Ilvis respected me as a matter of course.


He even acted as my lover and cooperated in breaking off the engagement without any benefit.
I was so grateful to him.


—Thanks to that, I remembered that there was something wrong with this family.

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(I had resigned myself to being helped…)


When my mother made a mistake, I had to warn her.


When my sister used a flirtatious gaze at Ilvis, I had to stop her.


When I was unfairly criticized, I had to be angry.


(Originally, Ilvis and I were only in a relationship until my engagement was broken off.
If things continued like this, even if I managed to escape this time, there would be another chance.)


I had been deceiving myself, thinking that I was happy in a fake place because it was easier to give up on fighting.
But once I became aware of the discomfort, an emptiness and anger that I couldn't ignore began to linger in my heart.


Suddenly, all the things that had been done to me flashed before my eyes, and I thought, “Why do I have to endure this? I'll drag them all to hell with me!”


I didn't blame the servants or the citizens I had to protect.
But why did I have to be the sacrifice?


I was tired of being stolen from, taken for granted, and forced to endure injustice.


“I no longer have a duty to serve this family, since they treated me like trash.”


I won't forgive my sister, my parents, or my fiancé.


I'll make them pay for the time I've dedicated to them.


I was not a puppet of convenience to be manipulated as they pleased.


My head still hurt, but I felt good.
Thanks to the clarity in my heart, I could finally sleep.


The deadline was three months.


I had to successfully get revenge and be free before the wedding date was set.


Judging from my sister's behavior, she was likely to do something tomorrow.
I needed to be well-rested and prepared to face her.


Since I had never talked back to her, my sister would probably have a puzzled expression on her face.


Ah, it seemed like I would have a good dream.

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