= ”ltr ”>My sister, whom I hadn't seen properly in a long time, seemed to be in better health than before.
She must have felt good seeing me so beaten down.


“Oh, you're back from your morning walk, Olivia.”


My sister looked as if she had just returned from outside.
In fact, she had just arrived, but my mother quickly made up an excuse before my sister could say anything strange.


Well, for a young lady with no fiancé, returning home in the morning would be nothing but scandalous.
If that was the case, I really wanted them to handle the matter with my fiancé urgently.


With a cold feeling, I averted my gaze, thinking that my sister would probably follow this advice.
But then, I saw something unbelievable.

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“I never thought I would be able to meet you, Duke, in my own home! What a wonderful day it is today!”




I couldn't even utter the words, “You're lying.” They were stuck in my throat.


Her hungry, animalistic gaze was fixed on Ilvis, and she was blatantly fawning over him.
Her dress already boldly revealing her cleavage, she emphasized it even more by drawing closer to him.
Her voice, already annoyingly high-pitched, became so high that I wanted to cover my ears.


I felt my cheeks twitch with disgust.


My sister, who had so adamantly declared that she wanted a fiancé as much as I did, now seemed to have set her sights on Ilvis.
She was still smiling sweetly, but perhaps she was already making plans to win him over.
No, there was no doubt about it.


Her scrutinizing gaze, like she was judging him, revealed her true intentions.


Ugh, it was so creepy.


I felt a wave of apology and disgust wash over me, and I wanted nothing more than to faint right then and there.


Honestly, I wanted to run away, but I was the one who had involved Ilvis.
I couldn't be so irresponsible.

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