Fu Sinian’s expression instantly turned as cold as ice!

Was Bai Jianshen blind? Didn’t he see that he was giving Shi Qian first aid?

“Bai Jianshen, be compassionate!”

Bai Jianshen was also anxious.
“Young Master Fu, I’m saying that we should let him continue with the artificial respiration! If you don’t continue, do you want me to do it?!”

Fu Sinian immediately leaned over and continued to give Shi Qian mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

“Yes, that’s it.
Very professional! Don’t stop, continue!” Bai Jianshen seemed to be cheering at the side.

Fu Sinian wanted to strangle Bai Jianshen now!

However, Shi Qian’s safety was more important!

Finally, Shi Qian breathed faintly.

“Press the heart, quickly!” Bai Jianshen immediately instructed.

Fu Sinian didn’t dare delay and pressed Shi Qian’s chest again.

Shi Qian finally came back to her senses and took deep breaths!

Her face had regained a little color from its previous paleness.

“Shi Qian, Shi Qian?” Fu Sinian called out.

“No!” Shi Qian shouted weakly, then began to cry.

Tears fell uncontrollably.

She was still groggy.
As she cried, she passed out.

Fu Sinian felt nervous when she didn’t react again.

He checked her breathing.
Fortunately, her breathing was normal!

“What are you waiting for? Call 120!” Fu Sinian shouted at Bai Jianshen.

Only then did Bai Jianshen realize that he was in the Fu family’s residence, not the sanatorium.
Although he was a doctor, he did not have any equipment with him.

He immediately dialed 120.

Two hours later.

Shi Qian woke up slowly.
There was a dazzling light in front of her eyes that hurt.
She immediately closed her eyes and dared not look at it.

“She’s awake, she’s awake!” The old master was sitting beside the bed.
When he saw Shi Qian, he moved slightly and shouted excitedly.

When Shi Qian heard the old master’s voice, she quickly turned her head in his direction.

The old master grabbed her hand and his heart ached at her weak appearance.

“Grandpa, where am I?”

“You’re in the hospital.
You scared Grandpa.
How are you? Are you better now?”

“Yeah.” Shi Qian nodded.

She felt strange.

Why was she at the hospital?

“Stop talking and lie down for a while.
Grandpa will stay with you.”

Shi Qian nodded.
She didn’t have much strength left.
Her mind was blank.
She wanted to sleep.

She didn’t know that she was acting like this because of the sedative.

Bai Jianshen pushed the door open and walked in.

The old master immediately asked him, “Jian Shen, is Qian Qian really alright?”

“She’s fine.
She’s groggy now because she received a sedative.
She’ll be fine after a good sleep,” Bai Jianshen replied gently.

“Does Qian Qian have to be hospitalized?”

“No, she can go back when she wakes up.
The tests are back.
There’s nothing wrong.”

The old master relaxed at that.

“Fu Sinian, that brat! I’ve only given Qian Qian to him for a day, and he’s already done this to her! I’ll definitely beat him to death today!”

“Old Master, calm down.” Bai Jianshen glanced at Shi Qian on the bed and pulled Old Master to the side.

“Old Master, you can’t blame Young Master Fu for this.
He probably didn’t expect Qian Qian to react at that time.”

“What did he do to Qian Qian to make her react so strongly?” The old master still could not figure it out.

Bai Jianshen had no choice but to say it clearly.
“Old Master, just you wait.
You’ll have a great-grandson soon!”


“What did you say?” The old master’s brain didn’t follow.

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