“What are you waiting for? Open it.”

My father said.

“I already know I passed, so there’s no need to be so nervous.”

“But it’s the certificate from the academy.”

Even though I tried to keep a calm expression, the envelope in my father’s hand was shaking.

Maybe he was nervous?

“Okay, I got it.
What is this…”

I said as I tore open the envelope with a paper knife.

Inside was a piece of paper.

Slowly lifting it up, the Korean characters for “Certificate of Passing” were the first to catch my eye.

I thought that was to be expected, but the problem was the words written below.

[Second place.]

“Second place?”

“What? Second place?!”

My father, who had picked up on the words that came out of my mouth without me realizing it, suddenly stood up.

“Oh, wait a minute…”

But even though I resisted, my father took my certificate away.

“My son got second place.
He’s a genius! A prodigy!”

As I heard the sound of footsteps coming closer, a cute girl ran over.

“Second place? Prodigy! Prodigy! But, Papa, what’s second place?”

The girl naturally climbed onto my father’s lap, as if it was her own spot.

At the same time, a notification sounded from my smartphone.

[Personnel Profile (N)]

[Name: Jiyoon Han Corleone]

[Affiliation: Corleone]

[Description: The youngest daughter of Vito Corleone and the only younger sister of Eugene Corleone.
She grew up receiving a lot of love from her father, Vito Corleone, after losing her mother at a young age.
She is in charge of Corleone’s cuteness.]

It seemed to be my younger sister.

“Prodigy? Is second place good?”

Jiyoon looked up at my father’s face, as if she didn’t understand the meaning.

In an instant, my father’s intimidating expression melted away.

“Okay then, it’s a really good thing.”

And the heartwarming talk between father and daughter started.

As I was absent-mindedly watching the corners of the mouth of the boss of the underworld rise up., a strange sight…

[Achievement Unlocked!]

An alarm went off on my smartphone.

Achievement unlocked?

I pressed the alarm and it automatically connected me to a game app.

[Achievement (N)]

There was an achievement listed.

I clicked on it.

[Akademi’s Second Place (N)]




It seemed like an achievement that had been locked was now unlocked.

To get rid of N, I clicked on “Academy’s Second Seat,” and an alarm went off.

[You have successfully passed the Academy’s entrance exam!]

[Your entrance exam score is second place.
You are among the top 2 out of 120 applicants!]

[Special reward will be given!]

[A new trait, ‘Bad Boy,’ has been granted!]

They’re giving me a new trait just because I got second place?

I left the achievement window and checked my information.

[Name: Eugene Han Corleone]

[Gender: Male]

[Occupation: Heir to the Underworld]

[Trait: Bad Boy (N)]

A new trait was added.

[Bad Boy (N): Your charm increases in proportion to your notoriety.]

It was a trait I had never seen before while playing the game.

It seemed like a trait created for the game’s concept.

I should probably proceed with the plan a bit faster now.


“Hmm? Oh, yeah.”

My father snapped out of it and looked back at me.

Even while doing so, his hand was still stroking Jiyoon’s head.

“I have something important to tell you.”



Perhaps noticing the seriousness in my expression, my father stopped stroking Jiyoon’s head and tapped her waist instead.

Papa needs to talk to brother, so play in your room for a bit.”


After hearing my father’s words, Jiyoon got up from his lap and went to her room.
She seemed to be listening to my father’s words well.

After Jiyoon went up the stairs and heard the sound of the door closing, my father pulled out a cigar and lit it.
His eyes had become serious again.

“What are you so serious about? You got a Second Seat, so are you trying to demand something as a reward?”

A thick cloud of smoke emerges from my father’s mouth as he speaks.

Even in the midst of it, his eyes shine red.

Honestly, I’m trembling.

But I knew I had to say it as it was necessary for my plan.

“…Now that I’m an adult, I want to take the ‘Successor Training’.”

My father stared at me dumbfounded after hearing my words.

Then he cleared his throat and asked again.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, I am.
I think it’s time for me to start taking the ‘Successor Training’.”

My father began tapping on the table with his fingers.

I had seen him do this before while playing games, one of Vito Corleone’s habits.

It was a behavior that came out when he was calculating or thinking deeply.

After he finished thinking, he looked up at me with a serious look.

“Okay, if that’s what you want, go ahead.
I don’t know what made you change your mind about wanting to take the successor training, but…”

That was because Eugene had always been someone who sucked up the power of the family but didn’t want to take responsibility.

But I was different.
To survive in this damn world, it was most important for me to get help from the Corleone family, no matter what it took.

No matter what, I had to inherit the Corleone family’s organization, using any means necessary.

Smoke from my father’s lips obscures his face.

Through the gap, I could see his red eyes.

As I gulp down my saliva, feeling an indescribable energy emanating from him, my father finally opens his mouth.

“Once you start the successor training, you cannot turn back.
You understand that, right?”


“Okay, if so…”

Father said that, and then rolled one ring that he had on his left little finger towards me.

I carefully caught the ring as it rolled towards me.

The alphabet C was engraved on the ring.

It was also the alphabet that decorated Corleone’s head.

“That ring was made to give to the successor.
Originally, I planned to give it to you when you became an adult… But I didn’t know you wanted to learn about the successor’s teachings first.”

Just as I was about to put the ring on my finger, my father spoke again.

“Once you put it on, there’s no turning back.”

It was as if he was giving me a warning.
My father’s cold voice echoed in my ears.

But for me, who was already mentally prepared, my father’s words were just concerned, nagging.

Silently, I put on the ring and looked at my father.

“I won’t regret it.”

Did he feel satisfied with my response?

My father smiled faintly.

“Alright, I trust you.
There’s about a week left until school starts, right?”


“During that time, I’ll teach you the basics.
Such as how to use your body movements, and management.
And during the semester, you can receive lessons while commuting.”


My father spoke with dignity and then stood up and headed towards the stairs.

Tap.! Tap!

As the sound of his footsteps grew distant, the oppressive atmosphere that was unique to him also disappeared.

I let out a light sigh.

“At least I passed the first step, right?”

Ha, I was nervous.
I wiped the sweat pouring all over my body and leaned back for a moment to relax.

Somehow, it seemed like I still couldn’t resist Father’s energy.

Will I really become Don like Vito Calionae…?

Then I heard a voice from upstairs.

“Daddy, I hate the smell of cigarettes!”

… It seems that Father has been rejected by Jiyoon.

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