My head tilted slightly to the side on the front foot, which was coolly blown by a bundle of fur.


Honestly, it doesn’t hurt.


I guess this is what a cotton ball is.


Nevertheless, it feels strange.
I couldn’t believe it, and I thought it was ridiculous.


Tok, tok. 


The raccoon dog hit me on the head two more times.


Suddenly, a raccoon dog— no, if I look closely, it’s a racoon.


Whether it’s a raccoon dog or a raccoon, why is it suddenly on my stomach? 


My mind is confused. 


Just as I was trying to get up, a black shadow passed quickly outside the window.


Clank! All the windows were smashed together with it.


“W, what was it?”


Why does the glass break suddenly?


The racoon hid behind me in fear.


I got out of bed carefully.


I was wearing shoes for some reason, so I cautiously approached the window.


No matter how much I looked at the scenery outside the window, it wasn’t my room.


Even though it wasn’t very bright yet, the well-maintained paths and street trees made it easy to see the beautiful western style of the buildings in the distance.


“Where is this—?”


It’s not Korea, no matter how I look at it.


But it was strangely familiar.


When I was trying to figure out what that horrible feeling was—.


I looked into their big, black eyes. 


The eyes appeared suddenly as if they had been there from the beginning and were attached to the wall.


Slowly it revealed its whole body. 


It was a 5 meter long chameleon that was very big.


Strangely, the purple-skinned chameleon opened its huge mouth wide open.


Something came flying at me from inside its tongue. 


Ah, this is dangerous.


The head recognized one slow beat, but the body didn’t respond.


Will I die like this?


After being hit by reality and rolling over, out of nowhere, I will be eaten by a monster chameleon?


It’s unfair.


But that didn’t change anything.


The moment when I can’t move a single finger in the face of impending death—.




The monster chameleon hit something on the side.
On the side of the falling chameleon was a man in a robe about 180 centimeters tall with a sword.


Dark cacao-colored hair with wavy hair and bright red eyes.


I thought for a moment that the face of a person who made a strong impression I saw through the robe was a face I knew well. 


“Leon, Hilfenberg?”


That’s the name I’ve been with for the last seven years.


The main character and playable character of Broken World.


Why is the main character in the game in front of me?


No, I even remember that monster chameleon. 




Chameleon and Leon Hilfenberg. 


A fight between the two that could never happen in reality.
With the information I had gathered so far, it was easy to figure out the right answer.


One of the first events in Broken World is the Chameleon fleeing from the Department of Restriction.


Chameleon, who became abnormally huge by the reagent, escapes from the Department of Restriction and attacks the dormitory.


This is an event that Leon Hilfenberg prevents.


And it’s happening right in front of my eyes now.


I just can’t understand—.


That wasn’t important. 


“Leon guy, he’s losing.”


Leon, who blocked Chameleon alone, could hardly win.


Chameleon’s strange use of stealth makes it hard for him to attack, and he’s busy avoiding the tongue sweeping around him.


Even if he barely gets the chance to attack, he can’t do much damage.


It was partly because Chameleon’s skin was tough, but the reagent from the Department of Restriction also strengthened it. 


He can’t handle it alone unless he aims at its weaknesses. 


“…Aim for the tail!”


I shouted out of the window without realizing it.


I know that because I’ve been attacking Chameleon’s weaknesses until I got sick of it.


Leon lowered his posture as if he heard me and dug into Chameleon’s arms. 


He kicked the ground as hard as he could and then slammed Chameleon’s torso, making it spin in the air.


Leon cut off the Chameleon’s tail with the momentum of the rotation.


Just then, the tail that had been holding Chameleon’s center of gravity disappeared, and the monster fell. 


After that, it was simple.


Leon easily took Camelaron’s breath and quickly disappeared.


Then I sat down on the bed helplessly.


“What happened, this—”



Chop chop chop.
The Raccoon was absorbed in eating with its head stuck in the bowl.


As I fed it, I saw a name tag with the name Choco hanging around its neck.


Maybe it’s the name. 


Looking at Choco eating, I looked around the room slowly.


At first glance, it is several times larger than the 6-pyeong studio.


The well-finished cream ceiling is made of stone, the wooden walls are beautifully engraved with certain patterns, and the chairs and desks have an antique design that looks like something out of a movie.


As I carefully observed while cleaning the broken windows, this was also the dormitory of the Estero Academy appearing in Broken World. 


After giving it a lot of thought, I must have been possessed.


It’s not logical to say this, but—.


Looking at the mirror in the room, I had no choice but to admit it, even if I didn’t like it.


The face in the mirror was not my face.


Maybe it’s because the eyes are the same color as the black hair that fell calmly down, but the impression is quite cold and sharp as I keep my mouth shut even though it looks pretty young. 


Maybe about 177cm tall? 


Even though he was wearing a comfortable shirt, it was clear at first glance that he had a fairly strong body. 


“…Theo Agrit.”


The playable character that was added to DLC.


Originally, he was a failed student who was kicked out of Broken World before he even showed up. 


Was this the DLC benefit I saw before I lost consciousness? 


When it was done eating, the raccoon lifted its head. 


He comes up to me and grabs one of my pants legs. 



Then he pointed to the wall clock.


The time is a little past 8 o’clock.


The first lecture of the Estero Academy begins at nine. 


Is he trying to tell me to go to first class?


I think he’s too smart for a raccoon—.




I fell into the game all of a sudden, almost died from a Chameleon monster, and now I’m living at an academy?


Nevertheless, I’m glad I have time to calm down and organize my thoughts.


Broken World is an extraordinary failed game.


It is not uncommon to be killed by a Chameleon monster that appears out of the blue. 


