The door to the infirmary closed behind him.


Only then did Leon Hilfenberg let out a sigh.


Theo Agrit flew backward when Leon attacked him during their fight.


It takes a lot of strength for an adult man to fly backward.


Of course, Theo Agrit, who received that power completely, should have suffered quite a few injuries—.


Protective magic absorbs most of the shock that can be given by a normal sword, regardless of whether he uses a sword or uses a level of magic that exceeds protection magic or even a special weapon. 


Still, just in case, Theo Agrit decided to monitor the condition in the infirmary.


It’s a shock to the extent that a person flew into the wall.


Even if it were absorbed by protective magic, it wouldn’t mean that there would be no damage.


“I still have a long way to go.”


Leon muttered in a low voice as he walked down the hallway in front of the infirmary.


Theo Agrit, the Count’s son and a failed student who failed even before the end of the first semester. 


Because it was such an opponent, Leon deliberately adjusted the additions and subtractions to compete.


If he did his best, he could have taken it down in one blow, but Leon deliberately loosened his power to a level that could give and take a sum.


It’s not a cheap pity. 


If he has to find the right word, it’s a consideration.


Of course, Leon thought it was natural, not considerate.


However, that judgment was obviously his own mistake in Leon’s opinion.


Even with a light swing, Theo Agrit neatly dodged Leon’s sword.


It was an attack where the additions and subtractions were adjusted so that in his level, Theo Agrit could defend against it.


It is not easy to avoid such attacks with a paper-thin difference. 


It’s possible only if they are willing to risk letting the enemy attack if they make even the slightest mistake, and it’s only possible if one’s sure that their judgment is never wrong.


It is only possible if you take the risk of allowing the enemy’s attack with just a little mistake or error and are determined that your judgment is never wrong. 


If it was once, it might have been beginner’s luck.


However, Theo Agrit successfully avoided Leon’s sword multiple times.


The field of explanation by luck has already gone too far.


“You must have seen through my sword.”


A dangerous move that can’t be done without knowing how Leon will use his sword.


Leon laughed bitterly at the conclusion that came naturally from there.


“Is this the first time I’ve been noticed since the Lord?”


The Head of the Family of Hilfenberg. 


No one, except the Lord, had been able to see through Leon’s sword until now.


Since the Lord taught Leon himself, it’s natural that he could see through it.


“I’m guessing you’re not an ordinary failing student—”


Otherwise, it can’t be explained.


Leon, who had reached that point, laughed. 


It wasn’t a story that anyone else could tell.


Like Theo Agrit, Leon Hilfenberg was also deliberately hiding his skills.


What comes up is a sense of unity because they had the same secret.


But even if the secret to hiding the power is the same, the underlying circumstances will be different.


The reason why Leon Hilfenberg hides his skills is quite complicated.


If he, who is only an adopted child, fully demonstrates his skills, it will be a burden to the children of the Hilfenberg family.


He doesn’t want to put an unnecessary burden on the Hilfenberg family, who have shown him kindness and mercy. 


Moreover, for Leon Hilfenberg, strength is only a means to achieve the ideal that exists in the end.


Leon Hilfenberg’s definition of ideal.


An example of a belief that is right, honest, and not wrong.


So, it’s not just showing off its power for no reason.


But what about Theo Agrit?


Leon couldn’t come to a conclusion about this.


Because there is no way to know what Theo Agrit was trying to do or why he was hiding his skills.


What comes next is naturally curiosity.


If you have the same secret, why are you hiding it?


Since it is impossible to give a clear answer, the spark of emotion that has been lit is not easy to put out.


No matter how hard he thinks, he can’t find the answer.


However, there is only one thing for sure.


“I must apologize for being so ridiculous.”


It was also justifiable to acknowledge one’s arrogance.


Leon Hilfenberg murmured and nodded his head.




The sun had set in the distance.


Sunset light filled the area around the Estero Academy as the sun went down behind the wall that surrounded it.


Estero Academy looks different at night than it does during the day.


I didn’t even blink not to miss the moment.


“…It’s beautiful.”


I came out of the back door of the main building, where the sun was breaking through the glass windows, and there was light all over the place, and a light source was unrealistic. 


After walking along the sunset for a while, trees appeared one by one.


Even though it is in the center of the capital, Estero Academy is quite big.


