“I can’t believe I’ll see the Minenbar Library in person.”


I looked around the luxurious library lobby with a total of five floors.


There were windows everywhere in the only lobby on the first floor that had no book collection.


Thanks to this, it was still full of students enjoying a book or simple conversation with the bright outside scenery.


No matter where I look, it is luxurious.


Well, it’s only natural, considering it’s a 6-story library with 5 floors above ground and 1 level in the basement.


Even considering the size and volume of books, it is more outstanding than any public library.


The first basement floor is a restricted area, the first floor is a lobby/lounge, and the second floor is a reading room, so the book collections are only kept on the third to fifth floors.


Even though it only has three floors of books collection, the Minenbar Library has the second largest collection of books after the Royal Library, which is a great thing.


I must have spent quite a bit of time trying to find the material I needed from all these books.


It’s relieved that Leon offered to help first.


In fact, Leon wasn’t in the lobby, so it seemed like he hadn’t arrived yet.


We’re supposed to meet in the lobby, so let’s wait.


If the assignment ends early, I should look for some information about Deathwise.


– Oh, you must want to read the power of this body in print.
You don’t have to, just say it, I can explain it to you anytime.


This brat is really jumping out of nowhere.


The sun hasn’t gone down yet, so just go back to sleep.


– I will refuse.
How long do you think it would take to talk about how great this body is? Listen carefully, this body in its heyday has split the sea, and the tip of the sword has reached the sky! The title of “Demon Sword” is also a title that has been cut with a thousand demons! So if you know, praise this body even more! 




Is this bluffing or not?


I can’t judge because I don’t know anything about Deathwise.


– You! Do you doubt what this body says!? 


What do you mean by doubting? There’s no reason to believe, of course.


The performance is indeed amazing as it is named the demon sword.
However, I don’t know if it can actually split the sea in half.


– You, are you looking down on this body—! When this body cut through a thousand demons, no one doubted the words of this body—!


In the first place, only qualified users can hear its voice.


On the other hand, Deathwise can only read the thoughts of its user.


Because that was all I said, Deathwise was quiet for a moment.


– I’ll show you the greatness of this body—.


If you show me, I’ll worship you or anything.


Even if the demon sword I use is strong only at night, it is natural to cherish it if it’s the strongest in the world.


– I’ll remember those words carefully…!


The demon sword was gasping for a while.


At that moment, the library door opened.


With a noise that broke the silence, people in black robes rushed into the library lobby.


The atmosphere immediately became tense as a suspicious group appeared in the lobby. 


And before anyone could move, the black robes pulled out their weapons.


In addition, I see the sight of staff in the distance.


Then their staff shone with the whisper of the black robes.


Luminescence of confined and catalysts.


Two processes essential for the activation of magic were completed in an instant.


At the same time, they created translucent walls on the windows and doors.


“As of this time, the Minenbar Library is occupied by our Non-Discriminatory Reading Society.
As far as we are concerned, no one is hurt.
So please don’t do anything nonsense.” 


The students gathered in the lobby flinched at the words of the black robe group, who took a step forward.


They must have recognized that the translucent wall made on the window is a barrier.


It is not a barrier to prevent intrusion from the outside, but a barrier made to prevent movement from the inside to the outside.


“Bring all the students from each floor to the lobby.”


About half of the people in black robes followed the word of the person who seemed to be the leader up the stairs.


They came to other students with ropes and me.


It was a sudden situation, but my heart was strangely calm.


Because, this situation— I remember it. 


‘The Invasion of the Minenbar Library’


It is one of the ‘events’ at the beginning of Broken World.


The whole library was taken over by an illegal group that calls itself a “non-discriminatory reading society.” They asked the public to release the books that were kept in the forbidden vault in the basement of the Minenbar Library.


To do this, they took over the library, blocking communication with the outside world with magic, put up a barrier to keep people from escaping from the inside, and held people as hostages if anyone tried to intervene. 


—It sounds crazy, but it’s a real story. 


