“Young Master Fu? Are you asleep?” she asked softly.

Fu Sinian closed his eyes and didn’t answer.

He already regretted letting Shi Qian into his room!

Ever since she entered, she made small movements from time to time and disturbed his sleep.

“Young Master Fu?” Shi Qian called out again.

Fu Sinian still didn’t react.

How had he fallen asleep so quickly?

Shi Qian wanted to turn on the lights.

However, she was afraid of disturbing Fu Sinian.

If she angered him and he threw her out, how would she spend the night?

She looked in the direction of the window again.
There was another shadow there.

It must be the shadow of the curtain!

But she was still afraid! The more she looked at it, the more afraid she became.
She couldn’t help looking in that direction.

She looked at Fu Sinian, who was motionless and sleeping soundly, and slowly sat by the bed.

Fu Sinian frowned.

What did this woman want?

Was she so afraid as an adult?

Had she never been alone?

A sentence he had inadvertently thought of before suddenly appeared in his mind.

Good hunters often appeared as prey.

Was she deliberately pretending to be this way or was she trying to bait him?

Fu Sinian felt a little anger.


He had actually taken the initiative to let a wolf into the room!

Shi Qian hugged the blanket tightly.
She wanted to sit by the bed.

Even listening to Fu Sinian’s breathing gave her a sense of security.

Fu Sinian was not sleepy at all.
He was waiting for Shi Qian’s next performance.
When the time comes, let’s see how she justified herself!

The seconds ticked by.

Shi Qian sat as still as a stone statue.

Fu Sinian’s patience was almost exhausted!

Finally, she moved.

Shi Qian was too sleepy.
She glanced in Fu Sinian’s direction, moved slightly, and lay down.

The two-meter bed was more than enough for two.

Besides, she was sleeping against the side of the bed.
It shouldn’t affect him, right?

She tugged the blanket gently to cover her feet, then quietly tucked her head under the blanket.

After all this time, she was tired and sleepy.

After a while, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Fu Sinian was still waiting for her to make a move.
After waiting and waiting, she wrapped herself up like a cocoon and stopped moving!

He raised himself slowly and looked at her.

She must have done it on purpose!

What did it mean for a woman to climb into a man’s bed in the middle of the night?

Did she really think that he would be so deprived that he would accept anything!

Fu Sinian lay back.

Half an hour passed, but he still wasn’t sleepy.

He looked in the direction of Shi Qian again.

In the darkness, all that could be seen was the outline of her body.
A small outline.
Even asleep, she was curled into a ball.

There was a desire to take her in his arms.

Fu Sinian’s breathing was labored.

He took a few deep breaths to suppress his agitation.

He could not lose control.
He could not fall into this woman’s trap!

After an unknown period of time, Fu Sinian finally calmed down.
He was just feeling a little sleepy when the woman beside him suddenly moved.

His body immediately tensed.

Shi Qian rolled over, her head and arms sticking out from under the blanket.

Had she finally had enough, too?

Fu Sinian didn’t want to be so passive.
He took the initiative to move toward Shi Qian.

They lay close together.

He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

How could this woman pass up such a good opportunity?

After a while, Shi Qian still did not react.

Fu Sinian pressed the night light beside the bed, and there was suddenly a hint of light in the room.

The dim light was not blinding.
Instead, it created a hazy atmosphere.

He could make out Shi Qian’s face.

At this moment, he believed that this woman was really asleep!

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