Fortunately, Fu Sinian was not awake yet.

She kept praying that Fu Sinian would not wake up!

Please don’t wake up!

Suddenly, her wrist was gripped by a force!

Before Shi Qian could react, she was pressed down by Fu Sinian! Her eyes immediately widened as she looked at Fu Sinian in horror.

Fu Sinian didn’t sleep well all night.

When he finally felt sleepy after dawn, the woman woke up.

Now she wanted to escape without anyone knowing?

After hugging her all night, Fu Sinian felt extremely satisfied.

However, his body was not.

“I… I…” Shi Qian stammered, not knowing how to explain.

Fu Sinian suddenly lowered his head and sealed her lips.

Shi Qian was so frightened that she forgot to resist.

He crushed her soft lips and stole all her breath!

Shi Qian was about to suffocate.
The sudden kiss hit her like a storm, making her unable to resist!

Fu Sinian didn’t give her any chance to refuse.
He deepened it!

Shi Qian raised her hand and pushed Fu Sinian’s shoulder with difficulty.

Fu Sinian grabbed her wrist and easily pinned both her arms above her head with one hand!

She was instantly unable to move!

His mouth on hers was like soft candy.
It was addictive!

But he also felt her clear resistance.

If this continued.

He wasn’t sure if he would break the law.

Shi Qian couldn’t break free from the kiss.
She was flustered and afraid! In a hurry, she bit Fu Sinian’s lips!

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain on his lips, and a salty taste filled Fu Sinian’s mouth.

This stab of pain also pulled Fu Sinian back to his senses.

He had actually lost control with a woman!

Shi Qian bit his lip hard until she felt the smell of blood.
Then she let go.

Fu Sinian finally let go of her lips.

His gaze was dark and predatory as he stared at her.


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