Since it is wider than any other university site, not only a walking path but also a forest has been created within the campus.


And all the forests of the Academy hide secrets.


In fact, quite a few elements are hidden in this forest behind the dormitory.


The training ground where I arrived now is also included in the hidden element.


An abandoned training ground with few people visiting it now.


In other words, it is the best place to test the performance of the demon sword.


– How dare you test me? This body is the one that will test you!


Is it because the sun is setting?


The demon sword that had been sleeping the whole time grumbled.


– It’s ridiculous to get one hit and fly away loudly.
Are you a balloon, not a person?


“What do you mean balloon? That’s too much.”


It’s not that I’m weak, it’s that the person who casually blows people away with a sword is unusually strong, right?


Even if the opponent is Leon.


Rather, I want him to appreciate the fact that I avoided attacks against Leon over and over again.


– Certainly that guy named Leon was pretty strong—but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re weak! 


“The evaluation is too poor.
More than that, you said you were sleeping, but you knew how I flew away.”


– This body can absorb surrounding information even while sleeping.
We’re talking about the demon sword!


Aha, so the demon sword is like a black box. 


– What do you mean, a black box?


“It’s a compliment.
It’s an object that does its job 24 hours a day without a break.” 


– Oho, is that so?


The demon sword murmured about the black box for a while as if he liked it.


“More than that, you said you were testing me.”



This is the point. 


The test and performance test of the Demon Sword Deathwise. 


Deathwise spoke lightly, as if he had just remembered it.


– Hmm, it was.
This body itself will confirm your talents—.


“How can you confirm it?”


– You have to swing this body.
There’s even a target at the perfect location.


As Deathwise said, there was a wooden doll in the corner of the training ground.


The scarecrow-like wood carving dolls clearly showed signs of time, but they looked solid nonetheless. 


“Are you talking about ‘that’?”


– Yeah, give it a try. 


“Do you mean not cutting, but just swinging it?”


– Haha, say something that makes sense.
Do you think you can cut it?




This demon sword punk sure has a talent for scratching people’s tempers.


– Then cut it down.
Then I’ll listen to anything you say.


It’s an obvious provocation.


In the first place, this wooden doll can’t be cut off. 


The wooden dolls in Broken World are unbreakable objects and don’t even scratch when they are attacked.


So, it was natural to test all kinds of weapons and magic. 


It’s too much to cut that.


Anyway, today’s purpose of coming to this training ground is not to destroy the wooden dolls, but to test the demon sword, so let’s try it. 


I stood in front of the wooden doll and pulled out Deathwise.


I took a deep breath and put my thoughts together.


Then I hit the wooden doll with all my strength.


When the sword hit the wooden doll, it bounced out.


The shock made both the sword and my hands tremble. 


Isn’t it a rock, not a tree?


I don’t think that’s how hard wood is. 


– The momentum isn’t bad, but there’s no such thing as skill.
If you hit it so carelessly, you’ll only hurt your wrist.


The demon sword spoke with a happy voice.


– This body will guide you personally this time, so hold it up again. 


I quietly grabbed Deathwise’s handle again.


At the same time, a red pattern appeared on the sword blade of Deathwise.


The pattern that followed in a circle beat like a heart.


Its presence is so different that it can’t be called the same sword as Deathwise, which was only black before.


Even though I did the Ashdel Law, Deathwise didn’t say anything.


Although he is usually good at saying things. 


I lifted Deathwise over my head again.


I naturally moved the sword forward without too much force.


The posture is still awkward, and there is no force. 


Nevertheless, Deathwise struck at the wooden doll, making a clean cut as if it were moving on its own.




It was a light sound with almost no sense of weight.


Deathwise, which started from the right shoulder of the wooden doll, is now under the wooden doll’s left side.


It got cut off.


My eyes sank, and I didn’t even have a moment of admiration for that fact.




I have no strength in my body, as if I were stuck with severe body aches.


I supported my body by placing Deathwise on the ground with one knee bent.


As I barely kept myself from falling, Deathwise’s voice echoed in my mind. 


– Tsk, tsk.
You’re so weak.
I can’t believe you fell because you couldn’t handle my strength properly.


“I, I didn’t fell—”


– Noisy, but it’s not like you don’t have talent because you swung it. 


Hmmm, Deathwise, who usually shows his reaction, didn’t say anything for a while.