Broken World is a place where this happens every other day.


Yeah, just like I almost died now. 


When I thought about Camelaron’s close encounter, my hands trembled slightly. 


My back was drenched in a cold sweat in fear of death.


In the future, even the Estero Academy will become a place for all kinds of incidents and accidents. 


It is a hot place where people are frequently attacked and disaster struck. 


Still, the Estero Academy is on the better side. 


Because the main character, Leon, goes out to prevent all important incidents from happening while he is in school.


People often forget about things that happen outside of the Estero Academy and say that they were erased, collapsed, or destroyed because of a rumor or two.


There are many more cases that are not even mentioned. 


So I’ll most likely be safe to keep the proper distance from Leon at the Estero Academy. 


Because strangely, it’s safer to be close to a detective in a place where murders happen everywhere.


Anyway, there are still many unanswered questions, but what needs to be done has been decided. 


“Should I go to the first class?” 




Estero Academy.


The Estero von Tekat Academy, named after the first king who founded the Kingdom of Tekat, is unrivaled in many aspects.


The academy built in the capital’s core is truly vast.


It takes more than half a day to walk all over the campus, and it is not enough to spend a whole day looking around all the buildings. 


The area is not only wide. 


The school’s facilities are high-tech, the students are all exceptional talents, and the professors are all people you can’t easily meet anywhere, such as the Lord of the Wizard Tower or former Knights Commander.


Therefore, when someone asks about the future of the Kingdom of Tekat, they ask them to look up and see the Estero Academy. 


In short, Estero Academy is like a university in Gwanak-gu. 


However, these settings didn’t really matter to me. 


The old scent felt from the name of Estero Academy is directly connected to a simpler and more concise landscape.


After leaving the dormitory, I stood in front of the main gate of the Estero Academy.


The time is 8:30 a.m.


When the high clock tower above the tightly closed front gate showed the exact time, the front door began to open with a roar slowly.


The main gate, made of stone and metal, is impressive just by looking at it.


The scene of opening the gate, which was made with careful calculations and a sense of aesthetics, is even surrounded by the beauty of an amazing machine interlocking its parts.


The view over the slowly opening gate drew admiration, and the brick road along the main gate leads to the impressive main building with a blue roof.


The front has regular windows, walls with lots of sculptures, and a blue roof with statues lined up on it—everything shines in the morning sun, and the landscape has a geometric style that is hard to see in real life.


“…It’s like a cut scene.”


A cutscene that plays the first time you arrive at Estero Academy’s main gate in Broken World.


The entrance gate roars open, revealing the gorgeous scenery of the academy beyond it and the mysterious and energetic OST playing as if fitting the scene.


The impression I had of the Estero Academy was decided the first time I saw that cut scene. 


So, if I was truly possessed in the Broken World, I wanted to witness the moment the main gate opened.


The result is satisfaction. 


It was worth moving early in the morning. 


In fact, I couldn’t hear the OST, but when I closed my eyes, or even if I didn’t close my eyes, I could hear a melody that I was already familiar with. 


Humming the melody, I stepped to the main gate.


I looked to the left and right as I walked along a road that was well maintained. 


Several buildings are built around the main building, where the general administration of academic affairs, including the president’s office, the dean’s office, and the professor’s office, runs.


Facing the main building, the four buildings lined up over the small pond on the right were the learning hall, in other words, the lecture hall.


From the right, the Peleo building, the Sotris building, the Abel building, the Oculus building—.
Since the buildings used by each grade are different, there are as many as four learning halls.


Behind the learning halls were a cafeteria and an auditorium for students.


There’s also a clock tower nearby that can be seen from the main gate.


“The five-story stone building on the left was the library.” 


Behind it is the dormitory. 


This is the only building I need to pay attention to for now, but there are many more buildings if I go further inside.


A student center, a special building for club activities, all kinds of laboratories—new facilities keep coming out like waves. 


“That’s why it’s fun to explore.”


Because exploring where there are hidden paths or facilities stimulates original interest and pleasure. 


Most of what I’ve done over hundreds of hours in Broken World has been exploring. 


I was healed by looking for unexplored scenery and sometimes just stopping at a beautiful place and looking at the scenery. 


Previously, I was just able to see through the monitor, but now I can also feel it on my skin. 


When I see the well-maintained roads and surfaces, as well as the beautiful and luxuriously constructed buildings, a strange desire to explore arises in me. 


Anyway, to me, Estero Academy is like a theme park full of elements that will make my heart pound. 


If there’s a mountain there, it’s human psychology to climb up.


How am I supposed to keep my calm when there are dozens of mountains within the Estero Academy that I can climb? 


“If it weren’t for me failing students, I’d have slashed it.”


Just why, of all things, Theo Agrit is a failed student? 


In the main story, he was a character who was expelled from school as soon as the second semester of the first year began. 


It was meant to show the Estero Academy’s status, where even a Count’s child can be expelled from the academy without mercy. 


This was Theo Agrit’s only role in the main story, so I was interested when he became a playable character in the DLC.
However, I can’t help but feel regret about it. 


First of all, let’s live quietly.


Because I’m a failed student, I don’t know what will happen if I go out of my way. 


If I want to live in this world, the Estero Academy is the best nest.


There are many ways to make a living once I graduate, and it will help me a lot to go out and find unexplored and amazing views all over the world.


Of course, the Estero Academy is the center of the main episode, so big and small events are constantly happening, but—that’s for the main character to deal with.


I want to enjoy comfortable and peaceful school life.


Just as I was heading to the lecture hall with that promise. 


– Hey, Theo Agrit!


For the first time in this world, someone called me. 


I slowly turned toward that person. 

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