“Why would I be tired? I’m not tired at all.
I haven’t officially met your mother yet.
It would be rude not to.” The old master patted Shi Qian’s shoulder.
“Rest first.
I’ll call you later.”

The old master left.

Shi Qian looked at this unfamiliar room.
Fu Sinian had clearly not lived here for more than six years.
For some reason, it was as if this room still had his aura.

His aura was that strong.

Was Fu Sinian’s room decor always like this?

How cold was he inside?

She headed into the room.
There was a partitioned suite beside the bed.
It was a spacious study.

There was a glass cabinet behind the desk.

Inside were some trophies and awards.

She found a thick series in a compartment.

Immediately curious, she brought out the series and turned to the first page.

A picture of a baby came into view.

Shi Qian recognized him immediately.
This was when Fu Sinian was born.

Unable to resist, she flipped through it.

Pictures before the age of one took up most of the album.

Shi Qian flipped to the one week old photo and suddenly couldn’t help but laugh.

Fu Sinian actually didn’t destroy this photo? It was even sandwiched in this album!

In the photo, Fu Sinian was actually wearing a princess dress and a hat with two braids!

With his looks, he was also ridiculously exquisite when dressed as a young lady!

Shi Qian flipped back again.
The photos suddenly showed when he was two years old.

There was actually not a single life photo between the ages of one and two.

Then there were photos when he was three, four…

Every year, there was only one.

Shi Qian realized that Fu Sinian’s photos had been serious since he was three years old.
There was no smile.

At six years old, he was even more mature for his age.

She remembered that Fu Sinian’s father had died in a car accident not long after Fu Sinian was born.

From the looks of these photos, Mr.
Fu must have died when Fu Sinian was about a year old.

Fu Sinian had lost his father as a child.

She had also been robbed of her father.

They had both lost an indispensable fatherly love.

Shi Qian raised her eyes to the wall of honor.

At such a young age, Fu Sinian had already endured pressure that ordinary people couldn’t.

Shi Qian turned to the last page.
It was a photo of Fu Sinian in a suit.

This photo seemed to be the one that had entered the world’s richest list back then.

Apart from his personality, she had to admit that Fu Sinian was really impeccable.

She put the photobook away.

Her phone suddenly rang.

Shi Qian looked at the caller ID and answered immediately.

“Hello, Teacher Ouyang.”

“Shi Qian, come and see me when you get back to school.
There’s dubbing required for a script.
I think you’re suitable, so I recommended you.”

“Thank you, Teacher Ouyang!” Shi Qian quickly thanked him.

“This is a show by a famous director.
The female lead is the big star, Sun Ning.
As far as I know, there are still people competing for this opportunity.
You have to perform well.”

“Alright, alright.
Teacher Ouyang, don’t worry.
I’ll do my best!”

After hanging up, Shi Qian felt excited.

This was a rare opportunity for her.

How many chances did people have in their lives?

She had already missed the Heavenly Feast program and had been out of school for so long.
It was even harder to make a name for herself.

The industry was already competitive, and it was even harder for newcomers to stand out.

She didn’t want to fight her way into that circle and become some big star.

It was her greatest wish to be able to support herself and her mother on her own.

She preferred dubbing to acting.

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