entity, he actually regretted running his mouth earlier.
Seeing the other man singling him out first, he was even more sure that he had offended him.

“Just call me Zhao Peng.
I work in a hair salon.

After he finished speaking, the wavy-haired beauty next to her brushed back her hair.
Su Rong was behind her and could smell a strong fragrance of shampoo and a hint of coffee.

”My name is Min Jingyi.
I’m currently starting my own business and opening a coffee shop.
If I can survive this time, I will treat everyone to free drinks.”

When she said this, the originally gloomy atmosphere eased a bit.

Getting out alive was the common dream of these six people.

”I’m Li Hui, a resident of the community.
I’m 50 this year and just retired.
I used to work in a factory.” The slightly round aunt introduced herself with a downcast gaze.

It was hard to be in good cheer for someone who had just retired and could finally enjoy the happiness of family life but was suddenly pulled into this crappy place.

Next was the girl in the yellow dress.
She wore a pair of rimless glasses, but she took them off as she wiped her tears.
Her red eyes were cute like a rabbit’s.
“My name is Huang Tao.
I’m an elementary school teacher in training.…..
I just came to buy cat food, why am I so unlucky!”

Her shrill crying made the whole supermarket look even more horrible.
If it was any other time, other people would probably still have the leisure to feel pity for her.
But in this kind of place, everyone was too busy taking care of themselves.
Naturally, no one wanted to care for her.

The green-haired Zhao Peng was full of annoyance.
He rubbed his face and opened his mouth, cursing, “Can’t you stop crying? We’re not dead yet, don’t cry yourself to death!”

Huang Tao hiccuped in fright but she really stopped crying.
She shrank aside and sobbed softly.
But such a voice was also very likely to make people irritated, so Min Jingyi hurried over to comfort her.

Sighing, Su Rong opened her mouth to attract everyone’s attention.
“My name is Su Rong.
I’m a student who just finished summer vacation.
I’m going to university soon.”

In truth, she was also a time traveler.

The unspeakable “He” only liked people over the age of 18 to play with “Him.” The unlucky original owner just finished her college exams not too long ago and encountered a ghost talk at home.

Not surprisingly, the original owner died quietly at home.
Su Rong, who had crossed over from another world, came back to life in her corpse and inherited her memories.

The good thing was, because the original owner was already dead, the ghost talk had concluded.
Otherwise, Su Rong would have to face a ghost talk as soon as she crossed, and it was estimated she would probably follow in the steps of the original owner.

As for herself, she was a detective before she time-traveled.
Unlike most private investigators in this world who could only be used for shady investigations, in her world, detectives were honorable, legal and a much-needed profession.
In addition to receiving private commissions, good detectives could even receive commissions from the police.

Obviously, she was an excellent detective who often received official commissions and worked together closely with the police.

When cooperating with the police to arrest a criminal, she and her partner were trapped in a house buried in explosives in order to save a little girl.
Then, the two were killed together in accident.

Without waiting for her to reminisce more, Wang Jianguo continued his speech.
“Everyone calm down.
Our primary goal now is to find the rules of this ghost talk.
After you find it, please don’t hide it and inform us directly.
Hiding secrets in this kind of place will not do you any good and will harm other people.

He said these words with great severity, his eyes stern with fierceness and the aura of a soldier that could be felt at a glance.
Everyone nodded their heads one after another, no one daring to say no.

”That……” Su Rong raised her hand suddenly, picking up a piece of paper from the cash register.
“I think, I have found the rules.”

Just now, when others were introducing themselves, she incidentally observed the nearest cash register.
Her excellent detective’s observation ability allowed her to quickly discover a piece of paper pasted by the staff.

The top of the page had big bold letters—

Anle Supermarket Shopping Guide

Seeing the piece of paper she picked up, everyone immediately converged.

Wang Jianguo took the paper and read it in a loud voice.
“Anle Supermarket Shopping Guide.
In order to ensure that customers can buy what you want smoothly and safely, please be sure to comply with the following regulations.…..”

The supermarket is open 24/7.
If you want to spend the night in the supermarket, please be sure to go to the daily living area, where there is bedding specially prepared for you. The foods on the shelves in the food area are all genuine and edible, even if you have never seen the brand.
However, if you discover a mouth on the outer packaging of the food, please note that the food has simply expired and caused the packaging to split as it expands.
Our staff will mark it and take it off the shelves immediately.
Please do not buy expired food. In the clothing area, each mannequin will be equipped with clothes that conform to the normal human body structure.
If you see clothes that do not conform to the normal body structure, such as an extra pair of sleeves, a collar four times the size of a normal person’s head, and other strange styles, it may be a hallucination generated by the strong supermarket air conditioning. Please close your eyes for ten seconds.
After ten seconds, everything will return to normal. The toilet is in the daily living area.
Please be sure to pay attention to whether the male and female symbols on the toilet sign conform to the normal human body structure.
If not, it’s just a joke by the staff and you can enter without worry.
Every toilet should contain toilet paper inside.
If not, please do not use the bathroom, even if you have brought toilet paper. The seafood animals raised in the aquatic area are normal, but please be sure to pay attention to refrigeration.
Overheated water will cause the seafood to climb out of the tank, and the escaped seafood is very safe to get close to. The warehouse is behind the clothing area, and non-staff are not allowed to enter. All the goods here are free and can be used at will.

”.…..We wish all customers a safe and joyous time in the Anle Supermarket.
A quiet and happy time, forever.”

Su Rong’s pupils trembled, looking at the rules that had turned inexplicably red on the rule sheet.
She suddenly realized that the system notification that sounded in her ear that day might not have been fake.

It seems she really could see the wrong rules!

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