He saw that it was Rong Qi again.

This time, he sent a voice message.

Fu Sinian clicked on it.

“F*ck! Fu Sinian, you haven’t added me back yet!”

Fu Sinian immediately threw the phone aside and looked impatient.

He really wanted to blacklist him on WeChat too!

The person he wanted to talk to did not respond for a day.
The person he did not want to find jumped up and down to make his presence known!

He wouldn’t pick that woman up until six today.

It was more than an hour before six!

Fu Sinian tugged at his bow tie and turned the air conditioner down a degree or two.
He still couldn’t calm the turmoil in his heart.

He could only stop working and open the audio file he had saved on his phone.
He put on his earpiece and listened to the voice inside.

“The heir of the Fu Corporation, Fu Sinian, appeared at the airport.
He, who had been missing for three years, returned with a force.
The entire stock market was in turmoil…”

He wanted this woman to record topics related to current politics, but she actually recorded news on him!

When Shi Qian recorded these current political news, she used a serious broadcasting tone.

Fu Sinian had thought that this sounded better.

At this moment, he suddenly missed her charming voice and her young loli voice when she said softly to him, “Good night.”

Fu Sinian immediately closed this tab and found the next one.

He listened to more than a dozen headlines.
They were all political news.

It seemed that this batch of audio was all like this.

She had sent it earlier.
After he heard it, he deleted it!

The tendons on the back of Fu Sinian’s hand bulged as he held the phone.

Was he really addicted to Shi Qian?

Fu Sinian slumped back in his chair.

His forehead was slick with sweat from the emotional turmoil.

From the moment he knew that he might be having some kind of morbid psychological problem, he had tried his best to correct it.
He had been receiving treatment from a psychiatrist.

He wanted to do his best to get rid of this morbid reaction.
The treatment was also very effective.

However, after meeting Shi Qian, he felt that his previous treatment had been for nothing!

Instead, he became even more ill!

He took out his phone and dialed Su Ruoqing’s number.
“I need you.”


… .

As soon as she entered the school in the morning, Shi Qian felt that something was wrong.

Everyone looked at her with indescribable emotions.

It was not until the afternoon that she met her roommate, Qiu Jie.

“Qian Qian! You’re not a good friend! You don’t even introduce us to such a handsome cousin!” Qiu Jie hugged Shi Qian’s arm and complained.

“Cousin?” It took Shi Qian a moment to realize.

Qiu Jie took out her phone and found the photo.

“Jiang Feng?” Shi Qian immediately thought of yesterday.

“The car your cousin drove yesterday was too cool! You don’t know, but many people posted on their Moments! That car is a limited edition worldwide.
After a long time, we still can’t find out who the owner is.
It’s quite mysterious!”

“My cousin is a driver.” Shi Qian tried to bluff it out.

“He’s not an ordinary person to be able to drive this car! The key is that he’s so handsome! Does he have a girlfriend? Qian Qian, let’s not beat around the bush.
I like your cousin! Can you help me get close to him?”

Shi Qian was speechless.

“Quick, give me your cousin’s WeChat.”

Shi Qian was speechless.

She did not have Jiang Feng’s WeChat.

“I’ll go back and ask my cousin if he has a girlfriend.
If not, I’ll ask him to add you!” Shi Qian said quickly.

“Okay!” Qiu Jie jumped up and down happily.

Suddenly she stopped and looked in one direction.

“Qian Qian, the school star is back!”

Shi Qian looked in the direction Qiu Jie was pointing and her face stiffened.

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