had servants to help with housework, so although Xie Chengze was beaten by his adoptive father and forced to learn many things by his adoptive father when he was young, he never cooked.

Later, his adoptive father had an accident, and he took refuge in Yan Country.
After entering the Inspection Department, he couldn’t even cook for himself, so he didn’t know anything about it.

Therefore, Lu Yanzhou has always been the one who cooks.
As for him…he has been studying painting recently.
He wants to draw a picture of Lu Yanzhou.

Because Chongcheng was sealed off, they ate rice and pickled products again.

But Xie Chengze ate very happily.
While eating, he couldn’t help but look at the mirror next to him.

Xie Chengze looked so cute, Lu Yanzhou couldn’t help but leaned over and kissed him.

No matter what Xie Chengze looks like, he likes him, but these days Xie Chengze is white and tender, with the scent of the cream produced by his factory on his body, which is naturally more attractive than before.

Lu Yanzhou had been very vigilant for the past two days, fearing that someone would suddenly search him, so he acted very carefully and did not want to get intimate with Xie Chengze.

But now that a few days have passed, and with these few days of abstinence…Lu Yanzhou held Xie Chengze’s hand.

According to past experience, Xie Chengze should drag him upstairs at this time!

They haven’t done anything for several days, and Xie Chengze is also very enthusiastic.

However, Lu Yanzhou was wrong.

Xie Chengze didn’t give the slightest response, he was still looking in the mirror.

Lu Yanzhou was stunned, holding Xie Chengze’s hand and staring at Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze looked back at Lu Yanzhou innocently.
He was very bold before and would directly make various requests to Lu Yanzhou.

But now…he was a little embarrassed.

He couldn’t bear to be like before — he needed to take good care of his body.

Recently, he no longer uses all the majesty of an emperor1Reckless, he feels that his body is much better.

The two looked at each other, Lu Yanzhou couldn’t help looking at the mirror not far away.

Is it because his disguise is too ugly, so Xie Chengze is not happy?

It couldn’t be? In the past, when he came home with a disguise, Xie Chengze still called anxiously?

Lu Yanzhou suddenly remembered something.
He had suspected it at the beginning, thinking that Xie Chengze in this world might not only have problems with his face, but also his body.
Now it seems to be true.

Now that Xie Chengze’s health has recovered, Xie Chengze, who used to tie him home and overwhelmed him with enthusiasm, immediately became cold.

Lu Yanzhou: “…”

Xie Chengze blinked: “You are still young, take care of your body.”

Haha, Xie Chengze didn’t say that before! Lu Yanzhou said: “I am young and full of energy!”

Xie Chengze: “…”

Lu Yanzhou complained: “Did you dislike me?”

Xie Chengze quickly said, “I don’t.”

“Then why are you ignoring me?”

Xie Chengze was helpless: “Then…shall we go upstairs?”

Well, it’s rare for Lu Yanzhou to take the initiative, it feels pretty good.

He should be more reserved in the future, anyway, he has no face to do things like before.

Well, after losing the birthmark on his face, his skin turned thin!

Two months later, Yan Country surrendered.

Recently, Lu Yanzhou, who took the initiative to pester Xie Chengze, thought it was quite interesting: “…”

He thought that Yan people could last for a while longer, but he didn’t expect them to retreat so soon!

He has been studying how to leave Chongcheng and how to go to the rear.
Once Yan Country surrendered, his research was in vain!

Alright, this should have something to do with him and Xie Chengze.
They has helped DaQi and the Self-Defense Regiment a lot over the years.
Let’s talk about the Self-Defense Regiment, because of some information he provided, there is no shortage of medicines, and he has also developed some low-cost but easy-to-use weapons that have greatly increased their combat effectiveness, causing Yan’s army to retreat steadily, and their own team is getting bigger and bigger.

In addition, the incident after their identity was exposed not only caused chaos in Yan’s upper echelons, but also made the Yan’s soldiers very angry.

DaQi publicized all kinds of things Xie Chengze did, and it fell into the ears of ordinary Yan soldiers.
In summary, they were desperately fighting on the front lines, as a result, the officials behind him sold information for money.
They don’t take their lives seriously at all.

They also heard that Yan’s weapon designs were all sold too!

How can the ordinary soldiers of Yan Country stand this? They are no longer willing to fight!

The domestic situation of Yan Country is not very good, and they have offended many people internationally too.
For example, Western Country has already been at odds with them, and now even loyal soldiers are starting to make trouble…Even if Yan people don’t want to surrender, they can only surrender.

