She, on the other hand, had caused such a mess but it would pass after a nap.

He still had to face these alone!

The point was, he hadn’t done anything, and he had taken the blame!

He had not expected himself to lose control in front of Shi Qian!

It was only the first night and he almost had sex with her.

Now, after the cold shoulder, he was extremely glad he hadn’t broken through the last line of defense.

Besides, he would definitely not let himself lose control again!

The main reason for all of this was because Shi Qian had taken the initiative to climb into his bed!

The old master glanced at Fu Sinian with an unpleasant expression.
“Some people say no, but their bodies are very honest.”

The old master suddenly spoke.
Although he wasn’t looking at Fu Sinian, every word was directed at him.

Fu Sinian secretly clenched his hands.

Bai Jianshen must have gossiped about something in front of Old Master!

Bai Jianshen was not around.
If he were here, he would definitely be able to feel his Death Gaze!

“Nothing happened between Shi Qian and me,” Fu Sinian explained coldly.

It was fine if others misunderstood, but Old Master could not!

If the old master misunderstood that he had slept with Shi Qian, he would definitely be beaten to death if he dared to mention the divorce again!

Old Master Fu suddenly walked towards Fu Sinian and grabbed his collar.

Although he was old, his aura was still very strong!

Fu Sinian didn’t struggle.
The old master was nothing but a paper tiger in front of him now.

“Then let me ask you this.
Were you on the same bed? Will you dare to quibble with me when your clothes are off!”

Fu Sinian wanted to strangle Bai Jianshen more than anything now.

He wanted to cut Bai Jianshen into pieces and feed him to the sharks!

“Does sleeping mean taking off your clothes? What does sleeping in the same bed mean? Does it mean that what you think will happen will definitely happen?” Fu Sinian asked coldly.

“If nothing happens, won’t you consider going for an andrology check?” The old master retorted stubbornly.

Fu Sinian choked!

Was this his biological grandfather?!

“If you didn’t do anything, would Qian Qian be agitated?” The old master looked like he didn’t believe him.

Shi Qian opened her eyes and saw Old Master grabbing Fu Sinian’s collar, looking like he was about to beat him up.

“Grandpa!” she called immediately, sitting up in bed.

When the old master heard Shi Qian’s call, he let go of Fu Sinian and walked towards the bed.

“Qian Qian is awake? How is it? Are you feeling unwell?” The old master’s voice immediately softened.

He showed two extreme sides of himself when he faced Shi Qian and Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian straightened his collar angrily.

There was nowhere to vent the anger in his heart.

If the old master could do this to him, he wouldn’t have such a serious childhood trauma! He was already in his twenties and was still healing his childhood!

“Grandpa, I’m fine.” Shi Qian shook her head and looked in Fu Sinian’s direction.

Fu Sinian happened to be looking in her direction.

Their eyes met directly.

Shi Qian immediately looked away.

She remembered everything that had happened in the morning.

“You can ask her if we had sex,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

Before the old master could ask, Shi Qian immediately shook her head.

“No! Grandpa, we really didn’t have sex!”

“Qian Qian, don’t be afraid of him.
Grandpa will stand up for you! If nothing happened, why were you sleeping in the same bed?”

“Yes, why were we sleeping in the same bed?” Fu Sinian asked.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, he received a warning look from the old master.

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