Just a taste of her.

That was all!

Shi Qian’s breathing quickened.

Listening to her panting, Fu Sinian’s already restless hormones produced a strong chemical reaction again!

This woman was poisonous.

But he was willing to drink poison to quench his thirst.

Before Shi Qian could finish speaking, the more nervous she was, the harder it was for her to breathe!

Moreover, Fu Sinian covered her lips, making her feel even worse!

When she was young, she had been overly frightened.

It left behind a problem that had yet to be corrected.

When she was frightened, or nervous, she would stiffen and be unable to speak!

In serious cases, she would not be able to breathe on her own!

Just like her current situation.

Last night, she had been so frightened by the ghost on the television but she had not acted up.

Why did she fall ill when Fu Sinian kissed her?

Fu Sinian hadn’t stopped!

Shi Qian felt a chill.

Her buttons were opened one by one.

His kiss followed the spread of her buttons…

Shi Qian was desperate!

She didn’t know if she would be eaten by Fu Sinian first or suffocate to death!

Fu Sinian finally felt something amiss.

Her body was abnormally tense!

Her face turned pale as she pursed her lips tightly, as if she was about to suffocate!

“Shi Qian!” Fu Sinian called.

Shi Qian did not react.

He immediately grabbed her chin and forced her mouth open.

Shi Qian still wasn’t breathing, and her eyes were tightly closed.

Fu Sinian immediately gave her artificial respiration and pressed on her shallow chest!

A minute later, Shi Qian finally took a deep breath!

Gradually, her breathing began to return to normal.

However, she was still a little dazed.

Her body stopped tensing and softened.

At this moment, he was close to her.

If he got closer, he would be able to hit it!

He couldn’t bear to retreat.

But the situation with Shi Qian did not look good.

He slowly moved a little closer.

Stay close.

Suddenly, Shi Qian’s body began to tense up again!

“Shi Qian!” he called.

He could not tell what was wrong with Shi Qian!

He had never had actual experience with this matter.

Shi Qian’s breathing began to quicken again, like a drowning person.

Fu Sinian finally realized that this was not a normal reaction!

He pulled away, picked up his phone, and dialed Bai Jianshen’s number!

“Come over immediately! Within ten minutes!”

Bai Jianshen was driving towards the Fu family’s old residence.

Originally, he was still eating his pancakes slowly.
When the call came, he immediately stepped on the accelerator!

Could something have happened to Young Master Fu?

On the phone, Young Master Fu’s breathing was abnormal!

He knew that only Shi Qian and Young Master Fu were in the Fu family’s old residence today.
He had originally wanted to examine Young Master Fu!

Five minutes later, Bai Jianshen arrived at the Fu family’s old residence.

The access system was all open.

He drove straight in.

He got out of the car and ran into the house without closing the door.

“Shi Qian!” Fu Sinian’s low growl came from a room.

Bai Jianshen immediately ran in.

“Damn!” What he saw shocked him.

These two were doing morning exercise!


Fu Sinian had just finished giving Shi Qian mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when he looked up and saw Bai Jianshen looking at him in surprise.

“Come and save her!”

Bai Jianshen’s professional sensitivity made him immediately wary.

He hurried to the bed.

She realized that Shi Qian could no longer breathe on her own!

“Continue, don’t stop!” Bai Jianshen shouted at Fu Sinian.

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