Kwon-woo’s bright red Lamborghini was a rather peculiar vehicle for a business trip.
But they were in a hurry, so Se-he couldn’t help it.
Se-ha stepped on the accelerator carefully, periodically checking Kwon-woo sitting in the seat next to him.

It was already quite late in the afternoon when they arrived at the textile factory complex.
The managers were blatantly dissatisfied, complaining that they were about to leave work when they arrived.

The eyes that looked at Kwon-woo were not friendly.
They glared at him as if they were disgusted by him.
If Vice President Jang Tae-hwon, the chairman’s eldest son, or Vice Chairman Jang Ji-ho, the younger brother of the chairman, had come, Se-ha would bolt out the factory. 

“How far have you expanded your spandex production line? And what about the issue regarding the heat resistance of Aramad?”

While examining the inside of the factory meticulously, Se-ha asked the questions she had put together in her mind.
Some people answered correctly and some stumbled in their words. 

“Director, Director! This way, please.”

However, Kwon-woo, who should be paying attention, was constantly inattentive.
Se-ha looked around to find Kwon-woo, who had disappeared for a moment.
She then saw him taking a selfie with factory equipment in the background.

The managers looked at Kwon-woo with a look of displeasure.
Se-ha scrambled to block him from their sight and said, “Thank you for working hard even this late.”

“The CEO is very… This is an on-site evaluation.
We’re already busy as it is.”

“You did a great job.
Do you have any vacation tickets or hotel tickets?” 

“We don’t have money, we don’t have time.
We can’t even leave the factory completely, so what’s the point of giving us tickets?”

“But you still need to sleep.
I will send you a new Masterpiece Hotel luxury bedding set.
Get a good night’s sleep so that the hard work of those who lead our Myung Hwa Group will be relieved.
Thank you for your hard work today.

Only then did the factory managers look a little relieved.
They asked Se-ha what was going on with the succession even though Kwon-woo was right behind her.
Se-ha responded appropriately while stuck to the side of Kwon-woo, who was on the verge of throwing a tantrum.

“The research is good enough.
All that’s left is writing the report,” Se-ha said.

“You really want me to do it?” Kwon-woo asked.

“You should.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it by tomorrow morning.”

“You should stay here for the night.
If you go to Seoul, you’ll probably get a sudden appointment and blow this off.”

“Let’s take it lightly.
I don’t understand why you’re working so hard.”

“You’ll feel good when you finish this.”

Se-ha was an experienced secretary who was better at handling Kwon-woo.


Se-ha booked two rooms at a hotel close to them.
Without giving him time to relax, she made a place to work in Kwon-woo’s room.
He collapsed on the bed with a long grunt.
Even this single movement was elegant. 

“If you show a little bit of motivation, it will be of great help.”

“You are an interesting one.
If my boss was as crude as me, I would slack off like the people in headquarters 2.
Why are you so insistent on working so hard?”

Se-ha’s eyes met with Kwon-woo, who was lying on the bed.
His eyes were so alluring that Se-ha felt she’d be sucked in if she were to stare at him any longer.
Se-ha lowered her gaze and coughed.
Her ears were reddened. 

“I want to be an asset to you.”

 “…Why are you sucking up to me? It doesn’t suit you.”

Though he clicked his tongue he got off from the bed and started working on the report as he sat across from Se-ha.

The chairman was a meticulous person.
He sits in his office, scrutinizing every part of the company as if it was the palm of his hand.
If there was any mistake, it was obvious that he would catch it like a ghost.

That was why Se-ha took the trouble to look through every word.
SShe asked herself several times whether she had properly grasped the situation and provided the correct answer, organized the information and handed it over to Kwon-woo.

Kwon-woo looked over the material and typed on the keyboard.
After Se-ha looked over some other materials she found there was already a revision uploaded on the shared cloud. 

He hadn’t said a word about the corrections he had made.
She looked over it in case she had made a mistake.

“It’s nothing.
I thought it would be good to add it.”

He said it indifferently as if assuring her she did a good job.
He had added a few short and clear sentences along with what she had written.
She realized it was all important.
She had missed it while conversing with other people.

“This picture…”


“N-Never mind.”

The report was supplemented with photographic materials of the factory equipment.
Where she thought Kwon-woo was taking a selfie the photo was crystal clear.
Things would have gotten very difficult if the manager of the place had found out they were trying to take pictures of the equipment. 

She thought he was slacking off behind her… But he was checking out all the important things.

Jang Kwon-woo was never a bad employee.
He just didn’t do more than what he wanted to do.  Se-ha knew from the five years working under him that he had a wider perspective and could work efficiently than anyone she knew in a short time.

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