Does he admit it? 


It’s a fairly high-handed sword— so it’s certainly not strange to be arrogant in terms of performance.


Since I didn’t know how to handle a sword properly, I tried to attack the wooden doll properly.


I tried to hit the egg with a rock, but it looks like the egg is fine.


It means that the performance of the demon sword is certain. 


– Of course, the performance of this body is excellent.
The problem is that you are weak. 


Who said no? 


No matter how good you are, you can’t use it properly if you fall when you swing it.


But— If my weakness is the problem, I’ll be able to solve it by training.


– That’s right.
You have talent, so if you train, you might be able to handle this body properly. 


“Well, that’s good to hear—”


My body feels heavy. 


However, I managed to get up using Deathwise as support.


Except for a little bit of dizziness and fatigue, there don’t seem to be any problems. 


Of course, it’s a demon sword. 


Considering the performance, this price is rather cheap.


As long as it can be used without any risk in the long run, there is no problem.


There is only one problem.


The demon sword—isn’t it too noticeable?


It’s the same as a holy sword, which means it’s like a holy relic.


Whether I like it or not, it’s the perfect way to grab people’s attention.


A calm and peaceful life in the first place and a demon sword— are these words compatible?


Isn’t that a combination of words that shouldn’t be in one sentence?


– You punk, what kind of disrespectful thoughts are you—!


No, it’s your problem.


I don’t know if it was just an ordinary sword talking about.


I mean, I was worried because it was a demon sword. 


But—it’s a little different from his point of view.


For Theo Agrit, what side does he believe? 


Probably the hometown of Count Agrit.


The status of Count is a power. 


On the other hand, it means that there is nothing else to believe in besides the power of the Count.


I don’t know how things will turn out in this world, so the more insurance I have, the better it is. 


There may be some risks— but the demon sword is such a reliable insurance.


If it’s insurance for a peaceful life, it’s worth a little effort and risk.


At the moment I wonder how I should organize my schedule.




The dust fluttered with a roar.


When I turned to see where the sound was coming from, I saw a carved wooden doll with the top and bottom cut at an angle.


It looked like the upper part couldn’t stop falling because of gravity.


“…Hey, demon sword.”


– Why are you calling me?


“Was that really a cut—?”


– Of course.
It got cut neatly.
It would be better if you praise it! 


Wasn’t a wooden doll an indestructible object?


How did you destroy this?


Can it be accepted—?


I picked up a piece of the fallen wooden doll.


At that moment, a rustling sound came from behind.


I reflexively turned around.


A man wearing a priest’s uniform was standing there.


“Oh, there was a visitor.”


The priest smiled brightly.


However, the smile looked suspicious.


That priest, Jacomo Jylex, was originally a suspicious NPC. 


“What is a first-year student doing here?”


Jacomo smiled. 


Eyes the same color as the wavy reddish-brown hair were looking at me.


Naturally, his eyes went past me to the wooden doll that was cut in two.


It’s the worst. 


I went to the abandoned training ground because it was annoying when people noticed the power of the demon sword was—.


“Aha, you must have been doing something quite interesting, didn’t you?”


“When I came, it was already cut off.”


“Really? That’s fascinating.
Who cut a wooden doll through a five-layer protection magic?”


A subtle curiosity is felt in every word.


While answering that I didn’t know, he stared intently at me.


Suddenly, Jacomo said so and approached me.


As I reflexively stepped back, he took one more step.


“Give me that.”




The piece of the wooden doll is in my hand.


All kinds of thoughts flashed through my head for a moment.


It may not be the worst of all.


Jacomo doesn’t cause much trouble in the original story. 


I quietly handed over the piece of the wooden doll.


Jacomo swept the cut edges of the piece with his hands, but it was not on the wooden doll.




He flicked his finger.


Then he tapped the wooden doll lightly.


The wooden doll, which had to be cut diagonally and separated into two pieces by itself, was not shaken at all.


I saw it too. 


It doesn’t budge. 


It looked like it had been brought back to its original state beyond belief.


“Well, I’ll see you next time.


Jacomo, who had already stepped down to the end of the training ground, greeted him while waving a hip flask.


I looked at his back for a moment, which suddenly disappeared. 


Did he just help me?


I can’t hear the answer even if I ask, but there is one thing for sure.


Jacomo Jylex was still suspicious.

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