Shi Qian followed the old master’s gaze and her expression changed drastically.

There was actually a faint lipstick mark on Fu Sinian’s face!

She must have left it behind when she was in the car!

Fu Sinian slowly reached up and touched his cheek.
There was a faint pink color on his fingertips.

It was her lipstick.

“I understand.” The old master gripped his cane and smiled warmly.

“What do you know?” Fu Sinian pulled out a tissue and wiped the lipstick from his fingertips with a cold expression.

Shi Qian watched his actions and felt a trace of humiliation.

She didn’t mean to kiss him!

Even if she despised him, she couldn’t possibly not care about others’ feelings at all, right?

The old master looked at Shi Qian.

Shi Qian had turned his back.
He did not look at Shi Qian’s expression.
He thought that the young lady was shy.

“Fu Sinian, don’t think that Grandpa is old and doesn’t know anything! It’s just a kiss goodbye! Young people are all like this.”

Fu Sinian froze.

Goodbye kiss?!

Was the old master that happy that he had been kissed? If the old master knew that the night before he woke up, Shi Qian almost…

Will the Old Master start dancing happily!

He pulled out another tissue, wiped his face, and pressed the button to lower the window.

The old master saw that he was asking for a beating and hit the car window hard.

“Qian Qian, let’s go.” The old master turned and walked towards Shi Qian.

Jiang Feng got into the car and did not start it immediately.

“Why aren’t you leaving?” Fu Sinian asked coldly.

“Aren’t you going to watch Young Madam and Old Master go in?”

“Why should I look at them!”

Jiang Feng was speechless.

… .

As soon as they got off the plane, Wen Lan sent someone to the airport to pick up Shi Qian and the old master.

Shi Qian looked at the Fu family’s old residence.

At a glance, it was impossible to estimate how big this residence was!

In the capital, every inch of land was worth a million yuan!

The size of the Fu family’s old residence could not be calculated by square meters.

“You’re finally back, Qian Qian.
Go in quickly.” The old master shook Shi Qian’s hand and walked through the door.

Once she entered, she saw an antique screen.

There was a fake hill, fish pond, small bridge and flowing water.

Then she turned into an old long corridor that connected to a row of Chinese buildings.

There was a wide passage in the middle of the Chinese buildings, with several rooms on either side.

“Up ahead is where Jin An and the others live,” the old master introduced the place to Shi Qian.

They passed the building in front and saw a two-story Chinese villa.
A veranda had been built between the villa and the house in front.

Hydrangeas were planted on both sides of the corridor.

Shi Qian loved this flower very much.

This month, there were no flowers yet, but the leaves were already green and lush.
It was obvious that the person taking care of them was very diligent.

When the season came, how beautiful would the hydrangeas be?

In front of the villa was an elaborate courtyard.

The most distinctive thing was the tea pavilion.
It was covered in several hand-crafted hassocks.

There was a tea set on the table, and a chessboard.

Just by looking at this, one could tell that the old master was a person who enjoyed life.

“Do you like it here, Qian Qian?” the old master asked tentatively.

If only Qian Qian could live in the old residence in the future.

At that time, she would give him a great-grandson.

That would liven up the family!

“I do.
This is the most beautiful yard I’ve ever seen.” Shi Qian was generous with her praise.

“Young Madam, every blade of grass in our courtyard was personally taken care of by Old Master.
From the design to the planting and care, it was never left to others.”

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