“Okay!” Shi Qian nodded.
“Pay first! No matter what happens halfway, I won’t refund the money!”

It would be a waste not to take money from someone like Fu Sinian!

She deserved the delay of three months.

Fu Sinian handed the phone to Shi Qian.
“Add me on WeChat and send me your account number.”

“There’s no need to add me on WeChat.
I’ll text you later.” Shi Qian turned and walked towards the ward.

Fu Sinian watched her back until she entered the room.

He pressed the power button on his phone and the screen lit up.
The page was his WeChat QR code.

This woman didn’t even add him on WeChat!

Shi Qian walked to the old master’s bed and the old master immediately patted the bed.

“Qian Qian, sit.
Grandpa has something to tell you.”

“Ok.” Shi Qian nodded.

“I owe your grandfather my entire life.
I didn’t even know about his death.
I’m too old to take care of you forever, but Sinian can.”

“Don’t look at his cold and annoying appearance.
He’s cold on the outside but warm on the inside.
When he was young, I was too strict with him.
Wen Lan had to support the Fu family’s business and didn’t have much time to accompany him.
Jianshen and I lived together.
Sinian’s heart is extremely lacking in love.
However, he sealed his heart in layers of thorns and doesn’t show it easily.”

“Just take it that I’m begging you to try to get in touch with Sinian for a while.
Just for three months, okay?”

“Grandpa, don’t say that.
I promise you!” Shi Qian nodded quickly.

“Good! Good!” The old master nodded excitedly.

“Grandpa, sometimes, fate is hard to explain.
Young Master Fu and I might really not be able to get together.”

The old master took a deep breath.
“I understand.”

“Grandpa, if you don’t despise me, just treat me like a granddaughter.
I’ll treat you like my own grandfather and be filial to you.”

The old master was overjoyed.
“You said it.
Don’t go back on your word!”

Shi Qian held out her hand.
“Pinky swear.”

The old master immediately reached out.
“Pinky swear!”

Wen Lan walked in with breakfast and relaxed when she saw Old Master and Shi Qian chatting and laughing.

“Dad and Qian Qian, come for breakfast.”

Shi Qian got up to help prepare.

She brought a bowl of porridge to the old master.
“Grandpa, shall I feed you?”

“Okay!” The old master was as happy as a child.

After accompanying the old master for breakfast, Shi Qian went to the ward’s suite to rest for a while.

Today, the old master still had a few tests to do.
She could only confirm if he could be discharged when all the results were back.

Shi Qian was in a daze when her phone rang.

Seeing the caller ID, Shi Qian immediately sat up.


“Qian Qian, are you free? Can you come to the hospital? I have something to ask you.”

“What happened?”

“Song Yan came to see me today.
He told me about going overseas for treatment.
Tell me, what’s going on?”

“Mom, give me a moment.
I happen to be at the hospital.
I’ll come to you immediately.
We’ll talk about this when we meet.”

“Okay.” Shi Qiuran nodded.

Shi Qian hung up and headed out.

She suddenly saw Fu Sinian accompanying the old master in the ward.

“I’ll go see my mother, Grandpa.”

“I was just telling Sinian that your mother is in this hospital too.
He hasn’t seen his mother-in-law yet.
I was going to ask him to accompany you to see your mother when you woke up.”

“Grandpa, there’s no need… Young Master Fu, he…” Shi Qian was still thinking of an excuse when Fu Sinian’s voice sounded over hers.


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