“The Fu family has never clarified this matter.
Ever since then, Fu Sinian has never appeared in the public eye.
This morning, Fu Sinian appeared at the Imperial Capital Airport in a wheelchair! He returned with force!”

“Why hasn’t Fu Sinian done anything in the past three years? How big of a storm will Fu Sinian’s appearance cause?”

“Everyone, take a look at the stock market today.
The businesses under the Fu Corporation have been underperforming for the past two years.
However, when Fu Sinian appeared today, their stock shot up like a rocket! Someone estimated that Fu Sinian’s appearance this time directly brought nearly 10 billion yuan to the Fu Corporation!”

“Moreover, Fu Sinian’s return will bring greater turmoil to the stock market in the future!”

Shi Qian did not listen carefully to the introductions.
She paused the video.

She realized that the person pushing Fu Sinian’s wheelchair was a girl she had never seen before.

The girl was dressed very exquisitely and wore sunglasses.

Jiang Feng led the others and followed behind the girl.

She clicked on the video again.
The image had changed.

“Qian Qian, aren’t you also a Fu Sinian stan?” Huang Jia asked with a smile.

“Stop pretending! Tell me, what woman wouldn’t be tempted by a man like Fu Sinian?”

“I won’t,” Shi Qian replied firmly.

“Impossible! Unless you don’t like men!” Huang Jia couldn’t believe it.

“I don’t believe it either!” Qiu Jie shook her head.

“Qian Qian, if you don’t even like Fu Sinian, as a woman, I think you’re a little ungrateful,” Wang Jinling interrupted.


“You all just look at his angry face and his money and think he must be perfect,” Shi Qian retorted.

“That’s not enough? He’s a human ceiling.
Do you think this title is for nothing?”

“What if his character is bad? What if he’s unpredictable, domineering, and his personality is extremely bad? People can’t just look at the surface.” Shi Qian couldn’t help but argue.

“You make it sound like we can live with him! We haven’t had a chance to understand his personality! Qian Qian, you’re thinking too much, aren’t you?”

Shi Qian was speechless.

She was not overthinking it.
She had experienced it herself!

She really hoped that after Fu Sinian returned, he would prioritize the divorce!

After school in the afternoon, Shi Qian went out of the school.

Seeing the old master standing by the road, she hurried over.

“What are you doing here, Grandpa?” She thought Jin An had come alone.

“Grandpa is bored at home.
I came to pick you up.
Get in the car.”


When she returned to the Fu family’s old residence, Shi Qian realized that Madam Fu was also there.

She also sensed that something was wrong.

“Qian Qian, you’re back? Come and have some fruit.” Madam Fu waved at Shi Qian.

Shi Qian put down her things and walked over.

“Qian Qian, did you see the news? Sinian returned to the capital today.” Wen Lan asked tentatively.

“I did.” Shi Qian nodded.

Wen Lan sighed to himself.

Qian Qian must have seen the girl beside Sinian!

Just as Wen Lan was considering what to say, Jin An walked in.

“Old Master, Madam, Young Madam, Young Master Fu is back!”

The old master’s face darkened.
“Why did he come back? There’s so much going on at the company.
It’s not enough for him? Isn’t he a workaholic!”

Wen Lan’s expression was also a little ugly.

After a while, Fu Sinian arrived in the courtyard.

Beside him stood the girl who had appeared with him that morning.

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