I guess they didn’t give broken World the name “failed game in the world” for nothing. 


Thanks to this, many of the users who were running the main story were split up from this incident. 


The number one reason for the so-called refund is a newbie cutting. 


Even if it’s not a big deal, the essential problem is the fact that the more gruesome events come and go.


So, what happened next? Hmm—yeah, I remember it. 


The Invasion of the Minenbar Library, a non-discriminatory reading group that insists on reading forbidden books, doesn’t last long. 


Because Leon Hilfenberg always appears where there is an incident. 


Leon sneaks into the Minenbar library by himself, frees all the hostages, and wipes out the non-discriminatory reading club as well.


For this achievement, Leon became quite famous in the school.


After that, it became an opportunity to make connections with other characters. 


In other words, if I leave it alone, Leon will take care of it. 


“I didn’t expect an incident to happen on a day like this—” 


The problem is this one. 


It’s not a problem because it was clear from the beginning, but this happened on the day of the assignment—.


The goal hurts, but it doesn’t work if I complain.


Let’s hope Leon comes to save us as soon as he can. 


“Theo Agrit.”


It seems like I really heard Leon’s voice, given how desperate I am.


No, I really heard it.


As I turned my head, Leon came down the stairs with both his hands raised.


“…I’m asking just in case, are you here to save me?”


I asked with one possibility.


But Leon shook his head silently.


“I was caught, too.”




Hey, what should I do if you get caught—?




A rope was tied to the wrist that was bent behind the back. 


I sat on the floor of the lobby.


When they gathered all the students with the same background, there were a little less than 50. 


Even if all of the students are added together, there are still fewer than 190, so this is a lot.


Fortunately, there are no outsiders.


There were five black robes guarding the hostages. 


All of the other black robes were on different floors. 


It’s to open the forbidden book. 



“…What did you do to get caught?”


“I was looking for the data I needed.”


We lowered our voices so that the people in black robes wouldn’t hear us. 


Because it was just right, it was barely heard even if I lowered it quite a bit.


“Not that.
You can beat the non-discriminatory reading group.” 


“…If I step up, there may be unnecessary damage.
So I decided that it would be better to just be caught now.”


He doesn’t mind hurting himself but doesn’t like hurting others.


So, I guess that’s why he decided to get caught.


However, this made the problem worse.


Not only did I have less time to do my assignment, but I didn’t know how the main story of Broken World would be twisted.


Originally, Leon should have been known as a contributor who got rid of the non-discriminatory reading group and solved this situation.


If not, all future stories will be broken and twisted.


Estero Academy is a place where crazy incidents are already happening all the time.


I don’t know how it will spin if one important gear is missing. 


If it’s an event in the main story, it’d be better to keep it as the original story as possible. 


“Then why did you get caught?”


Suddenly Leon asked.


I had no choice but to get caught.


The sky outside the window was still bright.


Even when the sun went down, it was hard to use Deathwise properly, so it was clear that it had its limits. 


Above all, I have no intention of taking away the place where Leon should play. 


“I’m like a talking potato.”


“What do you mean a talking potato?” 


 “It means it’s useless.”


I didn’t say much about it because I couldn’t explain it briefly. 


But Leon only nodded his head.


“I won’t ask you any more.”


“Yes, thank you..
Are you going to stay still?”


“This news will be delivered to the academy’s bachelors soon.
Then it will be resolved soon.” 


No, the academy’s bachelor can’t solve it, can’t it?


Originally, he couldn’t wait for the bachelor to intervene, so why is he so calm and rational at times like this? 


…No, I understand why.


In the original, he acted alone because he didn’t know the internal situation, but now he’s experiencing the internal situation himself, so he doesn’t feel the need to step up.


In other words, Leon Hilfenberg would get up from his seat at any time if there was a reason to do so. 


How to move Leon Hilfenberg.


A non-discriminatory reading society.




Immediately the method came to mind.


I was hesitant to do it, but—.


