Fu Sinian’s chest was burning!

She, a woman, had come to his bed and slept so peacefully without caring if he agreed or not!

Did she really think he was crippled and couldn’t do anything to her?

She still thought that he was at her mercy like he had been on their wedding night?

The more Fu Sinian thought about it, the angrier he became!

He really wanted to chase Shi Qian out of the room!

He could not sleep at all with this woman here.

There was no need for him to accommodate her and sacrifice his sleep!

Fu Sinian raised his hand, ready to shake Shi Qian awake.

Suddenly, Shi Qian’s small face moved closer to his chest.
His raised arm froze in midair.

The woman snuggled into his arms like an insecure kitten.

Even when she was asleep, her hands were clenched into fists.

Fu Sinian suddenly felt reluctant.

His hands fell slowly, wrapping gently around her body.

Instantly, something seemed to fill his heart.

This was a thousand times more comfortable than the big teddy bear he held in the therapy center.
Ten thousand times!

He loved the hug.

There was a flush on her small face.

Perhaps it was because she had just been covered with the blanket.
There was still sweat on her forehead.

Shi Qian moved again.
Her legs reached out from under the blanket and lifted them onto Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian felt that they were just separated by a blanket.
He felt his breathing stagnate.

He didn’t know why he was so patient with Shi Qian.

Besides, he had repeatedly broken his principles for her.

Was it because he needed her mentally when he woke up?

He looked down at the woman in his arms.

An image flashed in his mind.

He imagined her snuggling into his arms in her silky pajamas.

She was softer than she was now.

What if she was naked?

Fu Sinian’s thoughts were a little wild.

He took a deep breath to control his runaway thoughts.

He was hot too.

He was annoyed and hot!

He picked up the air-conditioning remote beside the bed and turned the temperature down a little.

It must be the air conditioning.

After a while, Shi Qian moved closer to him.
She felt her body go cold.

Her hands and feet were outside the blanket now.

Her small white feet were still resting on him.

She had no sense of space at all!

He pulled up the blanket and covered her.

After a while she kicked it away again.

Fu Sinian looked at her with a dark expression.

He pulled her blanket out of her arms and threw it to the ground.
He pulled his blanket over them.

Without the obstruction of the blanket, Shi Qian fell into his arms.

At this moment, Fu Sinian’s satisfaction rose again!

This was an effect that he had never achieved even after more than three years of psychological treatment!

However, the tension that followed was even more torturous for him!

Why did he feel so strongly about this woman?


He dismissed the idea immediately.

He was a normal man.

Even if he were holding another woman instead of Shi Qian, he would still have this reaction.


It was a man’s instinct.

It had nothing to do with Shi Qian!

… .

In Fu Sinian’s arms, Shi Qian slept soundly.
She only slowly opened her eyes at dawn.

Suddenly, she realized something was wrong!

Who was she holding?!

She slowly raised her head and Fu Sinian’s face came into view.
At this moment, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning!

Fu Sinian was still asleep.

She didn’t dare move.
Even her breathing was a little lighter.

First, she quietly raised the hand at his waist, then the foot in his lap…

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