Shi Qian, this little b*tch, actually dared to record it!

Fortunately, she didn’t say anything else.
Otherwise, the little bitch would have set her up!

“What do you mean by this?” Lin Shiming asked Shi Qian.

“I’m already married, so of course I’m here to get the 500,000 yuan! Su Youwei admitted it herself, so she can’t go back on her word, right?”

Lin Shiming looked extremely uncomfortable.

What kind of family background did the Fu family have? Their son was still in a vegetative state, yet she married him?

If word got out, what would happen to his reputation?

Everyone in Cloud City knew that he, Lin Shiming, had an ex-wife and daughter.

Sometimes, he really wished that the mother and daughter were dead!

They would not cause him any trouble if they died!

“Disgraceful thing, let go!” he snapped at Shi Qian.

“Disgraceful?” Shi Qian smiled coldly.
“Lin Shiming, you married my mother willingly! Did anyone hold a knife to your throat for you to marry her?”

“You’re the one who cheated and you’re still trying to act innocent by saying you’re with Su Youwei under the guise of true love! Do you think you can stab someone’s heart with a sharp weapon just because you said you love someone else?”

“I’m so glad my mother got divorced back then! Instead of continuing her life with a hypocritical and disgusting person like you!”

“How did you get rich back then? If you weren’t rich, would Su Youwei have taken a fancy to you?”

“If she really liked you, she wouldn’t have treated you with disdain when you were a poor boy! When you became rich, she tried so hard to seduce you! You’ve been played by her for so many years and you’re still not sober! You’re not only scum, you’re stupid!”

Shi Qian looked down at Su Youwei and continued to scold, “Do you see that? The truly shameless person is here!”

Lin Shiming raised his hand and was about to hit Shi Qian!

Bam! The slap made Shi Qian see stars.

She looked up slowly at Lin Shiming.

“Your dying mother taught you all this, didn’t she?”

“Lin Shiming! Don’t you dare talk about my mother! You’re not worthy!”

“You won’t let me say it? Look at yourself now! You were so obedient and sensible back then, but in the end, you learned such shrewish behavior after following your mother!”

“My mother taught me well! I’m educated.
I understand dishonesty.
But you don’t deserve it!”

“You!” Lin Shiming raised his hand again.

A figure suddenly rushed out and blocked Shi Qian.

“Qian Qia!”

Song Yan turned and looked at Shi Qian in disbelief.

Shi Qian slowly raised her head.

The man in front of her was about twenty-six or twenty-seven.
He wore a gray suit.
He was steady and cultured.

“Song Yan?” Shi Qian called out with uncertainty.

The person in front of her overlapped the one in her memory.

This young boy had become a mature and steady man.

Her nostrils flared.

“It’s me, Song Yan!” Song Yan nodded happily.

“Brother Yan!” Lin Qinghe also greeted him.
Seeing Song Yan holding Shi Qian’s hand excitedly, she was furious.

Then, she saw the sorry figure on the ground.

“Mom! What’s wrong? Mom!” Lin Qinghe helped Su Youwei up, and the mother and daughter immediately hugged each other and cried.

Lin Shiming glanced at the Song family and looked embarrassed.

“This is Qian Qian, right? You’ve grown so big.” Madam Song walked forward and subtly pulled Shi Qian’s hand out of her son’s.

“Hello, Auntie,” Shi Qian greeted.

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