With such a personality, if she wasn’t from a rich family and was a rich second-generation heir, how could she compete for fame and fortune?

Now, Sun Feifei was not afraid of Shi Qian at all.

Everyone was destined to fate.
This statement was true.

Shi Qian’s luck was inferior to hers!

Now, thanks to the variety show “Heavenly Feast”, she had become famous on the Internet.
She had already received a few drama deals.
Although they were all supporting roles, her scenes were still very important.

She had also successfully signed with an agency.

The company had made it clear that they were going to groom her well.

What about Shi Qian? Wasn’t she useless?

Shi Qian was looking down to make notes when Qiu Jie poked her arm.

“Qian Qian, look at Sun Feifei’s smug expression.
She wasn’t greeting you just now.
She was showing off to you!”

Shi Qian did not care.

Qiu Jie was a little anxious.
“Qian Qian, can you stop acting like you’re easy to bully? Some people are just picking on the weak, understand?”

Shi Qian thought about it.
Sun Feifei did not do anything.

“You don’t know how everyone is treating Sun Feifei behind her back,” Qiu Jie couldn’t help but say.

“How so?” Shi Qian was curious.

“Everyone says that she’s a lucky draw inner.
She went on a show that you didn’t go on and became famous.
If you went on that show, where would Sun Feifei be now? She definitely can’t show off!”

“She won the championship because of her own hard work and strength.
It has nothing to do with me.” Shi Qian did not understand why everyone always involved Sun Feifei when they talked about her.

She felt that her relationship with Sun Feifei was a little tense.

“Her own hard work? They’re all saying that she has a financier secretly supporting her.
The show team is under pressure from her sugar daddy and is being manipulated.
Did you see anyone who participated in the show openly tear her apart?”

Shi Qian had no time to pay attention to the gossip recently.

However, she sensed from Sun Feifei that the waters of the entertainment industry were really deep.

After class, Teacher Ouyang looked at Shi Qian.

“Shi Qian, come to my office.”

Shi Qian quickly stood up.
“Qiu Jie, help me pack.
I’ll see you in the dormitory later.”

“Okay!” Qiu Jie replied.

Sun Feifei wanted to show off her superiority in front of Shi Qian, but Shi Qian was called away by Teacher Ouyang!

She felt extremely aggrieved.

She did not believe that Shi Qian was not jealous of her at all!

Could Teacher Ouyang have contacted Shi Qian again for some opportunity?

Sun Feifei tensed again at the thought.

She didn’t want Shi Qian to surpass her! It was best if Shi Qian was forever unlucky! She never wanted her to make a comeback!

Shi Qian went to the office and knocked.

“Teacher Ouyang.”

Teacher Ouyang smiled at her.
“After Director Zheng heard your recording, he immediately confirmed that you would be the female lead.”

“Really?” Shi Qian’s heart skipped a beat.

“Make arrangements.
You have to go to the recording studio to record in the next two days.
I told Director Zheng that you’re quite nervous about your studies.
He specially arranged for you to prioritize the use of the recording studio.
With your efficiency, you’ll be done in two weeks at most.”

“Thank you, Teacher Ouyang!” Shi Qian thanked him sincerely.

“The fee for an episode is three hundred and fifty dollars for sixty episodes.
It’s not a high price, but as long as there’s an opportunity, the price doesn’t matter too much.”

“Yes, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Thank you very much, Teacher Ouyang, for fighting for this opportunity for me.”

“This is the contract.
I’ve seen it.
There’s no problem.” Teacher Ouyang took out a contract from the drawer.

Shi Qian took out a pen and was about to sign when Teacher Ouyang stopped her.

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