However, she wondered why Su Ruoqing had appeared at the entrance of their school.

She seemed to be waiting for someone?

When Su Ruoqing saw Shi Qian, she raised her hand and took off her sunglasses.

She walked straight toward Shi Qian.

“Shi Qian, hello.
Do you have time? I want to talk to you,” Su Ruoqing said to Shi Qian.

Her three roommates were stunned!

This person actually knew Shi Qian?

Shi Qian looked surprised too.

Su Ruoqing was actually here for her!

“It won’t take much of your time.
How about that café across the road?”

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded.

She couldn’t refuse when she came knocking on her door.

“You guys go back first.
I’ll come later,” she said to her three roommates.

“Okay.” The three roommates left together.

Shi Qian and Su Ruoqing arrived at the cafe opposite the school.

“Miss Su, what do you want to drink?” Shi Qian asked politely.

“I’m not used to this cheap coffee.
Just order whatever you want,” Su Ruoqing said slowly.

This café was considered relatively high-end in the Chinese drama school.

Usually, the students did not visit this place much.

However, with Su Ruoqing’s status, this place was indeed cheap.

Shi Qian ordered a coffee.

She couldn’t sit here without buying anything.

“Let me introduce myself.
My name is Su Ruoqing.
Has Sinian mentioned me to you?”

“I’m sorry.
Although I’ve registered my marriage with Young Master Fu, I’m not familiar with him.
He just woke up not long ago, so he naturally won’t mention such a private matter to me.”

“Sinian is more dull.
He’s usually not talkative.
Usually, when we’re together, I talk non-stop.
Sometimes, I don’t even know if he’s listening.”

Shi Qian felt that Su Ruoqing was showing off her affection to her.

“Miss Su, why are you looking for me?” she asked.

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