Shi Qian froze and looked at Fu Sinian in disbelief.

Had she heard right?

Fu Sinian said yes?

The old master got out of bed.

“Grandpa, don’t move!” Shi Qian hurried over.

The old master picked up a fruit basket and placed it in Fu Sinian’s arms.
He urged, “Go quickly.”

Shi Qian was speechless.

Fu Sinian had already started the wheelchair and was a step ahead.

Shi Qian hurried after him.

Fu Sinian stopped at the door and waited for her.

“Carry it,” he said coldly.

Shi Qian lifted the fruit basket from his arms.

So heavy!

“Which floor?” Fu Sinian asked.

“Young Master Fu, you don’t have to really go.
Wait for me on the balcony outside.
I’ll be back soon.”

Fu Sinian felt a surge of anger.

“If the old master finds out I didn’t go, he’ll be furious.”

Shi Qian thought about it and agreed that it was possible.

She knew that this hospital was also owned by the Fu family.

Fu Sinian’s wheelchair moved to the elevator.

“Which floor?” he asked again.

“Seventh floor.”

The elevator stopped on the seventh floor.
Shi Qian walked in front.
Fu Sinian followed her to a ward.

Shi Qiuran did not expect Shi Qian to come so quickly, and she was carrying an exquisite fruit basket.

She was about to speak when she realized the man in the wheelchair behind Shi Qian.

Fu Sinian was wearing an exquisitely made white shirt and a black suit.
The shirt was buttoned to the top, and the buttons on his wrists were also buttoned tightly.

He looked reserved and noble.

Even in his wheelchair, it was obvious that he was tall.

Shi Qiuran looked Fu Sinian up and down.

Her eyes sparkled with unconcealed amazement.

Could this be her new son-in-law?

He was so handsome!

The key was that he exuded a steady aura from head to toe.
He did not look like the kind who would flirt with other girls.

“Qian Qian, introduce me to Mom!”

Shi Qian looked back at Fu Sinian awkwardly.

“Mom, this is Young Master Fu.
Young Master Fu, this is my mother.”

Shi Qiuran immediately walked forward.
“Sinian, right? I heard from your mother that you just woke up.
You came to see me even though it’s not very inconvenient for you.”

Shi Qian was speechless.

Her mother didn’t think they had come to see her specially today, did she?

“Come, come, come.
Sit down first.
I’ll make some tea.” Shi Qiuran pushed Fu Sinian into the small living room and turned to get busy.

After a while, she came over with three cups of jasmine tea.

“Have some tea while I cut some fruit.”

“Mom, you don’t have to be busy yourself.
Young Master Fu is very busy.
He’ll go back first after sitting for a while.” Shi Qian quickly stopped her.

“I’m not busy,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

Shi Qian looked at him questioningly.

Fu Sinian returned her gaze and took a sip of jasmine tea.

“Qian Qian, go accompany Sinian! It’s my first time seeing my new son-in-law and there’s nothing to entertain him with.
There’s only fruit.” Shi Qiuran pushed Shi Qian after saying that.

Shi Qian was pushed to Fu Sinian by her biological mother.

Fu Sinian held his tea and sipped it quietly.
His every move revealed his good upbringing.

The ordinary glass and jasmine tea immediately raised their value in his hands, turning them into peerless rare delicacies.

Shi Qian sat down and picked up her teacup to continue drinking.

Jasmine tea was her favorite flower tea.
That was why her mother kept it stocked.

Fu Sinian was so picky, but he actually drank jasmine tea?

“Sinian, eat fruit.” Shi Qiuran brought the cut fruit to the table.

“Thank you,” Fu Sinian said softly.

Shi Qiuran smiled.
“Don’t be so polite to me!”

Shi Qian choked on her tea.
She quickly put down the cup and turned to cough lightly.

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