“Young Master Fu, it’s you!” Shi Qian patted her chest.

“Who else could it be?” Fu Sinian asked.

He must be crazy to look for her.

This woman had been here for so long and she hadn’t noticed him? She was still looking everywhere!

“Why don’t I see anyone else? Uncle An is gone too.
Where did they go?” Shi Qian felt that it was really scary that no one was in such a big house.

“Old Master isn’t around.
They’re all on vacation today.
I reckon they won’t be back until Old Master is discharged.” Fu Sinian wanted Shi Qian to be prepared.

He guessed it when he returned and saw no one.

This was definitely the old master’s arrangement.

There was only Shi Qian and him here.

This was for them to develop feelings.

Shi Qian looked around.
“No wonder I haven’t seen anyone after so long.”

Fu Sinian started the wheelchair and turned to leave.

Shi Qian quickly followed.

They returned to the living room.
Fu Sinian didn’t stop.
He headed straight for the room.

“Young Master Fu, since everyone is not around, I’ll make something to eat tonight.
What do you want to eat?” Shi Qian shouted from behind him.

Fu Sinian stopped and said coldly, “White porridge.”

Shi Qian was speechless.

White porridge it is!

Since his request was so simple, it was easy to prepare.

She turned towards the kitchen.

Within an hour, dinner was ready.

At that moment, the sky darkened, leaving only the remnants of the sunset in the western sky.

Shi Qian walked to the door of the room and knocked.

“Young Master Fu, dinner is ready.”

“Yes!” Fu Sinian said from the room.

Shi Qian turned back to the dining room.

Fu Sinian arrived at the dining room and found a bowl of porridge on the table.

Shi Qian came out of the kitchen with two plates.

There was a plate of cold shredded lettuce and a plate of stir-fried spinach.

After putting the two dishes down, she turned back to the kitchen.

The fragrance of green vegetables floated to Fu Sinian.
He couldn’t help but look at the two dishes.

The shredded lettuce was shiny.
They were mixed with bright red millet peppers.
Just the color was appetizing.

She must have also added some vinegar.
The fragrance of the ingredients and condiments made one’s mouth water.

Fu Sinian had no desire for that plate of spinach.

Shi Qian came out of the kitchen with two more dishes.

One was a tofu omelet.
One look at this dish and one could tell that the fire was very well controlled.
It was golden yellow.
The tofu was placed together piece by piece.
Every piece was surrounded by golden crispy eggs.
They were charred on the outside and tender on the inside.

The other was a small plate of fried chicken leg.
The chicken leg was boneless, and with carrots, mushrooms, green peppers, and yellow peppers.
The combination of several colors was very bright and fragrant.


Fu Sinian looked at the porridge in front of him again.

There were two seats between them, and the contrast was clear.

This woman would eat four dishes alone!

Shi Qian also realized the difference between the two of them.
In comparison, Fu Sinian’s bowl of plain porridge seemed even more bland.

But he was so picky himself.
What choice did she have if he didn’t eat this or that!

Fu Sinian thought that after she took a look, she would consciously offer him the dishes and they would eat them together.

Unexpectedly, Shi Qian started eating!

Shi Qian took a few bites and realized that Fu Sinian had not moved.

“Young Master Fu, there’s still porridge in the pot,” Shi Qian reminded him.

Fu Sinian was speechless.

He picked up a spoon and scooped up a mouthful of porridge.
As soon as he put it into his mouth, his expression changed drastically.

“What’s wrong?” Shi Qian asked quickly.

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