Shi Qian looked up at the old master and felt a little reluctant.
“Grandpa, I bought today’s bus ticket back to school.
I can’t accompany you in Cloud City anymore.”

“Who said I wanted to stay in Cloud City! I’ll go back with you,” the old master said immediately.

Shi Qian froze for a moment.

The old master wanted to leave Cloud City with her?

“Qian Qian, what ticket did you buy?” Old Master Fu immediately asked.

“Train ticket,” Shi Qian replied gently.

“How about this? If you refund the train ticket, we can take the plane back together.” The old master looked at Shi Qian expectantly.

“Grandpa, isn’t it too rushed for you to leave today? I’ve communicated with the school about the return time, so I left in a hurry.
You can stay in Cloud City for two more days.
It’s the same if you go back in two days, and there’s more time to prepare,” Shi Qian advised gently.

She did not want the old master to mobilize everyone because of her.

The old master looked angrily at Fu Sinian.

This kid must have made Qian Qian angry! Qian Qian didn’t even want to be with him anymore!

“It’s not rushed at all.
Grandpa can leave just like that!” The old master immediately said, as if he was afraid that Shi Qian would leave him behind.

“Jin An, go and check out the plane tickets.
Set a suitable time for me and Qian Qian.” The old master immediately arranged it.

“Yes, Old Master.”

“Auntie Xu, pack my things.
If it’s not necessary, there’s no need to bring them.
When the time comes, send them back with Qian Qian’s things.”

“Yes.” Auntie Xu quickly went to prepare it.

Shi Qian could not refuse.

She really wanted to keep a distance from the Fu family.

She had already signed the divorce agreement, so how could she still enjoy the Fu family’s kindness to her?

The old master picked up a large meat bun and handed it to Shi Qian.

“Qian Qian, come and have another bun.
You won’t be full just by eating porridge.”

“Thank you, Grandpa.” Shi Qian took the bun and lowered her head to take a bite.

But the old master couldn’t sit still.
He got up and left the table.

“Jin An, make a call.
Get someone to clean Sinian’s room and add some daily necessities for girls.”

When Shi Qian heard this, she almost choked on the bun.

Did the old master want to clean up a room for her?

He wanted her to live in the Fu family?

She immediately stood up and walked towards the old master.
“Grandpa, there’s no need to trouble yourself.
I’ll go straight back to the dormitory.”

The old master took Shi Qian’s hand and returned to the table.

“Qian Qian, you don’t know yet, right? The Chinese Drama Academy is less than an hour away from our house.
It’s close! You won’t stay in the dormitory when you go back.
You’ll live with Grandpa.
How good is that!”

“Grandpa, I have to go to and from school every day.
It’s really too troublesome.
I think it’s more convenient to stay in the dormitory.” After Shi Qian finished speaking, she looked at Fu Sinian.

She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to convince the old master.

Fu Sinian must not want her to live in the Fu family either, right?

Fu Sinian glanced at Shi Qian.
Was she asking him for help?

“Grandpa, you can’t deprive her of her independence for your own selfish reasons,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

The old master’s face darkened.

“How am I being selfish? I want to take care of Qian Qian.
The dormitory is not as comfortable as home! Qian Qian didn’t even say anything.
Shut up!”

“She just said that the dormitory is convenient,” Fu Sinian reminded him.

The old master almost died of anger!

He didn’t want to talk to Fu Sinian.
He turned to look at Shi Qian.
“Qian Qian, let’s not listen to him…”

“You’re just doing this in the name of love.
How many young people nowadays can stand living with old people?” Fu Sinian’s voice interrupted the old master.

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