As the door opened, his body lurched forward uncontrollably.

Lin Qinghe was shocked.
Song Yan’s body fell into her arms, and the strong smell of alcohol assaulted her nose.

“Song Yan, what’s wrong?”

“Qian Qian, don’t leave me.
Don’t.” Song Yan hugged her tightly.

Lin Qinghe’s face stiffened.

“Song Yan, Shi Qian is married to the Fu family now! Fu Sinian has woken up again.
Why would she still want you?”

Song Yan was already drunk.
“Don’t leave me, Qian Qian.
I really like you.”

Lin Qinghe helped Song Yan into the room and pushed him onto the bed.

Song Yan pulled Lin Qinghe over and hugged her again.

“Qian Qian, I love you.
I love you…”

Lin Qinghe was furious.
She struggled to raise her head from Song Yan’s arms.

“Song Yan, do you know how much I like you?”

With that, she lowered her head and kissed Song Yan’s lips.

… .

After Shi Qian hung up, she sat in the vegetable garden for a while.

Some childhood memories came flooding back.

Song Yan was seven or eight years older than her.

The first time she met Song Yan was on her way home after kindergarten.
She was running as fast as she could with a small windmill.

It was Father’s Day.
She remembered.

She was still filled with joy, hoping to see her father when she got home.

She could give her father the little windmill she had made herself.

She ran so fast that her grandfather couldn’t catch her.

When she was about to reach home, a huge black dog suddenly rushed out and pounced at her!

At that time, she was dumbfounded!

Song Yan appeared from nowhere and picked her up.

The windmill fell from her hand and was stolen by the dog.
It was torn apart in two or three moves!

She couldn’t help but cry out!

Song Yan comforted her softly.
In the end, he made a windmill for her and sent her home.

At that time, her family was not very rich and had bought a row of small villas.

Song Yan’s family happened to buy the neighboring house and became their neighbors.

In her memory, Song Yan’s parents were always busy.
Sometimes, he didn’t see them for days.

She often dragged Song Yan home to play with her, afraid that Song Yan would be afraid at home alone.

She went to kindergarten and Song Yan went to the same school.

She didn’t let her grandfather send her to school and ran after Song Yan.

After school, Song Yan was a little late, so she sat on the steps in front of the entrance and waited for him.

She had asked her mother more than once to give birth to a brother for her, a brother who was exactly like Song Yan.

Her childhood was missing that paternal love.
That was why she was so clingy.

Later, Song Yan left the country.

Lin Qinghe entered her life.

Mom and Dad were divorced.

Shi Qian suddenly smiled bitterly.

Thinking about this now felt like a lifetime ago.

Fu Sinian watched the figure from afar.

The small person was sitting on the field with a small basket beside her.
She was thinking about something.

The figure looked very lonely.

Suddenly, Shi Qian stood up, picked up the basket, and walked into the vegetable field.

She picked a handful of spinach and twisted two thick lettuce shoots.
The basket was already full.

She turned and headed for the front yard.

Back inside, she took the groceries to the kitchen.

It was getting late.
It was almost time to prepare dinner.

But there was still no one in sight.

Where was everyone?

Shi Qian went to the courtyard in front of her and searched.
She did not see anyone.

“Uncle Jin An!” she called.

No one responded.

She turned as a figure appeared behind her.

“Ah!” Shi Qian shouted.

Fu Sinian’s heart skipped a beat at her cry.

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