All for my peaceful and comfortable life.


I closed my eyes and leaned forward.




“…Are you all right?”


The sudden cough drew all the attention to us.


Leon looked worried right next to me.


Seeing that look, I forced a cough and shook my body. 


“I’m not…fine… Cough! Because I have a chronic disease, when I’m under a lot of stress…  Cough, cough…! It would be like this….”


“Is there any medicine?”


“In the dormitory—Cough!” 


For the last shot, I bit the inside of my mouth. 


Even if I accidentally bit it, tears welled up but knowing and chewing it was painful. 


When I coughed, even a little bit of blood came out.


There is a patient who is bleeding in front of his eyes.


For Leon Hilfenberg, this is the only clear reason.


“…Let me get you out of here in a minute.
Hang in there.”


My prediction was right.


Leon pulled his arm back. 


He cut the thick rope and then untied the rope that was holding my arm.


I’m sure it’s a little less stressful.


Even he moved when the black robes noticed the strange thing before they could react.




Leon didn’t stop after he hit the nearest black robe on the neck.


He attacks the enemy without unnecessary movements, like a ferocious beast. 


The black robes couldn’t even call reinforcements because he accurately attack the enemy’s vital points and defeat them at once.


Five black robes fell all at once.


Leon took a deep breath and stared at the door leading to the lounge.


“I’ll take care of them in this way.
Get out first.”


Leon held the stolen training sword and said he would go into the enemy camp by himself. 


Then he ran to the lounge alone. 


It wasn’t until he was completely gone inside the lounge that I stopped coughing and stood up.


When I found the Deathwise that had been taken from me and put it around my waist, the demon sword burst into laughter.


– You have a talent for acting.
How do you deceive people perfectly?


What do you mean talent?


This happened only because Leon was kind, so he was fooled.


For Leon Hilfenberg, it doesn’t really matter if I’m really sick or not.


The only thing that matters is that the weak people in front of him are complaining that they are suffering because of his wrong actions. 


– Didn’t you act pretty desperate for something like that? Have tears in your eyes and bite your cheeks all the way down.


When I heard what the demon sword said, I wiped the corners of my eyes with my sleeve.


My sleeves were slightly wet from tears.


I can’t help it because I bit my flesh enough to bleed.


To be honest, I feel like I’m going to die of pain even now.


It was a gimmick, but I got a real pain. 


I can’t help it.


I can afford this for my peaceful life. 


I struggled to suppress the pain and swung my wrists back and forth. 


Anyway, it worked out as planned.


I even got the freedom to escape.


When I turned around, the people who were still being held as hostages were staring at me. 


It will take quite some time to get them out. 


“It becomes troublesome…” 


With Deathwise, I freed a hostage who was close to me.


When the freed hostage was given good cutlery, the other hostage was also set free.


Before long, all the hostages were freed and each took up their weapons. 


“Let’s go out for now.” 


“But what about him? Did he go to fight alone? We will help too—” 


Someone said. 


The things they said made sense and were brave, but I just shook my head. 


“Now is the time to leave.
He also told me to leave first.
Did you see it? With that skill, he won’t be caught, and if you are taken hostage again, it will make things harder.”


Even though I only gave them a brief explanation, the hostages ran to the front door as if they were convinced.


The barrier had been removed,  whether or not Leon had defeated a wizard among the people in black robes.


So all the hostages ran away.


At the time when I was also trying to escape—.


“Have all the hostages escaped—?”


An indifferent voice came from behind.


When I turned my head, a man with green hair came down the stairs that led to the second floor.


When I look at the green tie of the man who looks drowsy, I can tell that he was a third-grade senior.


Green hair, thin eyes, 3rd grade.


Putting all the elements together, one name comes to mind.


Louis Lepersha.


Another name for the president of a Non-Discriminatory Reading group.


In other words, he is the boss of this event.


“It’s difficult… Did you do it?”


He slowly opens his eyes.


The boss who shouldn’t be here asked me.

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