No, Fu Sinian had to know about this.

“Grandpa,” Shi Qian called out to the old master.

“What’s wrong, Qian Qian?”

“Can you give me Young Master Fu’s phone number?”

“He didn’t even give you his phone number! This kid…” The old master suddenly realized that Shi Qiuran was also there and immediately corrected himself.” This kid is too careless.

He took out his phone and handed it to Shi Qian.
“There’s no password.
Find it yourself.”

“I suddenly thought of something to tell Young Master Fu.
I’ll go make a call first.” Shi Qian quickly walked out.

Finding a deserted place, she found Fu Sinian’s number in the old master’s phone and dialed it with her own.

Fu Sinian was doing rehabilitation training.

His phone rang.

Jiang Feng picked it up and handed it to him.

The call was from an unknown number, but it called his private number.

Fu Sinian answered.

“Hello? Young Master Fu?” Shi Qian’s probing voice sounded on the phone.

It was her? Fu Sinian was surprised.

Immediately, a thought appeared in his mind.

He knew that Shi Qian would not give up this marriage so easily.

“What is it?” he asked.

“There’s something I have to tell you.
Today, Grandpa and Mom picked my mother up for dinner and suddenly offered a betrothal gift to her.
I think it’s necessary for you to know in case I can’t explain it later.”

Fu Sinian frowned.

He really wondered about Shi Qian’s status in his family.

“What should we do now?” Shi Qian pressed.
“If our divorce drags on, it’ll only get more troublesome.”

Fu Sinian could hear the urgency in Shi Qian’s voice.

“Take the betrothal gift first.”

“What? Accept the betrothal gift? Young Master Fu, those things are quite expensive!”

“It’s not really for you.
Take it first.
We’ll return those things after the paperwork.”

Shi Qian took a deep breath.
She thought that Fu Sinian had some good way of dealing with this.

“Young Master Fu, I think Old Master is in good health.
The longer we delay the divorce, the more troublesome it will be! Why don’t we resolve it now? I believe Old Master can understand.”

“Shi Qian, do you think I’m stalling for time?” Fu Sinian asked.

“No, that’s not what I meant.
I just think we have to resolve this quickly.”

“Don’t worry.
I don’t want to delay this for a day.
Just wait for the divorce procedures.”

The line went dead.

Shi Qian looked at the number and secretly sulked.

She did not expect a divorce to be so difficult!

She returned to the private room again.
The dishes were served.

Shi Qiuran was still waiting for Shi Qian’s response.
If Shi Qian did not nod, she would still not accept the betrothal gift.

“Grandpa, Mom, thank you.
I’ll accept this betrothal gift,” Shi Qian said to Old Master and Wen Lan.

The old master nodded in satisfaction.
“That’s right.
That’s good.”

“Mom, I have a request.” Shi Qian looked at Wen Lan.
“My mother is not in good health.
I’m still a student.
Please keep such a precious thing for me first.”

“Alright, Mom will keep it for you first.” Wen Lan nodded.

Shi Qian breathed a silent sigh of relief.

When the time came, she wouldn’t have to worry about returning these things.

… .

As soon as Shi Qian returned to school, she immediately went to look for Teacher Ouyang.

Teacher Ouyang was in her forties.
She had short hair and exuded a scholarly aura.

As soon as she saw Shi Qian, she immediately took out a thick stack of documents from the drawer.

Thank you for reading on

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