“Shi Qian, I believe you will shine brightly in the future! However, this path is not necessarily smooth sailing.
It might be filled with thorns.
Therefore, you can’t trust anyone.
A contract is such an important thing.
With just two words from me, you won’t even look at it and sign your name! What will you do if I sell you?”

Shi Qian opened her mouth, but no retort came out.

She understood Teacher Ouyang’s good intentions.

It was all for her sake.

“Fame is a cruel arena.
It’s a place where you can’t rely on anyone but yourself.
Do you understand?”


“Take this contract back and read it carefully before signing it.”

“Yes.” Shi Qian took it immediately.

“Go on.”

“Goodbye, Teacher Ouyang.”

Shi Qian took the contract and walked back to the dormitory.

She felt that the wind was warm.

The bright sun shone on her.
The smile on her lips was so bright.

Song Yan looked at Shi Qian’s figure from afar.

His heart began to ache again.

He punched the tree branch beside him.
His palm was dark red and blood slowly seeped out.

Song Yan watched Shi Qian walk into the dormitory before turning around and leaving dejectedly.

When Shi Qian returned to the dormitory, her three roommates were already waiting for her.

“Sun Feifei is treating the entire class to a meal today! That gesture! It’s simply too grand!” Huang Jia tore a handful of dried fish and said to the two people beside her.

“If we had known, we would have rubbed it in her face!” Wang Jinling adjusted her glasses and tidied up her desk.

“I’m not going.
Many people in the class aren’t going either.
Only those who curry favor with her and want to get a little bit of her popularity will flock to her!” Qiu Jie turned around and found Shi Qian’s figure.

“Qian Qian! You’re finally back! Let’s go eat hotpot! If we’re late, we’ll have to queue.”

Huang Jia quickly finished the dried fish in her hand.
“Let’s go!”

“Wait for me, let me comb my hair!” Wang Jinling hurriedly took a comb.


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