As soon as the old master called, he suspended an important meeting in the company just to pick her up from school!

After sending her back, he still had to rush back to the company for a meeting!

Shi Qian realized that as soon as Jiang Feng got out of the car, more people gathered.

Although Jiang Feng’s appearance was not as good as Fu Sinian’s, he was still a rich second-generation heir!

“Shi Qian!” Someone recognized Shi Qian and called out.

Shi Qian immediately wanted to find a hole to hide in.

Fortunately, the rear window was dark.
Fu Sinian could not be seen from the outside.

Otherwise, there was no telling what kind of commotion it would cause.

“Shi Qian, is this your boyfriend?” The classmate walked over with a gossipy expression.

“No, this is my… cousin!” Shi Qian said immediately.

“Your cousin is that rich? This car costs at least seven or eight million!” Shi Qian was a civilian woman.
This was something many people knew.

“No, how can my cousin be so rich? He’s a driver.
He drives for his boss!” Shi Qian explained.

“It’s impressive that your cousin can drive for such a rich boss!”

“If my cousin can drive such a car to pick me up, I will have no regrets in my life!” Another voice sounded.

Shi Qian felt goosebumps of embarrassment.

“He’s just a driver.
He must have driven it out secretly.
People are vain.
It’s not his own house! So what if he picked her up in it?”

“It can satisfy my vanity!”

Jiang Feng listened to these people’s discussions and held his breath.

“Let’s go,” Shi Qian said to him.

She pulled at the passenger seat.
The door wouldn’t open.

She had no choice but to pull open the door at the back and get in.

“He really thinks he’s driving his own car! She could’ve sat in the passenger seat, but she’s sitting in the back!”

“She has a capable cousin.
The car is secretly out.
Of course she’ll sit wherever she wants.”

Jiang Feng was furious when he heard these words.

They were young, but why were they so talkative!

He immediately started the car and drove away.

Shi Qian sighed, still feeling stifled.

Although she said that, she wondered how the rumors would spread.

Chinese drama was never short of such news.
Every time, it always made people talk about it.
It could even develop a few melodramatic stories.

“Young Master Fu, why are you picking me up today?”

“Why? Are you unhappy that I came to pick you up?”

“I never thought of troubling you to pick me up from school,” Shi Qian retorted.

She had decided that as long as Fu Sinian didn’t speak nicely and carried a gun, she would fight back!

Even if he was Fu Sinian, she would not give in to him!

Fu Sinian tugged at his tie.

After a day of meetings, he was already feeling depressed.

He was called over to pick up Shi Qian again.
Only the old master could ask him to do such a troublesome thing.

In the end, he even listened to her complain when he picked her up!

Apparently picking her up was wrong too?!

“If you can convince the old master, I won’t come tomorrow.” Fu Sinian didn’t want to argue with her.

He took the approach commonly used at work.

The person responsible was in charge of resolving the problem.

When Shi Qian heard the old master’s words, she was also afraid.
She was not very confident that she could persuade him to do what he had decided.

Besides, the old master was bent on matchmaking her and Fu Sinian.

“Young Master Fu, can you change cars when you come tomorrow?” Shi Qian took the initiative to ask.

Fu Sinian turned and looked at her with a dark expression.

“Shi Qian, do you know how much my minute is worth? It takes nearly two hours for me to come and get you!”

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