Upon hearing the news, most of the people in Chongcheng cheered, only a few people who took refuge in the Yan felt mournful.

When Yan’s people withdrew from Chongcheng, Lu Yanzhou took Xie Chengze to find Zhou Duzhong and Doctor Hu.

As soon as Zhou Duzhong saw Lu Yanzhou, he asked, “Where is Mr.
Xie? We will never forget Mr.
Xie’s great kindness, we want to thank him in person.”

Lu Yanzhou sighed: “I don’t know where he is.”

Zhou Duzhong was taken aback.

Lu Yanzhou said: “That day when my identity was exposed, he asked me to evacuate first, while he stayed behind.
I don’t know where he went after that.”

There have been rumors outside that when Xie Chengze blew up the Secret Service, he himself was below and died together with the Secret Service.

Otherwise, Yan people would not have been looking for Xie Chengze frantically for the past two months but couldn’t find him.

Zhou Duzhong originally thought that Xie Chengze was hidden by Lu Yanzhou, but if not, then Xie Chengze might have really…

Zhou Duzhong and Doctor Hu’s mood instantly became depressed.

In this years-long battle, Zhaojun was a hero, he should be admired and commended, but he disappeared on the eve of victory.

Zhou Duzhong didn’t want to say ‘sacrifice’, so he just said ‘disappear’.

Lu Yanzhou continued at this moment: “I don’t know where Xie Chengze is, but Xie Chengze entrusted his brother to me.”

As he spoke, he pulled out Xie Chengze who was standing behind him.

Zhou Duzhong and Doctor Hu had seen Xie Chengze a while ago, but they didn’t know his identity, so they were a little curious at this moment: “Xie Chengze has a younger brother too?”

Lu Yanzhou explained: “Xie Chengze is not the real son of the Xie family.
Back then, his adoptive mother had a stillbirth.
She was afraid that his adoptive father would blame her, so she adopted a baby…He has no blood relationship with Yan people.
Because his adoptive father killed his adoptive mother, he has a sworn hatred with the Yan’s, that’s why he joined DaQi’s Intelligence Station and became Zhaojun.”

Lu Yanzhou explained Xie Chengze’s life experience clearly, so that no one would make a fuss about the fact that Xie Chengze had half of Yan people’s blood on him — the true identity of Xie Chengze’s adoptive father is no longer a secret.

So it was like that! Zhou Duzhong and Doctor Hu looked at Xie Chengze, because of all the things Zhaojun had done before, like liking the house and its crow2love everyone and everything connected with the person, they liked this ‘Xie Chengze’s younger brother’ very much.

Xie Chengze quickly got familiar with them.

At this time, Lu Yanzhou said: “Doctor Hu, Zhou Duzhong, I used to be in DaQi’s Intelligence Station, but now I want to join the Self-Defense Regiment, can I?”

Doctor Hu and Zhou Duzhong were very pleasantly surprised: “Of course! Cough cough, in fact, we have already registered your information! Your confidentiality level is very high.
Except for the two of us, no more than three people know about it.”

“Thank you.”

“No thanks, no thanks, you and Xie Chengze have helped us a lot!”

Lu Yanzhou laughed when he heard this: “Then can I meet with your high-level executives? That’s right.
The medicine production methods and weapon design drawings I gave you before are actually not the information we stole, but it is his and mine research result.”

When Lu Yanzhou spoke, he pointed to Xie Chengze.

When Lu Yanzhou first passed through, between the DaQi and the Self-Defense Regiment, DaQi was still stronger.

But four years later, the current DaQi is no longer doing well.
Although the Self-Defense Regiment is poor, their combat effectiveness is amazing.

When Yan country was driven away, Lu Yanzhou believed that this country would eventually belong to the Self-Defense Regiment.

Both Zhou Duzhong and Doctor Hu were dumbfounded.

They asked many people to study the materials that Lu Yanzhou gave them, but they didn’t study them thoroughly.
Many medicines couldn’t be produced.

Now Lu Yanzhou told them that these were researched by Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze’s younger brother together?

Even if Lu Yanzhou doesn’t know anything, based on what Lu Yanzhou has done before, they will welcome him.
Now that Lu Yanzhou still has such abilities…they are willing to sacrifice anything for Lu Yanzhou!

1Reckless2love everyone and everything connected with the person

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