The old master glared at Fu Sinian.

He warned Fu Sinian with his eyes.

Qian Qian had specially made this for him.
If he dared to refuse, he would die.

Fu Sinian picked up his spoon and took a sip.

The old master breathed a silent sigh of relief.

Shi Qian thought that Fu Sinian had only taken a few sips because of the Old Master’s pressure.
She didn’t expect him to drink all of the fresh milk and fruit.

Fu Sinian picked up a towel and wiped his hands.
He looked at Shi Qian.
“I’ll be right out after we eat.”

Shi Qian quickly stuffed a bun into her mouth.

If Fu Sinian sent her to school, she had to discuss it with him no matter what.
The car didn’t have to drive near the school.
She could walk there from a distance.

Once outside, she saw an ordinary car but branded cars were parked everywhere on the street.

Jiang Feng stood beside the car.
“Young Master Fu, Young Madam.”

Shi Qian was stunned.
Fu Sinian had actually changed cars to send her to school this morning?

Fu Sinian was already in the car.
Seeing that Shi Qian was still stunned, he said coldly, “Get in.”

Shi Qian quickly opened the door and sat in the car.

Fu Sinian’s expression was still as cold as ever.

His aura was very strong to begin with.
Even with a smile, he made people not dare to act rashly, let alone when he often wore a cold expression.
He would be really unapproachable then!

He said nothing.
Shi Qian also felt how forced it was for him to take her to school.

“In the future, we have to go out before seven-thirty,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

Shi Qian checked the time.
It was 7:33 am.

“It’s only seven thirty-three!” Shi Qian muttered.

Jiang Feng didn’t dare to say anything, but he was already cursing in his heart.

Young Master Fu’s time was measured in seconds!

Not to mention wasting a minute, not a second could be lost!

Indeed, in front of Young Madam, not only was Young Master Fu worthless, but Young Master Fu’s time was even less valuable.

Fu Sinian glanced at Shi Qian.
“If I don’t remind you, you might not be able to leave the house in ten minutes.”

Shi Qian choked.

Indeed, there was a delay today.

“Actually, just take me to a nearby bus stop.
You really don’t have to bother taking me to school.”

“You don’t know the old master well enough.
If we don’t follow his arrangements and when the time comes, he’ll turn against you!”

Shi Qian was speechless.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

Neither of them made a sound on the way.

The car stopped at the curb and Shi Qian got out.

“Brother Jiang Feng, thank you.
Bye.” Shi Qian waved at Jiang Feng.

“Bye-bye!” Jiang Feng hurriedly waved his hand.

She turned around and saw Young Master Fu’s dark expression in the rearview mirror.

“I was the one who sent her here.
Why did she thank you?”

Jiang Feng immediately felt nervous.

Who could blame him?

Besides, didn’t Young Master Fu know why Young Madam didn’t say goodbye to him?


Was Young Master Fu jealous?

“You said the person who gave me the recording was a streamer?” Fu Sinian suddenly asked.

Jiang Feng’s thoughts did not connect yet.

“Ah! Yes, yes! Once, I was watching a video and saw this streamer.
She was broadcasting.
I was immediately attracted to her voice and thought it was especially nice.
I followed her!”

“Later, by chance, Dr.
Bai realized that your brain waves were responding.
In the end, we found out the reason.
It was a reaction to that streamer’s voice.
I watched that streamer’s live broadcast every day as usual.”

Jiang Feng quickly explained the situation.

In the past, Young Master Fu could not be bothered to listen to these things.
Why did he suddenly ask about it today?

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