The planning was clearly done.
Now, he was just here to cast the net.

Why was the old master moaning without pain?

“Do you think I’m being nosy?” The old master looked sad.

“This is a matter between the Fu family and the company.
How can you be considered a busybody?”

“No, I’m just bored,” the old master said stubbornly.

“You were the one who set this up.
How far do you want me to reel in the net? Just say it.” Fu Sinian was direct.

“How far do you want me to reel in the net?”

“I want to capture them all!” Fu Sinian replied coldly.

“No, no.” The old master shook his head.
“Can you tighten and loosen where you should?”

“I don’t have time!” Fu Sinian really felt that the old master was too free.

He didn’t have the time to deal with this matter!

“Sigh, Grandpa is old now and has nothing to do all day.
He’s so free that he’s moldy.
If he has a great-grandson, his schedule will be filled in an instant, right?”

Fu Sinian laughed angrily.

This old master! He had taken such a big detour and was waiting for him here!


“The ceiling upstairs is leaking.
Qian Qian will stay in the same room as you,” the old master said casually.

“Is there a local rainstorm in your Fu family’s old residence? Did the rain hit your roof? There are only two floors in total, and you’re telling me that the roof is leaking? Where did the water leak from?”

“You already know about the local rainstorm! Of course the storm smashed the tiles and leaked into the house!”

Fu Sinian was speechless.

“Do you have a dragon at home?! The entire capital is clear.
The Dragon King specially gave your house rain!”


“I have a lot of dragons at home! Aren’t there dragons in the tap?”

Fu Sinian choked.

“I’ll sleep in the study,” he said coldly.

“I’ll get Fu Jinghua to come to the house tomorrow.
On account of his filial piety.” The old master was also playing dirty.

Fu Sinian’s expression was cold.
He was not worried that Fu Jinghua’s visit would change anything.
It would just add a lot of unnecessary trouble!

He had just removed Fu Jinghua from his position in the company.

Many of the projects that Fu Jinghua had taken over had yet to be completely handed over.

It would take time for his people to take over, and they would have to deal with Fu Jinghua’s people.

If Fu Jinghua appeared in the Fu family tomorrow, those people would believe that Fu Jinghua had Old Master backing him!

He still had to divert his attention to deal with these small matters.

“Fu Sinian, are you afraid?” The old master suddenly asked with a smile.

“What am I afraid of?”

“I’m afraid that you won’t last three months.
I’m afraid that you’ll fall in love with Qian Qian.”


“You’re thinking too much!” Fu Sinian retorted coldly.

“Whether I want to think too much or not, you have to prove it with your actions! Promise me that in three months, you’ll nurture your relationship with Qian Qian.
How do you nurture your relationship? You can only nurture it when you’re together!”

“Normal couples eat and stay together.
I’m not asking too much, am I? All I’m asking is that you stay together, and it’s not up to me to decide if something happens.
You don’t have the courage for that?”

Fu Sinian turned and went back to his room.

The old master sighed.

If he had known that the provocation method wouldn’t work, he wouldn’t have bothered!

Fu Sinian returned to his room and heard running water in the bathroom.

Shi Qian should be in the shower.

He tore off his tie with one hand and threw it on the bed.

He suddenly realized that all the bedding had been changed!

It was now a pink and white idyllic princess style.

The pillow was covered in lace!

He would rather freeze to death than use such a bed!

He couldn’t help but look around.
The originally empty room was filled with Shi Qian’s things.

The two-seater sofa beside the desk was also gone!

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