She was like meat pressed against a chopping board.

The knife kept hovering over her neck.
She couldn’t even struggle.

In the future, her path would be flat and unobstructed, provided she was an obedient canary.

What about her dreams?

What about her life plans?


“Qian Qian, you’re a person I like at first sight.
If not, do you think that with our Fu family’s conditions, we can’t find a woman who’s willing to carry on the family line?”

The answer was obvious.

Of course someone was willing.
They would keep coming.

In that case, she knew better.

Madam Fu looked at Shi Qian, waiting for her response.

This seemingly docile girl actually had her own pride.

However, she had plenty of ways to grind down this pride.


Shi Qian gave a wry smile.

Did she have any other choice?

She had already guessed what kind of family the Fu family she had married into was.

It was definitely the top power in the Imperial Capital of China!

In the world, there were so many people with the surname Fu, but she had encountered such a powerful person among the powerful, the rich among the rich, and the flesh eating shark among the great white sharks!

She really did not know if she was unlucky or too lucky.

“I agree,” Shi Qian said, nodding.

Madam Fu’s lips curved slowly.
She was satisfied with Shi Qian’s reaction.

“But my mother’s illness cannot be delayed any longer.
A kidney source must be found as soon as possible.”

“Your mother’s surgery will be scheduled as soon as you conceive.”

Shi Qian froze in place.

Yes, it was a business deal.
She thought too highly of herself.

Who was she to negotiate terms?

Madam Fu looked at Dr.
Bai, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Okay.” Dr.
Bai smiled and nodded.

Madam Fu left first.

Bai stood up and walked to Fu Sinian’s side.

Shi Qian also walked over.

She felt sorry for Fu Sinian as he lay there.

For such a noble son to exist, his family must have spent countless efforts to nurture an outstanding successor.

However, at his prime, he had become a vegetable.

“How did he end up in a vegetative state?”

“Young Master Fu’s yacht crashed into an iceberg floating on the surface of the sea.
His head was severely injured.
After he was salvaged from the cold seawater, he became like this.”


“How long has he been in this condition?”

“It’s been three years.”

“Will he have a chance to wake up?”

“I can only say that we have to believe that there are miracles in the world.” Dr.
Bai’s words were ambiguous.

Shi Qian looked at Fu Sinian with the deja vu of a sleeping beauty.

His face was so handsome that she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

Bai glanced at Shi Qian and said, “Young Master Fu is a little obsessed with cleanliness.
It’s quite pitiful that he’s lying here now.
He can only be at our mercy.”

Shi Qian nodded.

It was indeed a pity to see such an excellent man in this state.

Bai, I have a question.”

“Please go ahead, Young Madam.” Dr.
Bai adjusted his black-rimmed glasses and waited for Shi Qian to speak.

“In my opinion, IVF and doing it myself… aren’t very different.
It’s all done without Young Master Fu’s consent.
Why not artificial insemination?” After Shi Qian asked this question, her face was already red.

Bai sized up Shi Qian.

Not only was this young lady beautiful, but her aura was also clean.

This must be the kind of pure beauty the Internet was talking about.

The point was that she was all natural and this made her beauty rarer.

In short, Dr.
Bai felt that he had never seen such a pleasing girl in his life.

What he didn’t know was that Shi Qian hadn’t slept well in months because of his mother.

Her hair was dry and yellow and had lost its shine.

Back then, when she was admitted to the Chinese Drama Academy, she was caught on camera and even became a trending topic for a day.

Now, her looks showed she was in her lowest period of her life.

“I’m sorry, just pretend I didn’t ask.” Shi Qian looked away awkwardly.

Bai just looked at her, making her feel uncomfortable.

“Based on my understanding of Young Master Fu, if that person is you, he should be able to accept it when he wakes up one day.” After Dr.
Bai finished speaking, he began to take notes again.

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