Even if she hated him, there was no need to be so deliberate.

The more deliberate she was, the more suspicious she would be!

Before he settled the divorce procedures, he would never dispel his doubts about Shi Qian!

Fu Sinian suppressed his displeasure and reached up to unbutton his collar.

Suddenly, the car made a sharp turn.
Caught off guard, Shi Qian’s body tilted and she fell towards Fu Sinian!

She quickly grabbed at him to steady herself.

Fu Sinian felt a pain at the base of his thigh!

She grabbed him!

Before Shi Qian could react, the car braked again.

She immediately slid to the side..

Fu Sinian, who had been holding the armrest, sat steadily.

He glanced down.

Shi Qian fell between his legs, one hand still gripping his pants.


Shi Qian looked up in panic, her thick long hair covering her face messily.
She didn’t look sloppy, but her eyes were clear.

Instead, there was a sense of vulnerability that demanded to be protected.

She had beautiful eyes.
Like a young deer, they were pure and untainted.
However, the corners of her eyes were slightly raised, adding to her charm.

She was not intentionally charming or seductive.

But she was also very seductive.

From Fu Sinian’s angle.

Their positions made it easy to imagine things.

The partition of the car lowered, and Jiang Feng looked at the backseat.

It didn’t matter that he was looking.
He turned back immediately, afraid to take another look.

“Young Master Fu, this road is being repaired.
The road conditions are not good.”

“Yes.” Fu Sinian’s voice was cold.

Jiang Feng immediately pressed the block button.
Before he could touch it, the block behind rose!

Fu Sinian let go of the button and cast his gaze out the window.

The car continued to drive steadily.

Shi Qian came to her senses and realized that her hand was tightly gripping Fu Sinian’s pants.

She let go quickly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Fu Sinian reached out and flicked the wrinkled spot where she had grabbed him.
“Aren’t you getting up?” His gaze fell to her small face.

Just now, for a second, he wanted to push her down.

Shi Qian held onto the seat and stood up.
The car jolted again!

She couldn’t help but fall into Fu Sinian’s arms.

Her lips were on his cheek too!

She was so soft when she filled his arms.
He involuntarily swallowed.

Shi Qian quickly rolled over.
Then she moved to the corner as quickly as possible.

Fu Sinian’s face tingled where she had kissed him.

It felt as if it could seep through his skin and into his blood.
Then, with his blood, it swam throughout his body and finally gathered at his heart.

His heartbeat was no longer normal.

He glanced at Shi Qian.

He was kissed by her, and she didn’t even say a word?

Shi Qian felt the gaze and deliberately avoided it.

He must be furious now!

She didn’t mean to.
The road condition was bad!

Could he blame her for that?

She gripped the armrest tightly to avoid what had just happened.

After a long moment, Fu Sinian looked away.

This woman really treated him like air?

She was quite good at pretending!

Finally, they arrived at the airport.

The old master had arrived before them.

Jiang Feng immediately got out of the car.

“Why are you guys so slow?” the old master asked him.

“Old Master, I made a wrong turn at an intersection.
That road is still being repaired, so I was delayed a little,” Jiang Feng immediately explained.

Shi Qian quickly got out of the car.

Breathing in the fresh air outside the car, her tension eased.

The old master walked to the car.
Fu Sinian lowered all the windows.

“Sinian, don’t worry.
I’ll take good care of Qian Qian for you…” Suddenly, the old master seemed to have discovered something and reached out to turn Fu Sinian’s face.

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