Shi Qian looked surprised.

The courtyard was so professionally built that she thought a professional garden company had been hired to design it.

“Grandpa, you’re amazing!” Shi Qian admired the old master from the bottom of his heart.

“In order to build this garden, Old Master went to a long gardening class.”

“I’ve come to admire you, Grandpa.”

The old master’s confidence had never been so strong!

Qian Qian said that she admired him!

In the eyes of Fu Sinian, everything he did was nonsense.
He thought he just wasted time after eating!

That bastard Fu Sinian knew nothing about life or romance!

“Qian Qian, let me show you my vegetable field.” The old master led Shi Qian to the backyard as if he was presenting a treasure.

The entire field, which was about an acre, was divided into several pieces and planted neatly with all kinds of vegetables.

In one corner of the vegetable field was the breeding area.
Not only were there chickens, but there were also a few ducks and two big white geese.

Looking back, there were a few rows of fruit trees.

This was simply an idyllic scene in a dream.

“Grandpa, are those grapes planted in that row?” Shi Qian pointed in a direction.

“Yes, Grandpa also knows how to make wine! We finished it last year.
In a few months, you’ll be able to drink Grandpa’s wine.”

She was afraid that she would not be lucky enough to drink the wine that Old Master had personally brewed.

Her marriage to Fu Sinian would definitely not last those few months.

The longer she delayed it, the more difficult it might be for the old master to accept.

All she could do was try her best to stay away from the Fu family.

In the future, she would also try not to come over during the weekends.

She was really afraid that the longer they interacted, the more she couldn’t bear to part with such a good family.

“Let’s go.
Grandpa will show you your room.” The old master brought Shi Qian into the house again.

“I stay on the first floor.
Your room is on the second.”

Shi Qian followed the old master up to the second floor.

The old master pushed open a room door.

Shi Qian looked at the room and suddenly felt depressed.

The overall renovation style was all cold-colored.
It was extremely simple.
This was completely Fu Sinian’s style.

“This is Sinian’s room.
He studied abroad for three years, then was in a coma for more than three years.
This room has been empty for six years.
However, after he was six, he spent very little time at the old residence.
He rarely stayed in this room either.”

The old master looked faintly sad.

“Tell me, how did such a young child grow so big in the blink of an eye?”

Shi Qian was disappointed by the old master’s words.

How had the old master survived Fu Sinian’s accident?

What had kept him going for the past three years?

Shi Qian’s heart ached for the old master.

“Grandpa, Young Master Fu is awake now.
In the future, he will be safe.
The past is in the past.
If you think about it again, it will only make you sad,” Shi Qian comforted him softly.

“Qian Qian is right.
It’s over.
It’s over!”

“Qian Qian, stay here tonight.
I’ll get someone to renovate it.” The old master also felt that this room was not suitable for girls.

“No, there’s no need!” Shi Qian shook her head quickly.
“Grandpa, you really don’t have to trouble the staff.”

“Why would it be troublesome?” The old master already had a plan.
“Rest for a while.
We’ll go to the hospital to see your mother later.”

Shi Qian initially planned to go to the hospital, but she didn’t get a chance to mention it yet.

“Grandpa, you’re so tired today.
Why don’t I go to the hospital myself later? There’ll be a chance in the future.
Let’s forget about it today.”

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