The explosion sounded on the TV news, and then the pedestrians at the scene ran away in panic and called for help.
The sharp sirens approached from far away, and the thick black smoke covering the sky obscured the scene.

“According to a reporter from our station, at 10:30 this morning, there was a robbery at a bank in Shenhai City, an explosion occurred at the scene and many people were injured.
At present, one of the four robbers has been arrested, and the other three are still at large…”

The TV screen freezes, and the broadcast of the hostess on the screen stops abruptly.

The interrogation room returned to an unnerving dead silence and, with a snap, a thick file was slapped on the table.

“Zhang Zhao, male, thirty-two years old, a Class B evolutionary registered two years ago.”

The interrogator read out the basic information on the first page of the file, then raised his head and looked at the man opposite who was handcuffed to the electric chair:

“Five days ago, you and your accomplices robbed a bank and caused an explosion, injuring 17 pedestrians at the scene, but fortunately no one was killed.”

The four walls are inlaid with explosion-proof steel plates, pinhole cameras everywhere, and an inconspicuous metal plate inlaid on the solid steel door—Shen

Haishi Radiation Evolution Supervision Office, the third interrogation room.

In the middle of the interrogation room, sitting on a huge iron chair capable of passing millions of volts of high-voltage electricity through at any time, Zhang Zhao, whose hands were handcuffed, raised his eyebrows at the interrogator with undisguised contempt:

“Is this how you, as an ordinary person, speak to me, an evolutionary, Mr.

The interrogator took a deep breath and forcibly suppressed his emotions.

“Answer my question, Zhang Zhao.
Your social work is a partner in a consulting company, and your income is very high.
Why do you want to risk being arrested by our supervision office to rob a bank?”

Zhang Zhao seemed to have heard some interesting joke: “Why? Of course it’s because of boredom.”

The interrogator thought he had heard wrong: “Boredom?”

“Wouldn’t it be more interesting to see ordinary people screaming like ants and crawling all over the ground?”

Zhang Zhao changed to a more comfortable sitting position, looked directly at the ashen face of the interrogator, and said with a smile: 

“It is said that the purpose of the establishment of the Supervision Office is to manage us evolutionaries, but in fact, most of the Shenhai City Supervision Office are incompetent ordinary people.
People, there are only a few of the lowest classes, D and C— what are you going to do with my precious B-Class, huh?”


“Execute me?” Zhang Zhao raised his brows even higher, and the end of his voice carried an exaggerated sarcasm.

There was silence in the interrogation room.

It took a long time before the interrogator slammed the file shut and said coldly, “What exactly do you want, Zhang Zhao?”

With a triumphant expression on Zhang Zhao’s face, he leaned back on the chair.

“Don’t you just want to know the whereabouts of my three accomplices?” He lazily said, “Come on, let’s make a deal.”

Many vigilant eyes from inside and outside the surveillance system fell on this arrogant robber at the same time.

“On the day of the bank bombing, I saw a young man in black sitting in a car and talking on the phone.
When I was caught, he didn’t even look out of the car window- I knew he was your head and ruled Shenhai City.
The Great Inspector of all evolutionaries.”

Zhang Zhao raised his head and looked at the surveillance camera, and said:

“My condition is that he comes to see me in person.”

The air seemed to be still for a moment.

The interrogator’s face changed slightly: “Why?”

The arrogant smile on Zhang Zhao’s face deepened: “Because I want to see him beg me…”

“I want to see a begging expression on his indifferent face.”

Meanwhile, downstairs.

A black car stopped in front of the steps without a sound.  Four armed evolutionists saluted at the same time, stepped forward and opened the car door: “Inspector , you are back.”

A thin figure wrapped in a black suit stepped out of the car door.

He looked very young, his face was smooth and pale, and the sun reflected a bright light on the glass windows of the gray building of the Inspection Office, reflecting his clear and firm jawline.

“Supervisor Shen.” “Supervisor!”

From the lobby on the first floor to the elevator door, all the staff along the way seemed to have pressed the pause button, quickly stood still, said hello, and turned sideways to avoid the commotion.

His leather shoes walked across the ground in front of him, and then the elevator dinged.

Shen Zhuo, the chief officer of the Shenhai City Supervision Office, stood still, folded his hands covered in black gloves in front of him, and disappeared behind the closed elevator doors without any emotion on his face.

“Are you crazy?” In front of the monitoring screen outside the interrogation room, everyone looked at Zhang Zhao on the electric chair, and the atmosphere was in an uproar: “What did he just say?” “What the hell is he trying to do?” “Don’t drag us with you if you want to die ahhh!”

“No, the report said that the four escaped evolutionaries may take drastic actions and pose a great threat to society, and Zhang Zhao must find their whereabouts as soon as possible.” A staff member frowned, got up and said: “I will go to my superiors to ask for instructions.
If the situation is urgent, Supervisor Shen may be required to come forward and try to find a solution—”

He opened the office door, and his voice stopped abruptly.

Four evolutionaries were standing outside the door, dressed in white uniforms and equipped with weapons.

All the evolutionists in the Supervision Office were bound with a metal collar around their necks, and different numbers were engraved on the collars.
The numbers of the four people in front of them are two B’s and two C’s—that represent their respective supernatural evolution levels.

Surrounded by these four guards was that thin, tall and very familiar figure, in a black suit and white shirt, with gloves on all year round, and eyes as deep as cold pools.<

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