“Your Grace, I heard you refer to older sister as 'Amalia'.”


I was in a daze even after Ilvis disappeared, but my sister's words snapped me out of it.


She glared straight at me, her voice low enough to crawl on the ground.
Her emerald green eyes, just like mine, were filled with flames of jealousy and seemed ready to burn me alive.


I used to be afraid of my sister's eyes like this.
Whenever my sister looked at me like that, I would be terrified of what she would take from me next.


But strangely enough, I didn't feel any of those emotions now.


“Sister seemed to be depressed lately…
I understand now, you pretended to be depressed and got comforted by His Grace! I can't believe it…
how shameful, even though you have a fiance!”


Shelving all her own deeds, my sister ranted her misplaced thoughts at the top of her voice.
Didn't she realize that the servants were looking at her with disgust?


(You were the one who cuckolded that fiance, weren't you?)

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Perhaps for my younger sister, it may be worse for the fiancée to talk to another man while she was engaged than sleeping with her sister's fiancé.
In addition, there may also be resentment towards not being able to obtain what she wanted.
Either way, it was not a normal way of thinking.


“Rumors should never be trusted! After all, His Grace looks so kind! His Grace must be misunderstood by everyone because he is shy.
Yes, that must be it! Therefore, he is being deceived by greedy women like you.”


“You're calling me greedy even though you're glaring at me…”


“What are you talking about, Sister? After all, I couldn't be as humble and kind as I am, just like my selfish sister, right? He got angry for me.”


This is a morbidly positive thinking.


It seemed that my sister's head had a function of converting what she was told into something convenient for her.


Seeing me speechless with disgust, my sister, who thought she had hit the mark, once again became very proud of herself.


“I knew it! Oh, His Grace is such a poor man! If I don't free him…!”


With these words, my sister, who was chattering at a fast pace, ran off to her room without even looking at me.
I wanted to sigh in relief, as if the storm had passed, but before that, my mother, who had been indifferent until now, let out a big sigh.


what a fuss this morning! Amalia and Olivia, please don't trouble your parents so much.”


Perhaps it was because I had disrupted our plans for today, but my mother's mood had worsened than it was in the morning.
She gave a stern look in the direction where my younger sister had disappeared and then glared at me with furrowed brows.

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“We were supposed to relax at the salon today… this is the worst!”


Once she started, my mother didn't stop complaining about anything and everything that bothered her.


“And you, Amalia, of all people! How could you bring Duke Lambert to the house when you already have a fiancé? It's beyond comprehension!”


Even when my sister stole my fiancé, she didn't get this angry.
It was because if anything happened to me, the engagement would be anulled.


That was why my mother had always prioritized my fiancé.
I wondered if money and prestige were that important…


“Mother, that's not-“


“Enough! I don't want to hear it now.
Leave it for later.”


My agitated mother wouldn't let me say anything further and went somewhere else like my sister.


Well, I guess it was better than being asked all kinds of questions.
It was not like my mother had ever listened to me anyway.

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