Shi Qian ducked back.

Fu Sinian also seemed to have no strength as he pressed against her.

Did he really not have the strength to support himself, or was he… taking advantage of her?

Shi Qian immediately dismissed the idea.

She must be thinking too much.
Fu Sinian wouldn’t be like this.

Fu Sinian felt conflicted!

He actually felt a little attached to Shi Qian.

Like an attachment to a stuffed blanket!

He didn’t want to let go once he hugged her.
That satisfaction was irreplaceable!

No, he could not let himself be!

He immediately straightened up, his expression hardening.

Shi Qian was shocked by his actions.

Seeing that he could sit still on his own, she quickly stepped back with her hands hugging herself protectively around her chest.

Fu Sinian turned to look at her.
“If you don’t get dressed, you’ll be suspected of deliberate seduction!”

Shi Qian choked.
She could not find the right words to retort!

As if she didn’t want to wear clothes!

Why wasn’t he so arrogant when he was weak just now!

This kind of person was really too unreasonable!

Shi Qian immediately got up and ran out, ignoring the pain in her feet.

Fu Sinian listened to the door close and secretly clenched his hands.

After a moment of calm, he struggled to his feet.

Her legs trembled uncontrollably.

He gritted his teeth and held on, not letting himself fall.

He held onto the wall and raised the tap.
Cold water immediately poured down on his head.
The cold enveloped him and calmed him down instantly!

This was the second time he had lost control!

There must not be a third time!

Shi Qian searched the closet.
Her pajamas were there somewhere, but in one of the cabinets, she saw several sets of silk pajamas, all in her size.
They were all new, so she wore one of them.

There was the sound of running water in the bathroom.

She stood in the doorway, afraid to go in.

“Young Master Fu, are you taking a shower?” she asked softly.

“Yes,” Fu Sinian replied.

Shi Qian stood guard outside the door, afraid that something would happen to him.
After all, he had just fallen so hard.

She wondered how his leg was recovering.

It seemed that he could stand.
Then why did he still spend so much time in a wheelchair?

Fu Sinian showered, put on a bathrobe, and shuffled out.

His legs were shaking uncontrollably.
He had no strength left.
He pulled open the door and fell.

“Young Master Fu!” Shi Qian took a step forward and held his arm.

But he was too heavy.
She didn’t catch him.

Fu Sinian pushed Shi Qian away and tried to stand!

He leaned against the wall and tried for a long time without success.

Shi Qian looked at his legs.
His muscles were already cramping.
A normal person would probably not be able to stand firm like this!

She immediately stepped forward and supported his leg.

“Young Master Fu, relax.
Don’t force yourself.”

“Go away!” Fu Sinian roared.

Shi Qian wanted to let go, but her hand shrank and she supported it again.

She held his legs and helped him level them.

Fu Sinian could no longer control his legs.
He immediately felt better after being laid flat.

Shi Qian held his calf, massaging it from top to bottom.
She didn’t stop until the muscles in his leg relaxed.

Fu Sinian’s face was still frighteningly dark.
It was impossible to guess any of his emotions.

Shi Qian ignored him.
In any case, she could not watch without coming to help.

She did this even though she hated Fu Sinian!

“Can you hold my hand to borrow a little strength and stand up?” Shi Qian asked softly.

Fu Sinian didn’t answer, but he reached out to Shi Qian.

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