This medicine was obviously a new medicine that had just been released.
Perhaps it had not been listed overseas yet, let alone in the country.

“What did she send you?” Fu Sinian suddenly asked.

Bai Jianshen came to him with the phone and showed Fu Sinian the contents.

Fu Sinian glanced at it and looked away.

“What does she want by sending these to you?”

“She wants to know if the research data on this drug is fake.
It might be related to her mother’s condition.
But this drug isn’t domestic.
Remember the last time I told you about a research lab overseas?”

“I remember.
What does it have to do with this medicine?”

“It’s from the same research lab.
If Shi Qian wasn’t familiar with the people in this research lab, she wouldn’t have been able to obtain such information.”

“Is there anything wrong with this medicine?”

“There’s no problem! Moreover, once this medicine hits the market, it will definitely cause a storm in the medical world.
It’s a very valuable medicine! I’ll reply to Shi Qian’s message first.
She might still be waiting for me.”

Shi Qian occasionally took out her phone and glanced at it.

She was not sure if Bai Jianshen would still send her a message tonight.

After all, it was late and she was asking for help.
It was not appropriate to rush him.

Suddenly, the phone screen lit up.

She opened it quickly.

She was secretly delighted to see Bai Jianshen’s message.

There was nothing wrong with this medicine, and it was a very good medicine!

However, if she wanted her mother to use this medicine smoothly, she would have to let her mother go overseas for surgery.
This was a big deal.
She couldn’t make up her mind immediately.

Song Yan said that as long as she agreed, he would arrange everything.
It just so happened that he would take her and her mother overseas during the summer vacation.

When she started school, her mother would be able to return to the country with her.

Shi Qian felt troubled.
She threw the phone on the bed.

When exactly would Fu Sinian get the divorce settled?

… .

Shi Qian took some time to record a line and sent it to Teacher Ouyang.

Every day, she would use her spare time to record some audio clips and save them.

In the blink of an eye, it was Friday.

The old master called Shi Qian early in the morning and asked when it would be convenient for him to pick her up.

Shi Qian could not refuse and agreed to go back for dinner that night.

As soon as she returned to the dorm at noon, her three roommates gathered around her, holding their phones and staring at the screen as if something big had happened.

“What? Did your idol collapse?” Shi Qian asked suspiciously.

“No!” the three replied in unison.

“Then the closet door was kicked again?” Shi Qian asked again, picking up the glass of water to moisten her throat.

“Qian Qian, you’re so busy all day long that we don’t see you anymore.
Don’t you know what happened? There are so many reports.
Didn’t you look at your phone today?” Huang Jia held the phone in front of Shi Qian mysteriously.

“Let me show you my husband.”

“Shameless! He’s my husband!” Qiu Jie shouted.

“If possible, I want to call him my love!” Wang Jinling was even more infatuated.

Shi Qian was even more puzzled.
She leaned over and looked at Huang Jia’s phone.

“Pfft!” She spat out a mouthful of water!

Huang Jia quickly took the phone away.
“Qian Qian, why are you overreacting? Don’t tell me that a man like Fu Sinian isn’t worthy of your attention!”

Shi Qian finally calmed down.

She took out her phone and immediately saw Fu Sinian’s message.

“More than three years ago, something happened to the yacht Fu Sinian was on at sea.
The Fu family announced to the public that Fu Sinian was seriously injured and was recuperating overseas.
There were rumors that Fu Sinian had long died in that shipwreck!”

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