Shi Qian froze for a moment.
She quickly rinsed her mouth and spat out the bubbles.

“What hapepned?” she asked, looking surprised.

“Do you remember dubbing an anime character some time ago?”

“Which one?”

“Inquiring about Love! You were the Mountain Tea Spirit!”

Shi Qian finally remembered.

“Do you remember your lines?”

“Do you like tea? The kind that can get you drunk! Not everyone deserves my tea!” Shi Qian repeated.

She used a seductive voice, every word carrying a hook.

“Yes, yes, yes! That’s it.
Oh my god! At that time, I said that this voice killed me! If you don’t get popular, heaven won’t tolerate it!”

“This animation has been broadcasted.
Isn’t the response mediocre?”

“That’s right! It’s not because of the anime.
It’s because MS Bao’er, who has 30 million fans on TikTok, took a short video with your dub and it became popular immediately!”

“Now, countless young ladies are fighting to imitate and fight in the arena of tea ceremonies! Hurry up and take a look at your TikTok account! It’s rapidly increasing in fans!”

Fu Sinian heard the conversation in the bathroom clearly.

When Shi Qian said those two lines in a charming voice, he heard them even more clearly!

This voice was not unfamiliar to him!

A problem that had been bothering him was suddenly solved!

It turned out that there were not two people whose voices could soothe his nerves and heal his headache.
Instead, there was only one person from the beginning!

That person was Shi Qian!


Shi Qian wiped her face messily and quickly opened her account.

The account that originally had more than ten thousand fans suddenly became a hundred thousand!

She had posted more than thirty videos on her account.
The most liked was no more than ten thousand.

Now, every video had more than a hundred thousand likes.

The comments below were all urging her to update!

[My God, Little Missy’s voice is amazing!]

[Sister, kill me!]

[Sister, I want to drink tea.
After drinking Sister’s tea, Sister will bury me under the tea tree to make fertilizer!]

Shi Qian flipped through the comments and couldn’t help but smile.

The power of the Internet era was really too powerful!

There were also hundreds of private messages.

There were comments from fans, people looking for her to work with, and people wanting her to promote goods…

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Shi Qian immediately walked out with her phone.

“It’s seven o’clock,” Fu Sinian reminded her.

Shi Qian hurriedly packed her bag.
She had almost wasted time.
She still had to go to school!

The old master had already returned from his morning exercise.

She sat in the dining room and waited for Shi Qian and Fu Sinian.

The old master smiled broadly as the two of them left the room.

“Qian Qian and Sinian, it’s time for breakfast.”

Shi Qian walked over.
“Wow, what a breakfast today!”

“There’s also milk.” The old master handed over two glasses of fresh milk.

Shi Qian took it and placed a glass in front of Fu Sinian.

“I don’t drink milk,” Fu Sinian said coldly.

“Your body is still recovering, and you’re so picky.
You don’t even drink milk.
Can your body’s nutrition keep up? Do you want to become an immortal?” The old master retorted angrily.

“I’m not three! I don’t have to eat everything you tell me to.”

Early in the morning, the two of them started arguing!

When Shi Qian saw the fruits on the table, she immediately picked them up and walked to the kitchen.
After a while, she came out with a glass of fruit milk.

The white milk was accompanied by colorful fruits.
It was pleasing to the eye.

“Young Master Fu, try this.
The fruit combines the taste of milk and is completely different from fresh milk.”

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