“Shi Qian, thank you for comforting me.
Can I have your contact information? It’s convenient for me to contact you.” Su Ruoqing had already taken out her phone and opened her QR code.

Shi Qian could not refuse.
She took out her phone and scanned it.

They added each other as friends.

“Miss Su, is there anything else? If there’s nothing else, I still have class.
I’ll leave first.”

“No! Go to class.” Su Ruoqing waved at Shi Qian.

Shi Qian called a waiter.

“Help me pack my coffee and pay the bill.”

“My treat!” Su Ruoqing quickly took out her phone.

“No, there’s no need.
You didn’t drink it either.
I’ll pay for it myself.” Shi Qian quickly took out her phone and scanned the QR code.

After packing the coffee, Shi Qian nodded at Su Ruoqing and left.

Su Ruoqing walked out of the cafe and looked at Shi Qian’s background.

She didn’t put on her sunglasses until Shi Qian walked through the school door.

From the way she chatted with Shi Qian, Shi Qian had yet to develop feelings for Fu Sinian.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so calm when she talked about the divorce.

With this result, she actually did not need to make this trip today.

However, it was not enough to know that Shi Qian was willing to divorce Fu Sinian.

She had to make the Fu family hate Shi Qian too.

She wanted Shi Qian to never have the chance to stay in the Fu family!

It was easy for her to destroy someone!

Especially an ordinary girl like Shi Qian without any background.

Fu Sinian had no feelings for Shi Qian now, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t develop feelings for her after these three months together.

So she had to do it before it happened.

Cut out all the possible sprouts!

… .

On the way back to school, Shi Qian was still thinking about Su Ruoqing.

Su Ruoqing was the kind of person who was compatible with Fu Sinian.

After returning, she carefully read the contract and confirmed that there were no problems before sending it to Teacher Ouyang.

School was over.
She quickly packed her things and left the classroom.

She had promised her grandfather that she would go back to live with him for the next three months.

She had to trouble Jin An to pick her up every day.
She couldn’t let him wait too long.

Walking out of the school gate, she didn’t see the car that Uncle An usually came to pick her up in.
She looked at the time.

Uncle An wouldn’t be late.
Was there a traffic jam?

When Shi Qian looked back and forth, she saw a luxury car parked by the side of the road.
It looked familiar.

Many students looked at the luxurious car.

Although luxury cars often appeared at the entrance of universities, especially at the Chinese Drama Academy, there were more than other universities!

It was public knowledge that Chinese drama produced beautiful women.

Many rich second-generation heirs targeted the Chinese drama students.

In front of this car, those luxury cars became lackeys.

Shi Qian could not help but take a few more glances.

There was a reason why it was expensive!

As expected of an expensive car!

This car could make people feel its domineering and oppressive presence.

If the person was here to pick up a girl, she would definitely cause a commotion tomorrow!

Shi Qian was thinking when the car door suddenly opened.

Jiang Feng got out of the car.

“Young Madam!” he shouted at Shi Qian.

When Shi Qian heard his voice, she was so frightened that she almost dropped the textbook in her hand!

“Jiang Feng? Why are you here?”

“Young Master Fu is here to pick you up from school!” Jiang Feng replied matter-of-factly.

Shi Qian immediately felt extremely horrified!

This car belonged to Fu Sinian?

He actually drove this car to pick her up?!

Why was he so high-profile and eye-catching!

Could she refuse?

Fu Sinian looked at Shi Qian through the car window.

Why didn’t she get in the car after all this time?

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