“How can I be injured by that weakling!” Jiang Feng was extremely proud!

Shi Qian smiled faintly and nodded.

It seemed that she agreed with Jiang Feng’s words.

Fu Sinian felt a fire burning in his heart.
He glanced at Jiang Feng.

Was Jiang Feng deliberately showing off in front of Shi Qian?

Fu Sinian turned to look out the car window.

She didn’t want to see or hear it!

“Brother Jiang Feng, do you have a girlfriend?” Shi Qian suddenly asked.

“Not yet.”

“Really? That’s great!” Shi Qian was excited.

Fu Sinian immediately turned his head and his gaze fell on Shi Qian.

Okay what?

Why was she so excited to know that Jiang Feng did not have a girlfriend?

Did she have any thoughts about Jiang Feng?

Shi Qian asked Jiang Feng, “Brother Jiang Feng, can I add you on WeChat?”

“Sure,” Jiang Feng immediately replied.

Fu Sinian frowned.

“Young Madam, I’ll add you later.” Jiang Feng was still driving and wanted to add Shi Qian as a friend when she arrived.

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded.

“Brother Jiang Feng, when you came to school yesterday, I told others that you were my cousin.
My classmates thought that we were cousins.
Do you mind?” Shi Qian’s voice sounded again.

“Why would I mind!” Jiang Feng was overjoyed.

“Then can you pretend to be my cousin for a while longer?” Shi Qian asked again.

During this period of time, Jiang Feng would definitely appear at school often.
She did not want to create any unnecessary misunderstandings.

“Sure! That’s nothing!” Jiang Feng agreed immediately.

“Today, my roommate even asked me to introduce her to you.”

Jiang Feng was confused.
“Why does she want to know me?”

“She wants to be friends with you.” Shi Qian didn’t say it as directly.

“No, no, no! Forget it!” Jiang Feng quickly refused.
“I’m not good at chatting with girls.”

Shi Qian could not say anything else.
It seemed that Qiu Jie was destined to be disappointed.

The car slowly stopped.
Jiang Feng took out his phone and added Shi Qian on WeChat.

From the backseat, Fu Sinian took in the scene clearly.

When he saw Shi Qian’s WeChat profile picture, he confirmed his guess.

Shi Qian also had two WeChat accounts.

Jiang Feng also switched between two WeChat accounts.
Now, he was using his private account.

Even if Jiang Feng and Shi Qian added each other on WeChat again, they did not expose each other’s identities.

That was good.
No one else knew about it for the time being.

However, if Shi Qian used another WeChat account to add him, wouldn’t it be equivalent to an alternate account?

The key was that he had yet to add the alternate account!

“Young Master Fu, you haven’t added Young Madam’s WeChat, right?” Jiang Feng suddenly asked Fu Sinian.

Shi Qian pressed the power button and the phone screen went out.

Fu Sinian watched her move and felt suffocated.

Did he say that she would add her?

What did she mean by turning off her phone?

“Is there a need to add her?” Fu Sinian asked coldly.

“It’s easier to contact each other!” Jiang Feng did not give up.

“I have Young Master Fu’s phone number,” Shi Qian quickly said.

“Who calls in this day and age!”

“Why do you talk so much nonsense!” Fu Sinian berated Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng immediately shut up.

Shi Qian waved at Jiang Feng.
“Brother Jiang Feng, I’ll get off first.

She didn’t even acknowledge Fu Sinian and treated him like air.

Fu Sinian felt another wave of anger.

This woman was really looking down on him more and more!

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