“I received a call from Young Master Fu on the way to the Fu family’s old residence.
When I arrived, I found Young Master Fu and Qian Qian… two people…”

Bai Jianshen gestured as he spoke.

The old master instantly understood!

“Did you really see them with your own eyes…” The old master was still in disbelief.

Did they progress so fast?

“Absolutely!” Bai Jianshen nodded.

The old master struck the ground a few times with his walking stick.
He still wanted to hit someone.

“What does he think Qian Qian is? Jian Shen, look at Qian Qian now.
Do you think Fu Sinian is a beast?”

Bai Jianshen was stunned.

Old Master, when you’re ruthless, you even scold yourself!

If Young Master Fu was a beast, what would he be? No matter how angry he was, he couldn’t scold himself too!

The doctor who had taken her in was asking Fu Sinian about the situation.

“Did she suddenly react like that during the kiss?” the doctor was still asking.

Fu Sinian had already answered several questions.

He also looked increasingly impatient.

“What does that have to do with her condition?” he asked coldly.

Fu, the patient’s stress reaction is very strong and has reached a fatal level.
We should figure it out.
You don’t want such a shocking thing to happen every time you want to make out with your wife, right?”

Fu Sinian choked and responded coldly, “When we kissed.”

“Is this your first intimate contact? In the past, did she react like this?” the doctor asked again.

“We’re newlyweds,” Fu Sinian replied through gritted teeth.

“Oh, there was no intimacy before marriage,” the doctor wrote in his notebook.

Fu, was the patient very nervous at that time? Did she refuse, or did you force it when she wasn’t very accepting of you…”

Fu Sinian started the wheelchair and moved closer to the doctor.
He took his work pass.

He remembered this doctor’s name!

Why did he ask in such detail and use his matters for academic research?

He was too bold!

If not for the fact that he could not afford to lose face, he would have called the director over and fired this doctor!

“Are you a doctor or a JC? Are you investigating me?” Fu Sinian swung his work pass onto the table.

The doctor was shocked by Fu Sinian’s powerful aura.

He did have a selfish motive for asking in such detail.
He rarely encountered patients like this, so he wanted to know more.

Fu, don’t misunderstand.
I don’t have the right to investigate you.
I need to write a report.” The doctor quickly found a reason.

This reason could scare ninety percent of people.

However, Fu Sinian didn’t buy it!

“You don’t look very professional to me,” he said coldly.

The doctor didn’t dare ask any more questions.

He quickly wrote a few words down and hurriedly signed his name.

Fu, at the moment, your wife is fine.
If she’s under stress because of such a matter, I hope you can respect your wife in this aspect.”

Fu Sinian was in an extremely bad mood.

The doctor spoke again.
“It’s also illegal to violate a woman’s wishes in marriage.”

Fu Sinian choked.

Would anyone believe him if he said that Shi Qian had taken the initiative?!


“Can she leave now?” Fu Sinian asked in a low voice.

“She can leave when she wakes up,” the doctor replied quickly.

Fu Sinian left the doctor’s office and went to the ward where Shi Qian was.

Shi Qian was still asleep.
The old master was still by her bed.

Fu Sinian watched this scene furiously.

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