“Give me a minute.
I’ll be there in ten minutes or so,” Shi Qian said and hung up.

“Qian Qian, are you going out?” Wang Jinling couldn’t help but ask when she saw Shi Qian taking her coat.

I’m going to the library.
I’ll be back later.”

Shi Qian hurried in the direction of the library.

It was eight o’clock in the evening.
People were coming and going.

She immediately saw Song Yan beside a nearby flower bed.

He was wearing a dark coat with a high-necked wool sweater.
He looked like a male lead from a Korean drama.

There were even girls who took the initiative to ask for contact information.

Song Yan smiled and refused.
“I’m sorry, I’m waiting for someone.”

“He must be waiting for his girlfriend! Let’s go and leave him alone.” The two girls left looking disappointed.

Song Yan raised his bowl and looked at the time.

He was still worried when he didn’t see Shi Qian.

He was afraid she really didn’t want to see him anymore.

“Song Yan.”

Hearing this, Song Yan immediately turned around.
The joy in his eyes was obvious.

“Qian Qian!” He strode toward Shi Qian.

“What medicine is that you mentioned on the phone?” Shi Qian immediately asked.

“It’s hard to explain this in a sentence or two.
Why don’t we find a place to sit down and talk?” Song Yan suggested.

Shi Qian looked at the people coming and going.
From time to time, she looked in their direction and nodded.

“Is there a quieter place to eat nearby?” Song Yan asked.

“Song Yan, I’ve eaten.”

“Don’t get me wrong, Qian Qian.
I didn’t mean to find an excuse to ask you out because I just got off the plane and haven’t eaten.”

“You rushed over from Cloud City today?” Shi Qian was surprised.

Did Song Yan come specially for this matter?

“Yes, I didn’t expect you to leave in such a hurry.” Song Yan nodded.

“I know a restaurant.” Shi Qian started walking.

Song Yan immediately followed.

His gaze seemed to be glued to Shi Qian.

The little girl he had waited so many years for had finally grown up.

If only he hadn’t lost her.

Shi Qian brought Song Yan to a restaurant and the two of them found a corner seat.

Song Yan ordered a few dishes and asked the waiter to place the order.

Shi Qian had already moved her lips several times to speak, but she held back.

“Qian Qian, you’ve seen all your mother’s test reports in Cloud City and learned about her current situation.
She can only go for surgery.
However, as you know, surgery is risky, let alone changing organs,” Song Yan took the initiative to speak.

Shi Qian nodded.

She had known all this.

“In kidney transplant surgery, the most dangerous thing is not the surgery, but the rejection of the body after the surgery and the subsequent medication.
Therefore, nursing her health after the surgery is very important.
Otherwise, there will still be danger.”

“The medicine we developed can elevate a person’s immune system and increase their internal functions.
It can be used extensively in medical treatment, especially for patients with transplanted organs.
It has very good postoperative recovery effects.”

“Then how can we get these pills?” Shi Qian immediately asked.

“I still hope you can get Auntie to come overseas with me for the treatment.”

Shi Qian hesitated.

Fu Sinian’s threat that day surfaced in her mind.

The feeling of being choked and unable to breathe was too uncomfortable.

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